Fireworks! Where Are the Good Fireworks

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July 4, 2012, Washington DC, by White House photographer Peter Souza

Where Are the Good So Cal July 4th Fireworks 

Most popular post at this website?? US/locals --world-wide readers want to read 
This post --Every week --all year, but --Who wants to know at Christmas time
--in March -during fall??  Why --So Cal summer Fireworks?? I'm clueless, lol,
if You know why:  post in Comments!

As I was doing this summer's Update
tech "genius" who supposedly maintains the system --didn't.  He, Somehow, inserted, sent linked 
mess --crashed system --my original and all my open reference posts  = POOF --all disappeared, 
thanks to the moron (--yes, he did it) and nope: numerous hits on "Save"didn't.  I'm reconstructing 
--searching and geeze, putting back links -look for way to take out knee-caps of lazy stupid 'genius' 
we all despise... Check back

July 4th 2014 - America's 238th Birthday
Declaration of our Independence and Bill of our Rights delivered to
the king of England & Parliament and to residents of America, sorely tested
past few years... but, did you know, even the Constitution says: Time to Party!

Lots of Southern California fireworks shows, but many communities cash-poor
so fewer, now and none, of course, in Silver Lake, not daVine. I dream
of seeing 'works in the 'hood, like over the reservoir from the Meadow... wish Neighborhood Council would do it --costs more than annual budget?  Could do
Ice cream Socials -Auction -Seed Saver -Auto Beauty Contest -Pooch catwalk
things to raise funds.... Let's start this year.

Fireworks --drawing in night sky
My favorite holiday -look forward all year --can't get enough --impossible to be
blue looking at sparkling sight, genuine upper. Best over water I think, like a two-fer.
Following:  The Best & (mostly) my Favs --if I missed a Good one post in Comments

Fireworks on Tellie
-Capitol Washington DC Show  
   -Music: mostly patriotic, great band (Marines??) --good vibe that it's in nation's capitol 
   -Celebrities sing but dumb, annoying vanity intros (I care how many records sold??)  - PBS = Good
-New York City  
   -Music: should be all-classical not junky pop stuff & No voice-over or, sheesh,  ad breaks 
    --once a year they 'can't' skip the greed?? -Fireworks: creative, pretty, over water - nbc = Better
-Boston Pops 4th of July Show
   -Music: classical; this year: new version of patriotic classic -Fireworks: dancing colorful creative 
   superb ballet over water --exquisite --must be best show in US --anywhere, lol - network = Best

Once I got home from Olympics Closing Ceremony in time to see beautiful orchestrated fireworks
--flat -dull -near-ugly on the news, nothing like in-person beauty.  Worth the effort:  to go see live!

Grand Park
Grand Avenue (across from Music Center) down to City Hall/Hill Street

Open          1 pm  Bring picnic, blanket, pillow, babies -small cooler --Not alcohol -pets
Bands         4 pm  Two stages
Fireworks   9 - 9:30 pm
All Free, thanks to Music Center Foundation

-Fireworks: 400' into sky off a highrise roof-top
-should be wide/good visibility, even if 'soupy' sky
-Note: food vendors will be cooking; large crowd expected: approx 25,000  
-This: second July 4th Grand Park celebration --whatever 'kinks' last year 
  should be corrected to make this: a very cool celebration (even though No booze allowed)

Surrounding streets: closed
    -Park: garages (but stupid pricey)
       -ALT street park on a DASH route -take to Grand Park
    -Metro underground train = Grand Park exit -but only one side, other closed "to control crowds" --Jose Juizar's
        office (??) --doncha luv daddy govt...
    -Metro buses = on holiday routes -schedules
    -ALT exit Union Station or Arts District-Little Tokyo, walk -bicycle to Grand Park
    -ALT find DTLA high-rise biz/resident/pal --get invite, lol

Hollywood Bowl July 2 - 3 - 4th

2014 Headline:  Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers and 
                           Air Force Band

-'Works:  after 7:30 Music Program:--around  9:30 --lasts about :20,
                 to "1812 Overture" followed by canons
-Picnic at the Bowl:     arrive at least :90 early or
-Order ahead:              Bowl Picnic, pick up there
-New this year:            Sherry Bar
-Beautiful -sometimes fab, some years not -but unique superb setting 
-check weather before reservation
-Transp: Advance VIP Bowl Parking or -Shuttle -DASH --else expect traffic snarl in/out

Note Low-price & Mod bleacher seats = very uncomfortable, bring/rent pillow (heck, even Box seats a pain)

If all too much:  pick a spot above the Bowl --see free 
--be Mindful Quiet Considerate & Green to residents --lest streets get closed to All

88th Rose Bowl Americana Fest
Rose Bowl Stadium

All-day event
9 am - Parking lot open --for all vehicle types
2 pm - Exhibits, games, food vendors, etc
9 pm - Fireworks
         about :30 - creative, elaborate, pretty, combos = probably BEST So Cal show

No 'over-head' view of the Bowl
Pasadena police have allowed (yup, could change) parking on freeway over-pass

-'works: high enough to clear tree-tops
-Believe it: cold up there = bring blanket, sweater (hot chocolate??) snacks and 
  patience to zig-zag out afterwards and worth it = 
-Party attitude -friendly peeps, fun & free
-Arrive early --long before start

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