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Tomorrow: 9-20-07 Candidates Forum --Only chance to meet ALL those running for: Silver Lake Neighborhood Council upcoming election. Snack --meet --ask --Really hard, Really serious questions, especially the candidate for Region #3 --chat, then split. A Good Thing, if you meet any current members: What was accomplished past 12 months... Who can be a candidate bi-laws... What
"Outreach" committee has done --to Reach ALL the neighbors...? Don't Ask, Don't Go: don't complain when you've got probs on your street --you picked the wrong one to rep --your part of Silver Lake daVine.... Details SEE: "Calendar" for "September ~20"

What do you think of the new look of the blog? Oh --you didn't notice the change? Swell.... Well, post 'em if you've gott'm --thoughts, below.

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