Silver Lake ALERT: 'Bates' Motel

I pay a Lot of attention, to lots of things, but following (lol): news to me. To you also? Posted as received in Silver Lake daVine in-box:

Silver Lake may be about to lose one of its local urban legends -nightmares. From Northeast Division Senior Lead Officer Al Polehonki (August 11):

"Important meeting information:
The Sunset Pacific Motel, otherwise known as the 'BATES MOTEL' was ordered closed in 2002. Since then it has remained a community eyesore, drawing homeless activities, illegal dumping, and graffiti. I have been notified that The Board of Building and Safety Commission has scheduled a public hearing to determine if the BATES should be demolished.

This location was closed down in large part, thanks to an outpouring of community support over several years.

Please make every effort to attend this meeting in person and share your observations and concerns.

The meeting is scheduled for

September 15th, 2009 at 9:30 AM
201 North Figueroa Street, Room 1050b

(LA 90012)

A second option, should you not be able to attend the meeting would be to generate a letter to

Marsha Brown, President
Board of Building and Safety Commission
and mail it to the above address or fax it to her at (213) 482-0477."

Your thoughts? Do we Have to rip down EVERY old thing? Some Good use? Some bright person/group: could renovate it --for artists --graphic designers --video/doc makers --writers studios? There ARE Recovery Act 2009 funds floating around, as I posted in Silver Lake daVine Calendar: August - IV for Friday
- Seminar Small Business Owner. Restoring/repairing/cleaning up: would generate some jobs --and a Future.

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