SLNC Election Results: 'Landslide' for Region #3

In case you missed the news --nobody bothered to tell you there was an election --for Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, there was. Who got elected to represent Region #3? The 'land' slid --into the polling booth: 18 people voted for ~TaDa --the only candidate running.

Who will be reping the region? --The 18 voters? Hmmm...Good Questions.... But If the newly-elected member shows up for Meetings: she could be arrested. The 18 voters? Well probably: mommy, daddy, counsins... maybe aunts, fer sure grandma...? The New Board member: can only show up --if homework --book reports --studying is all done. --If mommy or daddy: feels like driving her --nobody stops them --for violating Curfew laws. New board member? Age: 14. Yup.

Whole blocks --filled with adults in Region #3, gonna have a 14-year old 'helping.' Can ya picture it? Rampart Station Captain...explaining The Real World, answering her questions.... Hey, that's Some Job "Outreach" committee is doin, doncha think? How About those bi-laws --that Actually permit a 14-year old to stand....

Some language isn't permitted, here... so I'll just leave with this advice:
If You live in Region #3 don't be sending late-night e-mails, ya know, past 9 PM. Board member will be like sleep'n. --If she hasn't been arrested for violating curfew. Oh well.

Since SLNC: has so little respect for the region south of Sunset, I can't be bothered --to post any other results. I will say: there is a five-day holding pattern --to challenge Election Results. And: of the 48,000 residents (--I think) in Silver Lake, total who voted? Less than 1% --500. I'm not gonna link them here, I can't be bothered. Way NOT a Silver Lake daVine election.... THIS should make king of the Fraud Squad Very Very Happy....

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