Silver Lake daVine Events: November 2013

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Events around the 'hood NOVEMBER  0 Silver Lake daVine 
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- Frequent Additions
- Dodgers --Go Blue... Next year!
- Monthly Events SEE tab Top ^
- Stuff happens -things change = Confirm! Before plans

-Patient's Bill of Rights open: Covered Calif 800-300-1506 0https://www.coveredca.com sign-up Oct 1 to Dec 15
-Invisible Cities --one free Date added, Tix for Nov 3
-If ya Gotta Go --Can ya after LAX carnage: Real Flite Info
-Alvarado Mystery Theater Machine Project: Nov 1-24
-#405 Sunset on-ramps: verify both open before plans
-This year Shop Small Business Day: Saturday Nov 30
-Clifton's Cafeteria hoping for the holidays? Last summer -imgmt told me the news:  ready to open spring 2014!  sheesh!
-National Apple month
-World Vegan month
-The Nightmare Before Christmas Orpheum Theatet Dec 8 Tix now available
-Ice Skating rink open: Nov 14-Jan 20 Pershing Sq

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Eastcoast election Tuesday Nov 5: will a blue state elect a red governor -will a red state elect a blue g
 years of unwanted --extremists always vote
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-Life Story Writing -family or pub, on-going, 2:30pm SL Library
-40th Dia de los Muertos: Procession Grand Park to Self-Helpi-Graphics --workshops -music crafts food face-painting 4-11 pm
-Music: Classical Revolution LA -Happy Hour 6pm Silver Lake
-Daylight: 'savings' end = 12am --flop your clocks back an hour...
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-Birds: LA Audubon 
-Marco Polo narrates cities of desire to Kublai Khan --private i-opera: earphones, wander Union Station 'set'
-End of 'saving' Daylight Day: Smoke Alarms swap out old batteries i-Day --and may as well do valuable: Flashlight swap-out
-Treasures of Bruce Baillie, film poet inspiration 7pm Redcat

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-Week day choices for gourméts:11-2 pm Truck It Fest 7th St
-TV 6pm: First Wives -Season II, replay Saturdays 5pm C-SPAN
-Treasures of Bruce Baillie, avant garde film poet 8:30pm Redcat 
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-Week day choices for gourméts: 11-2 pm Truck It Fest 7th St
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-Week day choices for gourméts: 11-2 pm Truck It Fest 7th St
-Start Your Own Business in LA + Q&A -free 6:pm Library dtla
-SL Neighborhood Council Board meet: public invited Agenda
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Guy Fawks Day --a man celebrated in England: so enraged by stupidity of MPs he tried to burn down Parliament -children earn with "sticks for the Guy!" -Mayfair to Naughty Nottingham I saw small fires on London sidewalks... hanged in 1700s... quell domage, ne pas remedie US party of Tea...
-Rotating choices for gourméts:11-2 pm Truck It Fest 7th St
-1st Thursday: National Men Make Dinner Day 
-Crooked Mirror: Polish-Jewish Reconciliation Reserve Aloud
-Craft Night: kaleidoscopes -demo RSVP 7pm Craft & Folk Art
-Drink & Draw Social Club 8 pm -free -bring supplies DTLA
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-American Indian Heritage Celebration month: 10 am City Hall
-Gourmét's choices every week day:11-2 pm Truck It Fest 7th St
-Colburn Brass for Lunch 11:30, 12:30 Metro at Union Station
-Plates & Strings: drinks dinnerShostakovich Disney seats 
-TV 7 pm: chat show Alec Baldwin with various -MSNBC cable 
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-"Processed Food:  Perspective" 10:30am Culinary Historians
-Herblock: The Black & The White doc :95 -free Library
-Colburn Chamber 4pm, Youth Orchestra 7pm -free Zipper Hall
-Nov 9-10, 1938:  Night of Broken Glass --windows smashed in 'spontaneous' outburst 75 years ago --homes -7,500 businesses Jewish-owned -267 synagogues looted -destroyed throughout germany austria german-occupied Czechoslovakia; suicides, rapes -91 killed as firefighters and germans watched. Emboldened by public passivity, hitler --too late realized:  loss to german insurance companies not to Jewish-insureds.  SS, coward bullies, blamed the victims -laws: "illegal" to be Jewish and employed -enter any place -still-breathing; thousands arrested, sent to concentration camps, brutalized to death. Kristallnacht marked start: 'removal' of Jews from Europe -nazi world domination attempt --World War II. All it took was citizens silence... claim "didn't know" what happened to the 'disappeared'....
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TV 8 pm: Killing Kennedy  -History channel cable
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-At 11th hour of eleventh day of eleventh month:  nations signed Treaty of Peace to "end war to end all war" and german aggression, First World War... 20 years later they began again stupidest thing humans can do, World War II... several more... with gratitude, profound Thanks to those who sacrificed -fought -died in war: Veterans Day
republicans in Congress spout patriotic blather and shut down government last month --during wartime -stopped health care pay -housing -food stamp support for vets, active military & family --first time in US history.  If repub --elected -member or Tea has gall to show up at ceremony:  resist temptation to spit... or try to... Remember -at voting booth next year
Closed: post office -school -bank -business -government, court
Travel: DASH Metro on Holiday Schedule -SEE Sidebar Go!
Events: Veteran's Day, Monday November 11, 2013  SoCal

After World War I, bloodiest fighting world had ever known, poppies appeared where none ever had before: on the former battle fields, home of fallen soldiers... Remembrance Day: red poppies appear everywhere in England... church walkways -windowsills -doorways -sidewalks -headstones... stunning... heartbreaking...

-President-Arlington Cemetery Wreath Ceremony 8am -C-SPAN
-First Ladies: Jacquelin Kennedy 5pm C-SPAN, replay Saturday
-Doc: Consequences of Dutch Colonialism 8pm Redcat Theater
0 0 12
-Lecture: landmark LA architect author 7am free Athletic Club
-Free admission day -family activities Autry Museum G Park
-Automatic Embroidery & Ghostly Encounters Machine Project
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-Sherlock Holmes: 4-year olds Pajama Storytime Silver Lake
-Spirits With Spirits:  El Cid, Silver Lake Ghoula
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-LA Conservancy holiday: The Nightmare Before Christmas i-animation Orpheum Theater Tix available now
-Season sign: Opening Ceremony Ice Skating 11am Pershing Sq
0 0 15
-Register 12-5pm only: City Market Turkey Trot tomorrow
-"Some Day is Now: Art of Corita Kent" 7:30 Skylight Books LF
-Up Late with Alec Baldwin, various topics, guests -manbc cable  
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-City Market tall & small Turkey Trot + Food Give 8am Autry
-Virgil Village Community Clean-up: Meet 9 am SM Blvd
-Sale: art, music, books 10am, early bird 9am Glendale Library
-Planning 101 Workshop: #CD13 motions -plans -zoning Q&A -10-12n LACC rep O'Farrell Library
-Faery Hunt 10am Reservation-only Fern Dell, Griffith Park
-Tecza Puppet Theater & Warsaw Village Band 11, 12 free dtla
-Life Story Writing: family or pub 2:30pm, on-going Silver Lake
-"Divas Dames & Daredevils" author Madrid reads Skylight Book
-Happy Hour: Classical Revolution LA -6-8pm Silver Lake
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-Western music & Cowboy Poets Jam 12-3pm Autry Museum
-Jewish Women in Los Angeles Politics -2-4 pm Los Angeles -iJewish Mosaic series Autry Museum
-Prize-winning author "Take Wing & Fly Here" Priyanka Kumar & -James Ragan talk land conservation, birding creative projects -5pm Skylight Books Los Feliz
-Ab fab holiday shop Swap Out --clear your -clutter: bag -bring still-good/unwanted maybe -find same -save landfill space --Free 12-3pm -Mid-city
-Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas -Orpheum Theater Dec 8 Tix: LA Conservancy
-Full Beaver moon

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-Reserve Book-Cocktail Party: Dec 12 Dorothy Parker Society 
-ABC Storytime for Toddlers -10am, four sessions Silver Lake
-TV First Ladies: Ladybird Johnson -replays Saturday C-SPAN
-Love letter to LA "BTW" author Jarett Kobek 7:30pm Skylight
-Foodies Foodstamps Farmers Fat State of LA's Plate 7:30 rsvp
-Art & Science of Mycophagy" -can I eat this Mushroom Club
0 0 19
-Silver Favorites Book Club -books: Front Desk 6pm SL library
-Chef Roy Choi Kogi food truck, unique Korean taco + "L.A. Son" -reading --prior purchase for entrance ticket Skylight Books
-Tuesday Wine Tastes -cheese -wine pro 6 pm Urban Radish
-Bags Benefit chic bags auction for ed -cocktails canapes Hwd
-Pub Crawl -crowd shots night Hollywood 8pm Tuesdays Tix
0 0 20
-Covered Calif HealthCare 411-enroll or future 9:30 am DTLA
-Town Hall Lunch: workers obesity tools -CEO Weight Watchers
-Cowboy Lunch: Autry actors, producer talk 12 Autry Museum
-Pajama Storytime: Native-American Tales - 6:30pm Silver Lake
-Writing politics life at The New Yorker -Dan Menaker Skylight
-Grilled Cheese Tasting Invite 6:30pm free! Boomtown Waitlist
-TV nightly: 25 Days to Christmas movies -Family ch (keep remote - handy: excessive ads -market-target children)
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-Small biz owner Town Hall: Covered Calif -snack -free Register
-See Bill Maher Live -2pm -reserve for free seat W Hwd
-3rd Thursdays: Dinner for gourmets Truck It Fest dtla
 -Hear Los Angeles Stories "Food" -drink 8pm rsvp/1st 50 Hwd 

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Biggest boy in the class last one in, headed to his seat with: "the President's been shot."  Sarcastic stuff always from school bully, but that too much. "Not funny, John" --"oh grow up" --"How would you know" --
"HOW could someone shoot the President" "hey, Dummy he's got the Secret Service, ya know" -didn't budge -heard it on a car radio -didn't know if the President was still alive --still alive??  Room went silent.
Bell rang.  No teacher.  Teachers --always in the room when bell rang, nevermind late -at least six minutes till --frazzled scattered, as usual, ghost-white, not usual... she said it was true. True??
Thanks to thoughtful father's birthday gift, my own clock-radio:  tuned to the President's plans each day as I dressed for school, that morning: daL-ass --never heard of it -where's that -why would President go there, take his wife... odd....

School microphone... principal's voice "...was shot today and has died..." my face went hot, I shivered --not a bully -no ditz, if tall calm elegant person said it, Must be True... oh G-d... How to un-do it... she said school closed --Why --buses at front entrance, now -take us home now... so she thought more people would be shot --or what??

TV on --during the day --reaction all over the country... grown men in the street, wearing hats... stood still...  wept... never saw a grown man cry... businesses, stores  even supermarkets closed... reporters talked and talked --no one explained Why the President was killed...  

-Lunch: gourmet food trucks weekdays Truck It Fest dtla
-1:28 ET moment of silence: time, 50 years ago, President Kennedy pronounced dead
-Boxing UCLA Vs USC -whiskey tasting, canapes -black tie optional -$75-150 -5:30pm LA Athletic Club 
-Up Late with Alec Baldwin, various topics, guests -manbc cable  
-Christmas in the Living Room -6 plays Fri, 6 Sat $20 Studio C
0 023
-& 24 25th Anniversary: scavenger hunt gold-panning tours films i-bazaar & cake 10-5pm Autry Museum
-Oldest LA market Pre-Thanksgiving Food + Music Grand Central
-Tour Grand Central Market -free 12-1pm -Design East LaB
-Autry movies Back in the Saddle +The Cowboy & the Indians
-Tour Hwd Post 43+You'll Never Get Rich 1pm Art Deco Society
-Mystery Theater live double bill -enter 1:30pm Machine Project
-5th Holiday Wine Taste Bazaar -nips nibbles deals 2pm Tix DTLA
-"Twas the Late Night of Christmas" & cookies Ann Paul Skylight
-14th LA Comedy Fest 6pm or 9pm Tix Hollywood
0 0 24
-Sunday Salon: Last Days of F. Scott Fitzgerald Walking Tour 
-30th Sunday Salon: two Presentations, early for cafe Meeting
-Light It Up Chanukah fest -games lights latke bar 3pm WJCC
-Series On the Town Gene Kelly, Sinatra -free/rsvp Thayer Hall 
-Vanity Fair -Graydon Carter, film critic Kenneth Turan & actor -iForest Whitaker award gala LA Press Club
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    Somehow got the idea, dream: go to Washington, be a Senate page, then Diplomatic corps -In the center of things -make a Difference...
Funeral... nothing like the funeral... Announcer: Mrs. Kennedy planned it... and day before, Sunday:  birthday party for John-John... How did she make her brain work -think a thing... on the Capital steps, a child each side, she bent to John-John then as casket passed:  he saluted... I looked, impossible but: she not crying... only one...
Procession: de Gaulle, France -Italy -Sweden -Ireland -every country -leaders not in limousines, walked together... flags, military, bagpipes... beautiful black horse... riderless... saddle backwards --oh G-d, not a mistake: intentional announcer said.  As Procession went, so did dream... find some other career... couldn't watch any more.... 
And no -not even IF he pulled A trigger, No way weak neurotic looser wimp Oswald murdered President Kennedy --by himself --bullets from behind, Texas School Book Depository building only, supposedly... -but the film showed: bullets forced President forwards and back --so laws of physics suspended that day??
Those in different spots around Dealy Plaza:  man on the Grassy Knoll -umbrella open -sound of gun shot -smoke puff... not questioned -interviewed -deposed --not by FBI -Warren 'Commission' -investigative reporters --anyone....
Yes --if looked at as ordinary murder, I know who had Motive -Means -Opportunity -Intent to be President and Family male history heart disease early-death: caused death of John Kennedy....
If the intelligent quick-witted charming --inspiring President --murdered --for no good reason... told me things about the world I didn't know... changed my view.... though young -this written weeks ago, happened: only moment ago... the shock stunned the world -changed me... broke my heart...   I Hate those who murdered Best Brightest... always will....

0 0 25
-By today Reservation: Old-fashioned Thanksgiving Dinner -11-28 -1pm Labyrinth & Garden -
-End: Reserve High Speed Rail Report & dinner Dec 3 Taix rest.
-TV 6 pm: First Wives Pat Nixon -replays Saturdays C-SPAN
0 0 26
-TRAFFIC Heads Up: Pres Obama LAX to West LA: Beverly Hills --Hancock Park -Glendale-DreamWorks fundraisers
-Design marketing web trends WordPress meet 6:30pm WeWork
0 027   
0 0 27
-Festival of Light: Chanukah, Jewish -holiday --enough oil to last through -one night stayed lit -burned for eight -nights:  begins at sunset - 1st candle

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Pres. Abe Lincoln, 1863 last Thursday of November: Thanksgiving -
--celebrate traditionally SHUN Greed-goat retailers declared Day: war -your money, their employees
-TV am: Traditional Thanksgiving Day -commercial balloons, canned music, corn -syrup commentary Parade, NYC nbc
-Thanksgiving Brunch Buffet -kids craft -table -10-2pm with rsvp Athletic Club
by Nov 25: Old-fashioned -Thanksgiving Dinner & dessert buffet 1pm -Labyrinth & Gardens
-know it's holiday: TV 8pm Charlie Brown -Thanksgiving + This Is -America Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers abc/7 
-TV 9:30pm: Muppets & Lady Gaga Special abc
-Chanukah: begins at sundown -2nd candle
-TV replay: Original Farmer's Market Tree Lighting Nov 17 kcal/9
0 0 29
-Chanukah: 3rd night -begins at sundown
-TV 8pm: Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas 1966 abc/7 -
-Up Late with Alec Baldwin, various topics, guests -manbc cable   
-Meadow meadow who's got Meadow hands: donuts reward SL
-Annual Saturday Small Business Day: shop Silver Lake!
-Hollywood: CLOSED, feeder streets CLOSED = Parade tomorrow
-Arts District 1st Artisans-Craftsman Sale 10am Urban Radish
-Annual Holiday Bazaar: handcrafts market 12-5pm Craft & Folk
-Bike Tour de Taste & Beer Garden -ride, eat, drink 2pm State Pk
-Annual UCLA vs USC football rivalry Los Angeles Coliseum
-Just a game? -Since 1976: if UCLA wins following year world -CA --personally good/great, Opposite --market crash -serial-murder --quake -war, brakes fail -biz flood -parent sudden death etc... -4pm Go Bruins!
-Plates & Strings: drinks dinner & Bach Disney Concert Hall -reserve seats
-Chanukah: Festival of Light -at sundown


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