What CAN You Do?

Unless You:
made Forbes’ “Wealthiest 100” on the planet List
–Or sole person who knows ‘magic weapons’ location US military is ‘hunting’ and entire cache they left un-guarded –Or the Actual “higher authority” Oval Office occupant consults
unlikely YOU can stop war in Iraq. In two generations: people will not be able to see a polar bear, an elephant, a dozen different kinds of birds, a glacier…so –You can save how many from extinction?

We yell at the TV –rant over coffee with friends –fume over inability to Change A Thing, but who wants to join protest rally –Iraq Invasion –Global Pollution, get beaten or arrested by LAPD’s finest, and what good would it accomplish anyway?

Without vast wealth --unique knowledge --supernatural ability: What Can YOU do –about two of the most serious issues going? You can use your power. You Can send a message straight to Washington. YOU can: get on a bus. Don’t laugh.

Neighbors in Silver Lake worked Very Hard, Very Long: to get a DASH bus in the neighborhood. Bureaucrats: rewarded their work by putting SL on the List –at 22nd –to get a bus. –As in: the next millennium, maybe.

People sitting on the Fraud Squad: too busy doing ‘desperately’ needed condo, hotel, maul [sic] deals with developers, funding spy cameras, approving destruction of landmarks and swiping personal freedom, rights to care, help. Bureaucrats, Fraud Squad: if there’s no money in it for them, Pay attention only when there is heat, noise –LOTS of people involved. –Unless: there is a Photo Op in it for them….

YOU can –make a Huge photo op –make ALL Pay Attention –affect pollution coming out of Silver Lake: Ride the Bus September 29. If You –pull in everyone you know to get on the bus that day –buses packed –show bureaucrats: Silver Lake MUST have a DASH –Now.

–Think busses are ‘creepy’? Over 200 species are on “Endangered” list, will be extinct in a few years because of drought, heat –flood –fire –contaminates. –So –don’t want to leave your car parked, even for one day? Creepy will be –a world without creatures, plants, trees.

You already have plans –You will be working –You’re a realtor who has to take clients? Arrange your day with the bus route and times. –Clients, buyers, customers will be Impressed that you care and will see what sort of neighborhood we have.

–You –not on the Bus: don’t bother again trying to convince –“care” about war or about pollution. If You don’t care about either one: Post your address below, in Comments –so we can all avoid you.

But if we Get DASH bus IN Silver Lake and USE it: we will be the Start of Less Oil –Less ‘reason’ to invade oil-holding countries –less pollution thrown into the atmosphere causing planet to heat up/destroying polar bears…glaciers –save species –and Money. –DOING instead of ranting. –Sending message to Washington –inspiring residents all over to demand home-grown solutions/politicians to step Up.

Use YOUR power: Send a Message to the bureaucrats –get on the DASH Bus Sept. 29. –Force them to spend OUR money –Wisely. Link, Email your list. Meet up –on the bus. That’s Silver Lake daVine.

IF you need another reason to USE your power: one day, if you’re lucky, you will be of an age –not able to drive anymore. How do you imagine you will get groceries –go to the park –anywhere, then? Would you like to go out and protest –demand a DASH then? Make the bureaucrats Listen –Now. You CAN Bookmark the Date. You CAN get on the bus!

You cannot change Entire world, but you –ALL neighbors can: make a difference in This One piece of the world. Put your Body where your Mouth is –Saturday September 29, 2007
–it's Free –it's Important –it Affects our Future –in Silver Lake daVine….

See Event details for the day: here or here --if neither opens go to: http://www.silverlakenc.org/ ---> What's New ---> scroll then --->: Silver Lake DASH

See Proposed & September 29 Route: here --can be enlarged

Another way to think of this: There is no bus on Rowena --Silver Lake Bl west to Hyperion --street full of business, shops --you cannot get to Trader Joe's from here.... There is no bus to Bellevue Park....

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