LA City Council Priorities: Less Pollution, Traffic or More Meters?

The peeps sitting on the Los Angeles City Council --you remember: came around, looked you and your neighbors in the eye, said they wanted to look out for you, but they couldn't unless you gave them your vote? --Oh, they didn't look you in the eye --you didn't meet? Well --next time, Maybe. --If you're a big Enough donor.... Or: ya got a swell real estate development idea....

Well Those guys, 'look'n out for us' --are looking at Priorities. They are considering: More parking meters --500 more --in Silver Lake. Now think about that. Where are those guys gonna Get the Money --to Purchase FIVE HUNDRED meters? Just Exactly from WHICH category will they be subtracting the Money: to do the sidewalk-cutting & tree-removal for 500 meters? The bill to Maintain 500 Meters --covered by?

FER SURE: it Ain't com'n outta the one where They get $150,000 Bucks a year --to "look out for us." --Their annual, uh, salary --plus staff, plus car plus gas plus staff, rent, supplies and ya know, "Expenses." One ex Council member, who has since moved on to state legislature, 'represented' his constituents with: $5,000 bucks worth of --flowers. You didn't mind, that you paid taxes so he could send some peeps flowers, didja? YOU didn't get any flowers? Oh well.

The Priorities of those 'Look'n Out for You' guys has shifted, a bit. We don't seem to have Enough money --for 1,000 more cops. --More health clinics --more staff? --Those once-touted Synchronized traffic lights? Pah-leeese. But there somehow is Enough for More Meters....

Yet If Silver Lake: had DASH buses --there would be Fewer cars --less Pollution --less Traffic.

Which would You rather have --Less traffic --or more Parking Meters? Hmm.... I Wouldn't have thought THAT was a tough call. Apparently the bureaucrats have a Different view: they put Silver Lake at the End of the Line --for getting DASH buses. TODAY is the DASH Day --for riding DASH Free --all day, all around Silver Lake. Show the bureaucrats: Your Priority. --Bring the neighbors, the grandparents, every person you know and Pack those buses TODAY! Some merchants have treats waiting, you will see the "Proposed" route. Heck, You might even see one of those 'Look'n Out for You' guys. If you do: Ask --WHY IS there money for Meters --but None for Pollution-reducing Traffic-busting Solution?

If you get an Answer: Post it in Comments, so we can all Get a Clue --on THEIR Priorities.

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