Rotten Hot in Silver Lake...

Labor Day week-end...Premiere of this blog...Friday it was 106F...Saturday 109F... Sunday 112F --112??? Sheesh. Who do I have to see to get the heat turned down? This native Californian can remember: a September day, in Los Angeles, first day of school, 9th Grade, 103F...another September day, in San Francisco, 100F at 10 am in art school...but 112F??? --that's insane.

Yet, it must be that hot --in Greece, still, with the forest fires and in Baghdad it's even hotter, and American military are wearing fatigues and equipment. So not to whine and to keep what's left of my brains: I keep trying to catch nature stories about snow, on PBS, and remembering: end of November and a week in December,
last year, when temp dropped to 32F in Silver Lake. Remember? So cold Gov. Armpit showered Millions on growers for damaged citrus and avacado groves.

But it Doesn't help. It's rotten mean hot, gonna stay hot until Summer in Southern California ends, early November. --You do know: that's how to tell if the person on the local news rag-tv pointing at weather maps, is an import --from somewhere else. When they drone on and on about 'what a surprise it's hot in September --October --November' --you know they don't know any thing about our seasons.

Flooding in Texas, and five other states --even in the east, drought --hurricanes --tornadoes and rotten mean heat here. Can you imagine, how much worse it would be, IF global pollution Was changing the weather? Well, according to Oval Office Occupant --it's not. Whew! Glad that's settled. All those pesky scientist types --will just have to find somebody else to talk to.

Ah well, change the channel, look at pictures of glaciers --while it's still possible, spray some cold water on the back of your neck, pray for rain. --Keep the kitten and puppy members of your family indoors, out of the sun.

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