Fireworks! The Good LA Fireworks 2012

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~~ 4th of July Celebration Wednesday 2012 ~~

*Fireworks# *Fireworks* Fireworks!

Santa Monica College June 30
Entertainment, food available, lawn picnic, exhibits, music + fireworks, Corsair Stadium

Toddler time: safe sparklers, celebration for new-walking set, parents allowed Children's Museum

Hollywood Bowl July 2 - 3 & 4th
Concert + Fireworks
Get tickets: Now! --Show: one of top 3 best in SoCal, about :35 & great music, view from $ seats as good as box seats, take cushions + picnic, or: see free -take blanket, find high ground; less stress -gas: shuttle/public transp: LA Metro

Dodger Stadium July 4th
Dodgers v Cincinnati Reds & Military Appreciation + Fireworks
Baseball + Fireworks: $13 - $650 + parking; or free: OK to street park neighborhood, street entrance to Parking Lot, but expect long wait to leave, or find hi ground; Show: about :20, fair to good, but best: it's IN the 'hood!

Coliseum July 4th
Best intentions every year but no execution, lol, so I've never seen it, but Reasons to choose north Christmas Tree Lane lawn outside Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum: 12 noon stage show, food vendors, children activities
9 PM Show :60 --maybe the longest show anywhere + music, free and good seating --if you bring your own! Free Parking: after 5 PM - Pre-show Parking: $10 for the day; expect large crowd at Extravaganza
Update: Finally made it! Display: C+, nearly :10 short of 1 hour; seemed like 1/2 of LA viewed -major traffic tangle, but drivers polite, no probs

Rosebowl Stadium July 4th
You & yours can vegge all day/night at the Bowl: mind-numbing construction/cost halted for the celebration
9 am Parking lot opens, $ but all vehicle types allowed
2 pm exhibits, games, food vendors, etc, begins
9 pm Fireworks Show :25 and one of 3 best --link below for tickets; or for bargain skip all: early evening park somewhere above the Bowl, like a freeway over-pass --bring blanket and view for free; my experience: Pasadena cops way cool (bring cold lemonade/ cuppa hot choc for?), just remember don't block/leave a lane OPEN --neighbors/fellow-parkers of good humor, but bring Patience for departure Americafest 2012 Descp: Pasadena Star News

Marina del Rey July 4
One of prettiest: works over water (from barge), comfort, food & drinks of dockside cafes & One of most tangled: streets -street parking -bike paths will be Closed --Only: off-street parking; bring calm, patience Show good to v. good, about :20 --not leaving quickly/easily; if fog/overcast: nothing to see, check AM forecast; alt: arrive afternoon, with picnic, blankets. After no-Show years of economy Crash, see Fireworks from: Fisherman’s Village (restaurants), Burton Chase Park, Mother’s Beach Marina - Remember: Only one way in/out of Marina - Parking lots, directions Details

Malibu July 4
It's such a hike from SL, it only works If Ya Just Gotta Have It: take picnic dinner, 'works off ocean barge --view from beach (often near-empty) --some years: two barges, far apart (yes, I've found long-distance spots to see both shows at the same time) - Show around 9:10 pm - fair to good, about :20 but best: reflection off ocean, dark night sky (if not overcast) of no nearby artificial light - usually free parking roadside & lot - details

Easiest Best Bargain
Do your own Day celebration, Night: freeway south to good vantage of Disneyland - Show begins around 8:15 /:30 pm nightly, most elaborate beautiful fireworks of all --Free.

Pacific Palisades?
64th Year Parade & Show (pricey) --but friends wouldn't let friends do it: freeway will be beyond gross, Ramp-age began June 22 so no good exits (next 3 months) and Sunset Blvd very long traffic jam fr Silver Lake, But cops: no nastier anywhere --bang on cars with flashlights, Will ticket while waiting for traffic light, so unless you own hot-air balloon, give it a big PASS

Home: TV Fireworks
Live fireworks --so much prettier than TV, but
If won't/can't go out -wanna snuggle in with the chickens, the furry friends & Sig Other: best 'works on TV
- New York City (Macy's) fireworks: very good, good music (sorta, should be classical), beautiful - over water, about :47 (broadcast TV) & far better than most
- Boston Fireworks: Best -nearly an hour, great views, good music of Boston Pops Orchestra (traditional/American), no ad breaks (broadcast TV) better even than:
- Capital, DC fireworks: - fair to good, usually with pop/commercial singers (and annoying voice-over), no ad breaks ( Public TV/PBS)

Want to Arrive --With All Your Body-parts?
So does everyone else. When you're driving: Drive --don't type --talk on phone --watch TV --don't drive full of booze --if you've had a few: Pass the keys or stay put: One hour for each alcoholic drink you've consumed. No --Don't? --Your brain special/different from All other brains? Okey dokey, 1st DUI arrest: $17,000 Minimum, if you're Lucky. In case you're not: Get some new Obamacare insurance --for your loved ones, write your Will.

I Say It Every Year*
And every year Many Search, come to this site looking for: "silver lake fireworks 90026 90039 Griffith Park" --wanting Fireworks In The 'Hood.
Our Silver Lake Neighborhood Council gets $25K (CC took back $25K) yearly for public projects --every year. Why don't they Spend some to have show Here? Not enough money? So: neighbors -parents -biz owners and students can organize fund-raisers around schools -clubs -neighborhood -garden -sports groups --dinners --puppy races --vegan cupcake sales --car decorating contest --kite flying contest --Scrabble Bee nights --tasty pie making/eating contest --teams to compete & contribute during
Audubon Great Backyard Bird Count --fun things... throughout the year to collect donations for a local Display.

We have --count 'em: Two City Council reps --Eric Garcetti, Tom LaBonge --CD #13 and CD #04 --in good times and bad, Each receives $100,000 --every year: to spend At Their Discretion.
Why don't our CC Reps use funds** for Fireworks on The Meadow (my choice) --in Griffith Park, at the Fountain on Riverside Drive, Bellevue Park, Senior Adults Club, Silver Lake Rec Center --Fern Dell, golf course, merry-go-round --off Shakespeare Bridge (Autry parking lot?) --Zoo parking lot --at the high school --close some streets somewhere (around Trader Joe's shops?) so we don't hafta traipse around So Cal looking for Works.

Or Most Obvious Good spot: Griffith Observatory -Parking lot --Everyone --Los Feliz to LA River & south could see --even from home....

If you want neighborhood Fireworks:
- Speak Up: call #311 (8 am - 4 pm) for connection to: chief-of-staff Garcetti, 0LaBonge
- Contact: call, e-mail SLNC board
- Even better: attend Silver Lake Neighborhood Council board meeting
--1st Wednesday every month: speak in-person, take some neighbors who will also speak up. Board members (neighbors): represent stake-holders = you

*UPDATE Taking my own advice - Since July 4th:
-I sent copy of this post to SLNC board members (before board meeting).
-Called Garcetti district office: 323-957-4500
spoke to Dist. mgr about fireworks next year. He, also works on arts projects, said he will discuss with others, see what/if possible.
-Then called LaBonge office: 473-7004
That many search/land here/want fireworks; issues of where -cost -possibility & that I spoke to Garcetti staff. They will meet soon. Excellent conversations, with responsive, nice people --good listeners.

Though it may be too costly, esp. in these times, we do have 12 months ahead of us to work towards -help raise funds -choose location.
Note: City budget pull-back on discretionary funds -available to City Council members this year $60,000 ea with, of course, many 'tugs' on purse strings.

I asked for Follow-up response. Bookmark this page or sign up for e-mails -Blog top/right to receive Up-date.

If You want fireworks in the 'hood next year: post in Comments -speak up to those who can make it happen.

Finally, if One art-in-the-sky Night isn't enough (moi) see:
-In the 'hood:
Dodger's Friday at-home games: fireworks follow, Dodger Stadium (I post in Event/Monthly Calendar)
fireworks nightly at: Disneyland

**LA Coliseum Fireworks Display: paid from yearly budget of CC Bernard Parks & Jan Perry

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