Fireworks! Where Are the Good Fireworks 2013

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UPDATE:  2013

Fourth of July: i to honor Declaration of our Independence and Bill of our Rights delivered to England's king and America; sorely tested past years. Fireworks --art, drawing in the night sky, celebrate.

Fireworks displays in many Southern California communities, though fewer for cash-poor/local areas, now.  Following Best shows going: i   Malibu to Hollywood, Pasadena to Long Beach.

I look forward to July 4th all year, mad for fireworks. Impossible to be blue looking at sparkling sight, genuine upper. Best: over water, like a two-fer.

--None in Silver Lake, not daVine. Every year: I dream of seeing fireworks in the 'hood, like over the reservoir, while sitting in the Meadow, wish SL Neighborhood Council would do it --cost way more than our annual budget? Oh well, I can dream --or we Could do Seed Sale -Car Contest -Pooch Cat-walk -others to raise funds....  Ask Sliver Lake Neighborhood Council: Just Do It!

Following List of the Good Fireworks --each Good for unique reason, many my favs. --I  missed a great one? Post in Comments -anything related.

Hollywood Bowl
'Works: iCreative, pretty -beautiful setting -orchestra
-Fireworks after the music program (usually: The 1812 Overture)
-Begins late: 9:30 -10 pm -about 35   20 minutes long

-Tip - Seats inexpensive & moderate-price: uncomfortable -bring/rent a pillow
-Arrive early to have your picnic or call day ahead to: order picnic (many choices)
= if you don't shuttle -Metro -DASH over:  traffic snarl after, can be fun
-If too much: i pick a spot on Mullholland -watch from above, free! See below

Don't have to pay/go into the Bowl: one year: I saw people parked on freeway over-pass --cops were OK with it; eventually: i cars on both sidewalks and median, who knew.
-View excellent, people friendly, hassle-free, no ticket!
-Show: i Excellent -about 35 minutes
-Bit of a 'squeeze' navigating away, but worth it and free
-Dress warmly, bring blanket (& hot chocolate?), gets cold up there
(I can't handle being in big crowds, so it was Great!) See below

Long Beach
Comfort, numerous events -venues, good eats and ambiance See below

Los Angeles Coliseum
My usual complaint "too short" --no prob at: "Best seats in LA" but
-bring lawn chair for insurance
-'Works: iPretty good -only display lasts 1 hour!
-bring Patience for exit traffic snarl See below

Two barges Four barges - sort of 'home-grown' type fireworks
-Beautiful over the ocean --IF no fog -about :25 
-Good if you're going to any nearby beach
-Pick spot in the middle:  see shows at same time

Marina del Rey
'Works over water -dockside -with food & drink: iheaven!
-Canceled during worst of Crash years: up this year
-Show: igood  -pretty over water -bit short -check weather before plans
-For comfy dockside restaurant table seating: iarrive early, bring Patience; restaurant will park car, else expect long walk from whatever findable parking
-Note garages --street closures for cars & bikes = pricey Ticket not fun
AVOID: Pacific Palisades High School show
-Traffic gets fierce --so do cops who pop up behind, shout orders No driver can accommodate in heavy Sunset Blvd traffic and i
-Ticket --when you don't/can't move

Whichever destination: First check Weather Report
-No fun to stare at soupy sky, guess where the fireworks are
-See weather forecast -SIDEBAR

Whatever your plans:
Give up the worrying, make time for Fun, do Silly things, look at something Beautiful. Don't give attention to idiots... they won't be saying a thing worth hearing. Problems? Those with fame -money -property died anyway.
The geniuses who founded America: didn't do it for us to become nation of Fearful or Nosy --or Fools to help self-serving corporations; the problems and the boobs will still be around after the holiday, but you'll feel good.

VERIFY Details Before You Go: Stuff happens --things change

July 2 - 3 - 4

Hollywood Bowl
2301 North Highland Ave

shuttles, Metro available - 323-850-2000
  • July 2: 7:30 pm - Fireworks: after program (about :30 long)
  • July 3: 7:30 pm - Fireworks: after program
  • July 4: 7:30 p.m. - Fireworks: after program 
2013Josh Groban - Tickets

Rose Bowl 
--construction completed for 2013

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 
Fourth of July Fireworks
3911 South Figueroa Blvd, Los Angeles

  • Start: 12 noon - games, entertainment
  • Fireworks: dusk/around 9:00 pm
  • "biggest fireworks show in the city" --60 minute show
  • "best seats in the city to watch the breath-taking display"
  • free
  • Parking available: 39th & Figueroa, MLK Blvd., Hoover St., USC Campus
    http://lacoliseumlive.com bring blanket, sturdy pillow for insurance

Marina del Rey
2011 Canceled

2013 Restored
  • Fireworks Display: 9 PM --over water
  • View from restaurants -dock-side -parks in Marina
  • To view near the water: arrive very early
  • Parking: expensive; free hard to find
NOTE -Street closures -bike restrictions --only one way In/Out of the Marina, claustrophobic, short-tempered should choose another venue

Redondo Beach 

Seaside Lagoon
200 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach

San Pedro - Cabrillo Beach 
4th of July Celebration 
57th Cabrillo Beach - 3800 Stephen M. White Dr, San Pedro

Long Beach
NOTE: Bridge to downtown closes 6 PM --doesn't open until after Fireworks -ARRIVE EARLY

July 4
- Cruise - Pier - Queen Mary - Stadium - Sports

The Aquarium of the Pacific
  • RESERVE in Advance (or forget it)
  • Fish & Fireworks

Cruise & Fireworks
  • Leaves dock: 7 pm
  • $25 - event
Party on Pier
  • Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier
  • Live music, bbq, beer, wine: begins: 12 n
  • Event
  • Reserve seating (club) in advance only
Queen Mary
  • Day: music, dancing, entertainment
  • 9 pm: Fireworks - $25 per person incl children
  • Reserve
  • Dining (casual & formal), Room (over-night/week-end), extras available
Stadium Show
  • 5000 Lew Davis Drive
  • Open 4 pm - Fireworks 9 pm
  • Tickets: $10 available Long Beach Fire Station 19, 3559 Clark Ave, Long Beach CA 90808
  • 9:00 am - 6:00 pm daily June 25 - to sold out
  • Event
Soccer, Carson
  • Game: 7:30 pm
  • Fireworks follow
  • Event - 18400 Avalon Blvd., Carson CA 90748 - Tickets start $20
    I haven't been to any Long Beach events ever, no idea about fireworks shows -no tips

You want --More --you wanna see ALL the 'works, greedy goose??  No prob!  Go Up and your head will spin in every direction --see every display going --Long Beach to Big Bear --all evening --Free!

 Drinks?  Got $15,000?
  • After drinking DON'T try to drive. One drink: impairs reflexes, judgment, gets worse with more. But 207,000+ who did it anyway got arrested --DUI arrested --the ones who lived. 
  • First offense will cost you over $15,000 + "fees" + attorney + alternative transportation + your license and jail time IF you don't kill someone, then: it's prison time. 
  • --Cops spend the holiday: iWatching

Fireworks on TV:  
Flat, not as pretty or as much fun as live, but if must snuggle in:
  • Annual Washington DC Show:  Good --long intro & credits of performers annoying -PBS
  • Boston Fireworks Show:  Best --Superb, beautiful -good music -broadcast TV
  • New York Macy's Fireworks:  Very good --music so-so, dumb breaks for broadcast TV commercials -about :47.  But: iMacy's does business with racist rump Trump, who spent serious time trying to humiliate -discredit President of the United States --and they refuse to discontinue --on-going Macy's BOYCOTT by many in every way till they sever connection.
I had tickets to LA Olympics Closing Ceremony and got home in time to see it on the news: shocked to see beautiful fireworks dull, flat, ugly compared to live.  Worth the effort to go out!

Happy Independence Day! 

* * *
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