The Good, The Cheesy, The Bunny --Silver Lake Week-end 4-22-11 ...daVine

Whacky Week-end Weather
Today in 90026 -thereabouts
high-60s --Saturday tad colder --dribble/rain Sunday AM --sun peep afternoon --heat on Monday. Texas wildfire -Midwest flood -tornadoes in the South, snow in spring. But No Climate Change to See Around Here, folks, just move along --head in the sand, ignore all the carbon dump -dead birds -missing species on Earth Day, ah well... Maybe Some day: we'll get politicians who match the People/aren't prostitutes for the oily boys --coal Koch bro's --when the sky is full of pigs....

The Good
Meanwhile it's a good ol' Friday! Yeah. If you obey the Catholic religion: it's The Good Friday. When I was growing up: Los Angeles Shut Down at lunch --streets gridlocked --then town went Dead-eerie quiet. When I was in art school --San Francisco: ditto --every office emptied out --no trolley space or cab to be found --except Every body poured into bars 5 --10-deep, standing room only, which didn't seem too, uh religious, definitely Fun.

If your goal not booze but bread -bakery --
kosher: remember Passover is on, through Monday, Jewish delis closed this week-end. But everything else: business as usual Saturday, Sunday: giant/corporate chains way don't care --open, neighborhood shops closed.

Business doesn't shut down anymore, except for those 'obeying' the Money god on Wall Street.
Good Friday: Stock market used to be open half day --this year: shut all day... guess they can afford it.
Los Angeles City Hall
--can't --all government Open, except for some 'Council' clowns using their Usual
photo-op Half "work" Friday: 'furlough' themselves. CORRECTION --I checked: gee wadda surprise all 15 took day off --no Council Session -Wendy Gruell: please Make Sure deduct their paychecks.
--While Truly over-worked under-paid staffs do Real work of constituents -of running the City. If you want to reach a
City thing: 311 operators work to 10 pm nightly, and week-ends
Ditto: LA County Info operators at 213-974-1234
Ditto: 211 --always 24-hours for urgent food -shelter info -many other references, and if you get put on hold: HOLD --they will answer

Saturday, April 23
The good Silver Lake Neighborhood Council: taking on the local earth, problem-wise
Earth Day Conference
12-4 pm
Silver Lake Library, 2411 Glendale Ave.
James Brennan (Open Neighborhoods)
Al Gore's Climate Project
DWP & Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign
Innovative & inexpensive ways to make our neighborhood clean energy reliant!
FREE Admission

Contact Us!

P. 323.661.SLNC (7562)
F. 323.661.7564
2658 Griffith Park Blvd. #377
Los Angeles, CA 90039


Good Contest --On
SLNC: Wants Design --Plan
for Sunset Junction
Deadline: extended to Monday April 25
Council approved $2,500 as a honorary for the winning design of the Sunset Junction Competition. The money will be paid as follows:
$1,250 when the winning design is selected
$1,250 when the construction documents are completed
Minutes from our last board meeting, containing information on this and other organizations that are to be sponsored by the SLNC


The Good Earth --for Children:
Ivanhoe Elementary School
- month of April as Earth Month
12 n - 4 pm
"At Micheltorena Elementary School, Sustainable Silver Lake will be teaming up with the already established Micheltorena Elementary School/Community Garden volunteers to clean up and raise awareness of litter on Micheltorena's school grounds.
This Earth Day, Sustainable Silver Lake will continue its Earth Day program with events at Micheltorena and Ivanhoe Elementary Schools. Programs designed for students and parents will focus on eliminating litter on school grounds and reducing the trash generated from packaged foods at lunch and snacks, such as juice boxes and chip bags."
Contact: info@sustainablesilverlake.org

The Cheesy
O the cheesy goodness of this... makes one feel LA-Lucky...
11 am - 5 pm
The 2nd Eighth Annual [?] Cheese National Grilled Cheese Invitational
Cheese will be grilled --30,000 sammies to consume, FREE chips -pickles -bottled water... chef cooking demo's -cheese-calling [??] --costumes -contest... entertainment (--like eating grilled cheese isn't?) poetry contest [?] ...judging: sign-up closed, eating OPEN!
Sammies: competition in four categories sound de-lish (--but I wouldn't eat "American Style" if it was served with cash)
No budget-strain fuel: Downtown --Okay not in the 'hood, but no traffic -crowds -noise -mess and if you part-DASH it --@ $.35: no strain getting there --no-park cost; if you "can't" then bike it or carpool the neighbors
Ticket: $12 on-line, door: $15 - They're looking for: volunteers
Home, bits -pieces -recipes -map, Details, ticket link

If your silent partner could use a blessing or just wants to show-off
do it: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
--before the "council" clowns decide to outlaw pets in public to look like they're working
Procession, pony rides, music, petting zoo, Free --map, parking details --in pdf

Once -borrowed a parent's car, drove all the way into town to one of the good/best places on earth:
Craft and Folk Art Museum
2 pm - 3:30 pm Spring Egg Craft Workshop: Ukrainian egg design -minimum age 9 - Details
...they had just put a restaurant on top floor --delight to tongue and funny bone: fruit soup! still makes me giggle.... If you want to be really good to you: bookmark/promise yourself you'll go --many times all year --I don't know another place to match quality, design, uniqueness. Do sign up: Around Town Event notices.

Good Gift
Good place for a gift: SIDEBAR ---> See: "Park" hover mouse over the photo --see our own: Griffith Park: A Centennial History
or Search SIDEBAR ---> in Amazon --choose your own category or SEARCH "deals" for special items, limited quantity, special price

The Bunny Hop

10 am - 3 pm -
and April 24
Gardening, crafts, face painting, puppet shows, music, pet real bunnies

Included with Admission price to: Griffith Park - Los Angeles Zoo

Hunt & History
1 - 3 pm
Docents in 1870s attire - Bring basket for: Traditional children’s games, egg hunt, blacksmith, music, tours of historic buildings - toddler - age 10
Free - Details, Schedule
Encino -
Los Encinos State Historic Park Map

Egg-less Hop

Miniature Train Ride
10 am to 3 pm -weekends & holidays
Track stretches over a mile - across a bridge, through a forest, the Old Western Town --past pony rides, through green meadow --several different trains and choices --all good all year, and April 24* for non-Catholics -atheists -vegetarians on Easter (lol), tall & small --historic trains well-loved treasure since 1948
ticket to ride --all year: $2.50
In: Griffith Park

Art Among the Glamorous
8 pm - 10:30 pm
Six interpretative art pieces installed outdoors: the art interprets music of new-release album --installed where Hollywood royalty rests... forever....
Free - but requires a ticket - gates close 11 pm
Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Local Movie Time
8 pm
Showing: It Felt Like a Kiss of director Adam Curtis, montage doc pieces of world contemporary view --after-film discussion, new monthly screening series and cine club
$5 - free for Members
at our own: Echo Park Film Center (scroll down to "April 23" for description)
- classes, equipment, contact details
Sunday, April 24

* -Easter Hop Los Angeles Zoo -Miniature Train Ride

Classical Music
No entrance after: 6:00 pm

Members of the Capitol Ensemble,
Perform Schubert: String Trio in B-flat major D. 581
Mozart: String Quintet in G minor K. 516.
Sundays Live - Free | no reservations
LACMA - Bing Theater

CD13 Representative
in City Council for Silver Lake:
Eric Garcetti
Top Five: Town Hall -Job Fair -Business -Event for parents, bicyclists, children, senior adults, teachers, low-income, Greens --personally generated by Eric Garcetti for Silver Lake in April
--everyone in Los Angeles pays: annual salary $200,000 + staff (IF all 22 @ $25k each), rent + gas + expense account + discretionary account+ gas --not including supplies, utilities, telephone, cell phone, equipment, postage, travel, insurance, Pension = Total far exceeds $864,000 --every year
Garcetti salary:
higher than any other US city --higher than California's Senators in Congress, in City with $400+ Million deficit
-Eric Garcetti phone: 213-473-7013
-Eric Garcetti e-mail:

9 pm - TV - Hallmark Special
Watched Hallmark Specials all my life, the past several have been banal to so bad, I'm taking a chance listing this one. The one in February so maudlin -amateur -sugar-loaded made my teeth ache --they can't find pro directors -good stories??? Last chance, Hallmark.

Your choice: None of the Above?
Want to stay home -relax -save money? Well, then watch others hunt:
Monday April 25
White House --traditional Easter Egg Hunt with children, parents from all 50 states
--will be live-streamed, see all the Easter Eco-Earth Roll details and link at: http://davinepolitics.blogspot.com/2011/04/white-house-ready-rock-roll-hunt-is-on.html

CALENDAR - Events: SEE page/bottom

Metro: bus, DASH, train, bicycle, disabled travel Trip Planner options

NOTE Still lots of trouble --the "tech" --dumbest one going; if You know of a Smart responsible techie --young -old -student --to maintain wi-fi --remotely PLEASE: send me e-mail (address SEE: Sidebar/top) ASAP, we're way past ready to fire/kill 'tech' genius.

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Graphics - thanks to: Mabel Betsy Hill "Friend with Bunnies" via Grandma's Graphics;
others: The Graphics Fairy

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