Silver Lake Calendar 2007: October! Part II

~25~ Thursday
6:00 PM → 8:00 PM Book Signing
Modernist Master Photographer Julius Shulman: 'Modernism Rediscovered'
Mr. Shulman celebrates 97th birthday with book signing of latest work,
architectural photographs spanning over fifty years, in 3 Volumes, $300.
TASCHEN America store
354 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Email: n.weinertaschen.com

'Julius Shulman's Los Angeles' Photography Exhibit
October 6, 2007-January 20, 2008
Witnessed and documented the growth of Los Angeles during the past century. 150 rare photographs from the Julius Shulman archive at the Getty Research Institute (GRI), begins celebration of the Getty Center's 10th Anniversary
Getty Gallery at the LA Central Library
630 W. 5th Street x Flower, downtown Los Angeles
Exhibit: free, open during regular library hours
Parking: Library -underground, Saturday & Sunday $1. with
library card & validation from main desk
Website: www.lapl.org

~26~ Friday
7:00 PM → 11:00 PM Art Show Opening
Intelligentsia Silverlake
Opening reception for 'Landmark Los Angeles'
photography montage series by Silver Lake local Georgia Torcasio. Friday October 26th from 7-11 pm for cocktails and viewing. Hosted until January 5th.
Intelligentsia Coffee
3922 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, ca 90029
Website: georgiacobbtorcasio.com

~27~ Saturday
Music Box Day!
12:00 AM → 3:00 PM 'Music Box Steps Day' & Children's Film Festival
13th Annual Day Honoring 'Laurel & Hardy'
The Music Box Steps marks the location where the famed comedy team of Laurel & Hardy filmed the 1932 Oscar-winning short 'The Music Box.' Film buffs flock to Silver Lake to honor the 133 stairs that gave the bungling piano movers such a hilariously hard time.
Music Box Steps Day:
Children's Film Festival
Free Food, Fun & Entertainment, a raffle, live music, a magic show, Laurel & Hardy look-a-likes, and multiple screenings of the Oscar-winning film, 'Music Box Steps', starring Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy
at Laurel & Hardy Park, across the street from the steps mark 13th Annual Music Box Steps Day
The beloved duo are at their best in the film, which portrays two clumsy delivery men trying to carry a piano up the steep stair street --still located near tiny Laurel & Hardy Park, 900 Vendome Street in Silver Lake!
Join the fun! Admission is FREE, and a great time is promised! Intended to enhance neighborhood pride and educate our youth about this historical jewel in their midst.
sponsored by Silver Lake Improvement Association, Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, Council Member Eric Garcetti, Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce.
Silver Lake neighbor Vince Brook: the founder of 'Music Box Steps' Day. For more information on Vince Brook, visit 'Who's Who in Silver Lake.'
Information call (323) 913-4693 or (323) 666-6715
between 923 & 935 Vendome Street, Silver Lake
Website: www.silverlakeimprovementassociation.com
Email: genelle521@yahoo.com
--Are you a parent, but working Saturday? This is the kind of day: that matters to children; take a personal day and go; if you aren't a parent: go anyway --Laurel & Hardy the best; pass this on to a neighbor, everyone you know who is, this event couldn't happen anywhere else in the world but Silver Lake

Mad as Hell --Not Gonna Take it Anymore? lol, If you've ever said that --but don't know where it came from:
10:00 PM Catch the Saturday Night movie "Network" on KCET.
Willliam Holden -as a TV exec., who can only stand and watch while his life and the industry comes apart. Movies weren't the same after this one, life portrayed As Is. --Would have been reflected to Americans all along if that tiny do-gooder Preacher Hayes, and his extorting cronies, hadn't put his foot on the throat of writers, directors, studio heads --creativity, in 1930s, the "Moral" arbiter of what Mr. and Mrs. American could, could not see...while they counted their pay-offs in church offices.... Oscars for: Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway, Beatrice Straight and writer Paddy Chayefsky. With Holden: Robert Duvall, Ned Beatty, Wesley Addy, William Prince. Khan: Arthur Burghardt. Unfortunately no more from Chayefsky, who died shortly before the movie debuted or was it just after the Oscars, anyway this his last.

UPDATE Did you catch "Network" Saturday night? Though I remember much of it, I'd forgotten how good it was; that it projected, correctly, TV industry future, "reality" & "news" trash, how much worse off viewers would be from greed of networks.... I hope many others saw it, especially college-age and those who have since become US citizens. It's one of those that is part of American culture, our 'common ground' --like knowing who Groucho Marx was....
CORRECTION Memory tricks I was sure it was the writer who died, then I remembered I saw Paddy Chayefsky at the Beverly Hills Hotel the day of the news: Peter Finch died suddenly --and got an Oscar nomination. The Academy voted for him anyway: Finch received an Academy Award for his part in "Network" --awarded posthumously, and without mega-buck industry ads.
I miss William Holden. To turn on TV --see tatooed studded little bubble-heads --shoved in to "News" --minus talent, brains, underwear, anything worthwhile, is to miss --regret the loss even more of the superb actors and reporters and network people who had judgement, depth, talent, class. --And to turn OFF 'local' --network "news" --quickly. Why do "stockholders" matter more than Informing --journalistic ethics, standards? Maybe when it collapses --nothing left to pay off stockholders: they will all wise up.

~31~ Wednesday
9:30 AM → 11:30 AM Yoga
Class designed for 50+ crowd. Taught by Susan Quon, $4 fee per session.
Silver Lake Recreation Center
1850 West Silver Lake Drive, Silver Lake
every Wednesday
Information: Stephanie Vendig, President (323) 667-3043

Watch out for those tricky little Witches & Goblins, crossing streets tonight...

(--Halloween??? gee, seems like Labor Day --just a few days ago...even the puter is confused --it "changed" for Daylight Savings this week-end --a week early, I'm in a time warp and I can't get out, lol.)

November 1: Annual Art Walk --Will be back to post on this event

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