Silver Lake: For the Birds?

While the Oval Office occupant, the president of vice and their oily boys network pals are waiting for more "evidence" --that their 'handiwork' is warming/destroying the planet, the rest of the world: has seen the 'handwriting' on the alps --the oceans --the land --the polar bears, birds, bees.

I cannot prevent penguin eggs falling into the ocean --re-pack glaciers --rescue hungry polar bears --force greedy morrons to get a clue. I don't know how. If you do: P-l-e-a-s-e Go, Do.

What I Can Do: Count the birds --in my neighborhood --participate in knowledge base, have some fun --so can You!

So Cool: Event --Count 'em, "Great Backyard Bird Count"
February 15 - 18, 2008 starting Friday, through to Monday, Stand in one Silver Lake spot: count the birds you --and friends -children -neighbors see --for fifteen minutes or longer. Do it once or return to the same spot, once -all four days or choose a different spot and count.

No binoculars? Lucky you! Send $20. to the Audubon Society and they will Give you:
-one year membership
-Audubon Society magazine, for one year
Way cool. --You cannot buy binoculars for that cost, anywhere. The magazine can be kept like a reference book --and the funds help the Society help birds. Join here

What bird? Hmmm...is that...a pidgeon --or a Mourning dove? Don't know varieties --species? Me either, lol, but others do, making it easy.

What's birds got to do with you?
Want water? Want to eat the fish --ever? One of the very first things the Oval Office occupant did: the president of vice held over 160 meetings, in OUR House --with the oily boys network. --So many: "zero time" leftover to meet with even a single advocate of the environment. Then: they sealed the minutes of those meetings. --Pave over Florida Everglades --take a shower with toxic/clean water? Two 'oil men' were 'elected'/ inserted into the White House. Small wonder: current 'administration' cut the Clean Water Act --in place since 1972. The rest of the Republicans don't need water...?

Where is --EPA --agency charged by Congress to protect the environment --who's side Army Corps of Engineers? If birds: don't have clean water --you open tap to toxic water --will it matter, how "cheaply" some developer builds housing --how 'cheap' price of oil --fish 'bargain' loaded with coal plant mercury discharge? --What do you drink? --What do birds drink?

As the planet warms, winter temps fail to kill off insects, but birds, unable to access clean water, die --missing from Nature's balanced act: what will keep insect population from exploding, ravaging food supply of All creatures? --More toxins? That's the Doomsday scenario....

Your Choice?
Reporters following the Primaries: waste valuable time --report the trivial, not the substance. What is the Real position of your choice for president --on clean water --on fuel --energy --nation's natural resources? --Not the pretty words you want to hear, the REAL position --action they will

Like lint...
As the 'Administration' runs past its "sell by" date, who won't be leaving town --always around, like lint? Lobbyists...for oily pickpockets --coal zealots --nuke gatecrashers. Lobbyists pumping massive amount of money into --which campaign? Think you know? You might be: surprised.

Getting seduced...with pretty words --calm words --pretty almost promises --then finding out that the famous tricked you into taxing yourself . Not the train ride you were expecting....

Far better: to Do Your Homework NOW --before you give away --the only thing they care about. It won't 'get better' after the election --there aren't many 'Ambassador Hotels' left.... Should we allow THEM --to pave over all of paradise, for their campaign coffers?
What will you --birds, do for water then?

Do you think --imagine --hope (no-longer)supreme court will preserve/rescue American waters? --Come down on the planet's side? Dream on....

The Audubon Society is on the side of the environment --preservation --restoration of clean water --saving birds. The Auduboners do more than care
--and do it at the grassroots level, and face-to-face with Congress members, but they cannot do it alone.

Meanwhile: Have a camera? Photograph birds you see --during the Great Backyard Bird Count --then immediately send in to Audubon Society. They will help identify, and enter into contests and yours could win. --Some great photographers in Silver Lake, look at Sidebar "Park" photos. Photograph winners: will receive a prize, very cool prizes, not hokey, anyone would want! With/without prize: the photos help the Society.
Last year: Americans counted over 11 million birds. --Now? Let's help find out.

Citizen Scientist It's empowering. Dash off an e-mail --to SLNC rep for your region --child's teacher/school principle --neighbors --gather up a band of buds -children -neighbors --get them involved --armed with pencils, binocs, notebooks, snacks.

Meet-up --at sidewalk rendez-vous --mountain top --reservoir bottom --Sunset Junction --tree-lined street --your own garden. --Once --two times a day -on the week-end -all fours days --different times of the daylight/night. 'Too busy'??? Aw c'mon, Nobody is so busy they can't give it up --for 15 minutes --from office window --to notice the birds!

How many birds...make Silver Lake daVine...let's find out. Could we: be the community --with more participants --does more counting, than any other in North America? Just think: while it's un-usually cold in most of the country, -40 in the Mid-west, weather here, 82 degrees --in February, un-seasonably warm...why?

If you participate: list the count you/your group got in Comments.... Don't forget the camera/cell-phone --Post those photos! Good luck with the photo contest. Let us know if your pic is chosen. Good birding!

Here's a start on your invitations:
Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Governing Board board@silverlakenc.org

* * * * *
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