Silver Lake: ALERT! Traffic Prob ---Broken Main

Today: Saturday October 6, 2007
If you are about to go out: AVOID Sunset --all around Parkman - Silver Lake Blvd.

Today: two water mains broke --many buildings on both sides of Sunset are affected --don't have water. DWP is working on the problem so Traffic is backed up for blocks --north, south, east, west. Around 6 PM: I talked to a DWP worker who was checking electrical cable. He said:

Water to all affected properties: should be restored in about three hours.
Breaks: DWP crews are on Sunset - s/e side of Parkman
That is why nearby hydrants are: open - gushing
Avoid entire area --traffic is a mess, very slow; buses, etc., all directed to alternate routes; several bus lines re-routed South off Sunset, down Silver Lake Bl. Let your neighbors know --they can't get there from here!

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