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The best: buy local-raised, within 100 miles of Silver Lake --causes least amount of carbon emissions --to transport the food to us. Lucky for us, we live in California, the state that feeds most of the country, that has the most variety to offer --the freshest, grown without pesticide = organic. Why does that matter?

Something is killing bees --billions of bees have died and mysteriously disappeared over past ten years. Without bees: no fruit, few vegetables, no nuts --for humans, birds, creatures.

Nothing else does the work of the bee --so efficiently --in the volume necessary to produce what humans need to survive. --Know anyone --who wants to climb up 10,000 trees a day, to hand-pollinate?

Purchasing food grown locally: means fewer toxic emissions thrown up into the atmosphere, where bees 'live.' Also the grower uses less man-made toxins to get the produce to market.

No one knows, yet, what is killing bees.

When Mount St. Helens volcano erupted: bees and food production were disturbed --across the entire planet, for ten years. Some beekeepers in Europe: reported disturbance within three days of the eruption.

Is it a mite --parasite --disease --warming --bad food supply --some new death from Dow --from Archer Daniel Midlands --frankenseeds --pesticide and "weed killer" build-up --killing bees now?

If scientists and beekeepers don't find the source, soon: the cause won't matter, it will be too late. Goodbye to peaches, walnuts, lemons, berries...and one of the two this author considers the most valuable things on the planet: honey.

We cannot just eat cake...
With hope, brains, hard work, deep observation of Nature, may someone find source of bee-killing --fast.

We can be thankful, that we have an abundance of produce for the holiday table and daily meals --still. We can be thankful for Certified Farmer's Market --in Silver Lake, in Echo Park, in Chinatown and at least three more downtown, all thanks to bees. daVine....

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What did you do to reduce pollution today?
If you don't own a hybrid car, a windmill, solar panels spinning back to the grid; you're maxed out on Green light bulbs and ideas; fed up with waiting for the White House imitation of a leader and the president of vice to stop shilling and abetting the oily boys to get on the same page as the rest of the world:

daVine Remedy click on this: Join Care2.com's Race to Stop Global Warming!
Very cool thing:
You can go to the site, click on the link --once a day, and one pound of carbon emissions will be eliminated for each click. --The equivalent of computer use or driving a car. You can also click: to save a tiny piece of the rain forest, wetlands or prairies --provide food for wild apes --save endangered species --all free. Registration is simple, they don't ask nosy questions, they don't spam.

Also there are petitions you can add your signature to, sent to Congress and world leaders. The group isn't new, they've been around several years, have many members --about six million when I signed up, now over eight million.

If you click on the button: every daily click you do will be counted for the group.

I cannot plant a tree a day.

I don't know of any easier way --any other way, to consistently reduce one pound of emissions a day. If you do: please post it in Comments.

Bookmark, Register --sign up --you can check boxes to receive alerts IF you want, but they will NOT spam if you don't, for Certain
Click the button there: they will off-set/reduce one pound of carbon emissions.
Click on it once a day: they will remove one pound each time
Send link to everyone you know: to do the same --who each send to everyone they know --pounds removed every day by all of us, right here from Silver Lake, CA!

--Available to: anyone from any country. We won't have to wait --for the stubborn, the stupid, the 'disbelieving' or any government. daVine...

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