'08 Silver Lake Calendar: July

July Nothing vague about it, the month that means Summer...the month to get hold of the Good novels, forget the week-end errands, really kick back and enjoy the long days, especially: One of the three best (with New Year's and Thanksgiving) holidays; the only one that uses the night sky as canvas for artists to make shimmering magic, heaven...even better with good company and good eats. Bon Apetite!

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Things change: confirm ALL before making plans

2 - Wednesday
7 PM ~ Silver Lake Governing Board - Meets
1st Wednesday of each month at Micheltorena Street Elementary School Auditorium 1511 Micheltorena Street x Sunset, lot parking - all the news, politics, ideas, events you can handle --all free; email to SLNC Governing Board: board@silverlakenc.org

4 - Friday
Independence Day
Pure Opinion, from long experience:

Good: Hollywood Bowl
Hate crowds, long lines, parking jambs --pick a spot outside the Bowl, like above, in surrounding hills, and watch fthe fireworks rom your own curbside --Bowl Co. well-know neighbors are watching and aim high for all to see; if you splurge on tickets (this late: only at scalper+ rate): inside the Bowl you can have picnic dinner, brought from home or reserved from one of the newly-built Bowl restaurants, and you get music of course, also long wait to get your car out of the lot, even longer to get it out of traffic --stock up on gas, but it is special (warning: they believe they own the air so tobacco use is banned).

Better: Marina del Rey
They shoot the works over the water at the Marina, which reflects the light --a kind of 'twofer' --beautiful; if you & co head over early enough: traffic isn't significant and you can dine on the lawn, for the fun and the tradition, or at a dock-side eatery --either: bring your party face and be prepared to get to know the 'neighbors' well, they will be very close, but the air is refreshing and the whole scene is fun; slight negative: fireworks don't last long enough, especially after waiting a whole year.

Best: Rose Bowl, Pasadena
You can drive farther, spend more, but unless that means Boston, DC or Manhattan, you cannot see better sparklers --The Best, Most beautiful, creative show in So Cal --a 'three-cat' standout; for a best-bargain no-cost show: pick a well-positioned bridge -freeway overpass or steep hill and spread a blanket, the fireworks will soar --even people living in adjacent Altadena, north of Pasadena, can see the show; cops suprisingly cool: cars were allowed to park on the meridian and in one lane in either direction on a freeway exit, last time, without a single ticket in sight -as long as traffic isn't impeded from getting thru each remaining lane; check for trees: before you park - they become black show-stopping giants after dark; bring comfy pillows, blankets --even if you're Sure you won't need them --the show is good and long, the tush gets sore. Which are your favorite fireworks-watching spots? Post below for future comparison.

Also this day: Uncle Jim born --Best wishes for the day--Happy B'day Uncle Jim!

9 - Wednesday
Urban Design and Preservation

6:30 PM - Meets 2nd Wednesday, SLNC Office – 2898 Rowena Ave. Suite 101, Silver Lake, Chair: Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov

10 - Thursday
7:00 PM ~Silver Lake Committee - Meets
So you thought 'boring committee' but now? Show up: share your ideas to spread solutions, reduce grief. SLNC Office – 2898 Rowena Ave. Suite 101, SL


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