Nobel Peace Prize: Planet Wins! Oily Boys Loose!

Members of the Nobel Peace Prize committee, appointed by the Norwegian Parliament, announced the Peace Prize this year will be awarded jointly to: former US Vice President Al Gore and to United Nations Climate Change Panel.

Could there be a more de-lish way: to put the planet first --on front of every newspaper, every country's government agenda, every home --everyone's thoughts --and stick it 'in the eye' of the oily boys?

The oily boys and their cousins --coal-producers and those who lust in their 'hearts' for nukes, et al: for Years they have paid toadies to spread trash --fake data --put-downs --phony arguments in newspaper stories and on the Internet. You don't recall? How about: "how could just one degree hotter matter, giggle giggle" --heard that one --from the local boob on the local boob-tube news? They roll out lavish parties, perks, 'conferences' in exotic all-expense-paid locations --for certain media people and members of Congress, the friendly ones. You don't know who they are? They helped get the current Oval Office Occupant lobbed into the chair.

You would know their names...

The President of Vice --had a meeting with 180 of the oily boys network immediately after his boss got sling-shotted into the White House. Afterwards: The Dick whacked a fat rubber stamp on the Minutes of those meetings --"Classified" --then: he ran outta time --to meet with even One environmentalist, lobbyist, Sierra Club rep or former EPA staffer on the Other side of 'Environment' topic. The Dick be a Busy Bee.

Before the President of Vice found time to meet with the oily old boys network: the Nation's Parks were reserved for the nation --to enjoy --Un-touched, un-molested, protected. After: oily boys needed spittoons for all the saliva --thinking --plotting what to Do with Permission --to Get at all those resources...just sitting there, uh, un-used.

Soon enough: mercury, leached from suddenly UN-regulated coal-plants, ran into waterways --and into fish. --It was "okay" on days it rained --then, oops, on days when it didn't. Therefore: They went to work --on doctors, who put out un-pleasant pieces on pregnant women stop eating fish. Then, gee, suddenly "okay" to eat fish, even if it contains mercury. Oh well.
Maybe just the top --sides --bottom --big --little fish...gosh that's confusing.

Tops of mountains: 'magically' got blown off --in some of the most beautiful parts of the US, exposing easy Pickens. People below those mountains --who suddenly had no potable water, did have loads of heavy metals --disease, cancer and death. Well, everybody has to 'carry' their weight in the fight --to enrich the rich and powerful and well-connected, in the 'war' for energy. How many mountain tops: get blown off to put up windmills? Oh well.

Did you know: on the eve of his second "election" --paper --typed, stacked, ready --for after his "election"? Paper: 38,000 mining, drilling contracts --signed, ready to go --to the favored few, who ‘helped.’ Why were the contracts ready --How did the Occupant know he would get a second term? That is how he came to be known, by this author, as the "occupant.” The first election: Popular vote went to Al Gore, but no-longer supreme court manuevered, as pay-back to their patrons.

Second time: he "received" more "votes" --than registered voters, in seven states. Votes --for somebody else --were changed, in the electronic "vote" machines, and pals --who were just 'sure' some voters made, uh 'mistake.' So they 'corrected' the "mistake.” Except US Census Bureau audit report and GAO Report to Congress: detailed how the pals, oops, corrected more votes than humans who voted. Did you hear any outrage --from Congress? Me either. Oh well.

Nuke-lovers --stuck in back of the pack --still playing tag, haven't been as successful. Not even The Dick has arms that long. Duh, Nobody Can Answer the question: Where does the waste/spent rods go? When he was campaigning, the first time, the Occupant: went to Nevada and Swore to residents he would not ship nuclear waste to Nevada. I knew someone who was in the packed Las Vegas hall, heard him promise: "Give me your vote, I will not ship nuclear waste to Nevada.”

Within two years after no-longer supreme court inserted him: the Occupant signed authorization --spent nuclear rods shipped to Nevada. --It goes through Other states to get there. Oh well. All those people who heard him promise: will be dead by the time that waste doesn't leak, isn't harmful anymore --in 10,000 years, so they won't be helping Republicans, so Republicans don't care about Nevada or nuclear waste or the people who live near dumpsite. Oh well.
The nuke network has company at the back of the line --windmill and solar energy producers --still waiting for a First Meeting with the 'administration.'

So now that the environment is front and center and the administration is impotent: what could we do here --in Silver Lake --that could lead --change the direction and the destruction, locally? Your thoughts?

How about the Jacaranda trees planted on Silver Lake Blvd: supposing we plant more --on the entire boundary of Silver Lake? Both sides of the street...then we would have more trees and a marker --if someone wanted to know 'where' they were, they could know from the line of trees--inside/outside Silver Lake--and everyone would have something beautiful to see when they bloom, birds: more places to call home...everyone: shade...'green' air conditioner....

I posed that idea to Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. Still waiting on reply, four --or is it five, years later.

Or How About: we make a concerted effort to get bicycle rack installed --in all five of the business areas, reservoir, schools throughout Silver Lake? We could lobby City Hall to get more lines painted for bicycle path. Bicycles: take up less space than cars --easier access to local businesses.

It Would be Smart: to Get DASH here...Instead of parking meters. DASH would decrease need to use car for short trips, decrease traffic, decrease pollutants thrown into the atmosphere. EASE congestion to get to local shops, cafes, businesses. Gee, wonder why our reps don't think that is important....
They did not have a prob: making smoking on the Beach illegal --even though, duh, No cops available to do Anything about it, "law" un-enforceable and illegal, no money and, duh, City Council don't Own the beach. Duh. Oh well.

City Council IS in charge of our streets --maintenance, traffic, pot holes. If Silver Lake had DASH: less stress, less expense, less traffic. You can find links to contact City Hall, City Council and both people supposed to rep Silver Lake: in the Sidebar.

I have more ideas...I would LUV to see plastic bags and bottles: banned from all stores in the community.

Could Silver Lake: build a wind farm --and get off electricity grid? We got some pretty tall mountains around here....

How about lobbying City Council to fork over money or put up a bond: to get solar panels on every building? Why not? Really: why couldn't we?

What do you think Silver Lake Could do --should do as a community to protect the environment, stop the pollution?

Post in Comment, below. Send your ideas to Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. Maybe they will listen. Find their link: in the Sidebar. If you get a reply: come back and post it.

The Peace Prize will be awarded on December 10, Nobel's birthday. What could we get done --started, by then, to make Silver Lake even more daVine...?

Talk to neighbors. Are you a parent? Ask-- your children, at dinner tonight, what they think would be good community project. Don’t ask, don’t write/demand anyone do anything? Don’t complain: when environment is layered in toxins –in your lifetime

Here is 2007 announcement
Nobel Peace Prize
*** *** ***

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