A Garcetti Sighting???

Hold ON to your hair --Breath deeply. It has been Announced --there is to be a Sighting --among the humans, of that rarest of birds.... If --If --IF the member of that august body "Los Angeles City Council" who represents Silver Lake, does Not cancel, again. Eric Garcetti will appear Live --in person --uh, IF he doesn't cancel, like last year.

He and the terrific Tom Labonge, to appear in Silver Lake
March 22, at 7 pm...maybe....
Genelle LeVin, currently Co-President of the Silver Lake Improvement Association advises that Both: Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge, of Los Angeles City Council, have confirmed and will be GUEST SPEAKERS at the group's Annual Meeting.

Join with your neighbors in an important community-wide meeting! The event will be held in the auditorium of the Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral beginning at 7 P.M. Check the Silver Lake Improvement Association website for details.

--If that's unfamiliar: South of Sunset between Marathon - Bellevue

Gotta question ...Money --millions to a twenty-year prankster, who could dish it, but not take it...term limit lifted --for some, not for others...contracts...promises... Want an answer? What's on your mind...Maybe....

He had so much more interest, to come around, meet the Peeps, when he wanted votes, before he got elected.... So if You haven't had a CD 13 rep sighting --ever, do show up, to see if he will. (Kneepads for bowing, optional, I presume.)

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