King of Fraud Squad --Decends

King of the Fraud Squad, AKA: Angle-town City Council "president" Eric Garcetti, decended from his remote perch --to make rare move among the 'little' people, at a Silver Lake meeting.

What Did He Say? Mostly His Goodness talked about his Accomplishments...he has

  • increased police (?)

  • eliminated gangs from Silver Lake (--huh?)

  • improved the Dog Park (???)

  • "intends" to see that 'others' do something...about adding homeless shelters in other districts --besides Silver Lake

  • brought down crime
  • --and increased Apple Pie & Mother-love quotas...?

    But... Questions...brought a slightly 'different' slant.... One: a man asked about DASH. Seems His Goodness hasn't Exactly paid Good attention. If you haven't followed the small-bus issue, or all the years-worth of work numerous residents have put in to get DASH in the community: the man asked Why DASH still isn't here. --Why: it is penciled to have a stop significantly far from Bus and underground station stops. He is on the Neighborhood Council committee for DASH, but, gee, he can't always attend the meetings --because he doesn't have a car, no buses run at night --and, duh, there is no DASH to get to there. His Goodness --blathered, mostly about the Cost --of getting a DASH. That Musta comforted the man....

    Question: Why did issue of Parking Meters --get scheduled for hearing in front of entire Council a few days before Christmas with no notice to the community?
    Now that question --phrased that way, gave the 'little' peeps an opportunity to See --how the man has morphed into that species known as: A Politician. See, the operative part of that question --to listeners, voters, those 'little' peeps with common sense, WAS the Timing of the scheduling --and about: No Notice.

    But His Goodness has been taken over, by the pod-people. --You remember the movie --about the Body-snatcher pod-people, right? Nevermind that the Fraud Squad Doesn't Do any/much work from mid-November on --Forget About City business during the holidays. But to His Goodness: it wasn't about timing or notice. They DO do such things when the "president" calls for Dept. of Transportation Report --a Report HE asked for, long ago --be presented --and when he 'forgets' to give the community a 'heads up.' Hmmm...a Busy Working City Council --mere days before Christmas.... Gee. Wonder why....

    So his reply?
    Why: meters voted on --during the holidays --when there isn't enough parking for residents, when you heard the DOT Manager admit, at one of the meetings, that his employees aren't enforcing posted restrictions, how does putting low-income residents with no options, into further problems by further restricting parking --and charging for it?
    Answer: "Well you know business owners in the area were suffering...there weren't enough spaces for customers." Ahhh...customers --the jingle jingle jingle of money...more Imporant than comming home at the end of the day --and driving block after block, searching for parking place....

    "You know we would like to do something about parking, in the business district, where the Jiffy Lube island is, but it costs a million (something) to create parking."

    And...the No Notice to Community?

    Now that was an Acceptable answer...maybe: Not. See: his staff Happened to make a promise to the Half of the Community that is Opposed to parking meters.

    The Promise? IF the Report was called to be presented to the Fraud Squad: the Community would GET NOTICE and Get Opportunity to present PETITIONS --Against Parking Meters. --Petitions: signed by hundreds of Silver Lake stakeholders --but not just any --stakeholders: who RESIDE in Silver Lake who DON'T WANT ANY STINKING rental of curbs.

    Parking Meters: triple tax --on already-paid curbs.

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