Un-peachy Georgia Time --Coming to Los Angeles?

People are scared. The people who manage, measure, predict say: Georgia could run out of water --in twelve months. Will that happen here --in California --in Silver Lake?

The sole reason Los Angeles thrived --then brought land speculators, followed by movie industry, which shot movies and built estates all around Silver Lake, Griffith Park and the area: water. --Water diverted/stolen from other places by people like Mullholand and engineers and dam builders. Without water: who could live here?

The people who sit in Los Angeles City Council chambers "cannot" find the money for DASH or for "1,000 more police officers" –as they ponder which real estate deals to approve, which courtyard buildings can be converted to 'desperately-needed' luxury condos, which landmarks are OK to destroy, over-paid DWP 'managers' to get salary raise –sock residents with another raise...while pipes burst, everywhere –and shocked –shocked, do you hear, their campaign coffers –contain laundered money. Duh. Imported and home-grown gang members OWN whole sections of Los Angeles... a few Dozen police attacked media members and mostly silently marching immigrant families, but just "six" will be charged –as Chief of Police whines about lack of money –for terrorism –and continues to fly –outta town. Silver Lake's Neighborhood Council just had an election –decided it's OK for a 14-year old to join them to decide Silver Lake's agenda, unknowing indifferent what stakeholders want –or even that less than half a per cent voted.

What, Precisely, will Any of them DO: if we are out of water?

Georgia –isn't waiting: they are making Plans on restaurants –manufacturing plants –business –on showers, dish washing, drinking –on water rationing

If we run out of water Here: what will you Do? Wait to see?

When I go out walking in my neighborhood, I often pass a house that usually has the sprinklers on, but no visible human. Recently I saw the owner, sitting in a wheelchair. I knew that he could not see over the front wall from his porch, so I told him: the sprinklers were watering the sidewalk. His response? He told me: to mind my own business. I told him: I was.

Wasting water: will become Everyone's business. No? If your household has used up the week's quota –will you stand and watch, silently, as a neighbor dumps theirs –into the ground –to keep thirsty grass green? Your definition of "terrorist" –then?

Wait and see –why? –Wait for? If you have grass: pull it out –now. –Replace –with native ground cover or plants –with edible plants –crushed rock, natural shale or stones.

We Can replace –corrupt incompetent City Council (–that's how they got the name: Fraud Squad) members –planet-harmful fuel in cars –dumb bureaucrats and administrators. Though you, Tiger Woods and several hundred of his enablers may be indifferent, now, Nothing can replace: Water.

Look at the news on people in Darfur –all over Africa, China, India. Indian farmers go off to tend the crops, but many don't return: they are killing themselves, unable to face –no way to feed their family, with shriveled dead crops. Already: the price of wheat is climbing –all over the world.

Without Water: there is no Here here. Nobody will need to worry about terrorists in Los Angeles. Fraud Squad won’t need to fret –over gangs –shoveling more parking meters –which developers to reward –their perks, $150,000 salary. There will be ocean –mountains –fabulous real estate prices –ANY house, for any buyers.... Silver Lake will cease to be daVine…cease to be.

Pull out that grass. You do not need lawn, you cannot survive without water. Let the saving begin –before Fraud Squad does to water what they’ve done to countless once-affordable buildings and pulls their kind of 'solutions.'

You doubt they would be that dumb?
I recount the story of Silver Lake reservoir: one day a man out walking on the path beside, stopped and asked a DWP worker what was going to happen to the reservoir. The worker shrugged and said: "we're (DWP) done with it; we'll drain it, run the water through underground pipes, fill the reservoir with concrete and leave." That man: got on the phone –alerted neighbors, community –his District and Sacramento reps –worked, hard, eventually for three years to prevent DWP from dumping concrete. –Beautiful reservoir survives, in spite of arrogant once-indifferent DWP. LA City Council? They were, uh, busy, till the cameras appeared.

By-pass Operation
I am not in charge of the planet. You do not control the world. I can hurl this 'pebble.' You: can change wasteful useless lawn under your control –into a positive. You and your neighbors together: can change entire block. Publicity doing That: could ripple round the world.... By-pass the indifferent, the incompetent, the camera-loving, the useless, the silent –those with their own agenda. Get busy, seeing what you –Silver Lake neighbors Can Do, before Silver Lake gets un-peachy....

* * * * *
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