So What Will You Do --Silver Lake Emergency?

You Know it's coming...

Right now --from Malibu beach to the canyons --Santa Barbara to million-dollar estates in Scrips Ranch --resorts in the woods but unusually at the top --to arid inland horse country: over seven areas on fire, even where it's humid, whipped by fierce Santa Anas that snapped power lines --and sick cuckoos, who may have set more. --Fire --feeding on drought-dry trees, brush --homes.

Some: know all about fire --they've seen this movie before, know what to do --they are ready.

Some surrounded by flaming trees --blocked from using either street to exit --escape, don't know what to do, now. What would you do? What about furry members of the family...photos, underwear... groceries...important papers....

Southern California: on a different track than Northern California. We get a Major earthquake about every 150 years. We: way 'over-do.'
It is coming...you know it... you've lived through a few semi-serious quakes, right?

--October 1, 1987? Living in Los Feliz...just made coffee --holding French Press when it hit, grabbed the edge of the sink with the other hand, held on.

When it stopped --pot down --ran to the next room: saw the vase --on the edge --so close: if I merely blew on it, would have gone over. Swept it off the dresser --onto the bed, threw doubled covers over it --dashed --but only got to the doorway --as #3 struck. Held onto the door jamb, kept holding on --till it knocked me down; stayed on the floor, a long time, it seemed, but: not long enough, rose slowly, headed back to the kitchen --as #4 tossed me up against the counter, again --not exactly a Good spot: held on for up-close & personal view --as things on shelves, in cupboards --proved gravity still existed. As I dodged, ducked: vowed to move Out --of California.

Then: I was fairly certain if I got into my car, headed to the office --street would split open, swallow me, never seen again....

But: I was Still here --January 17, 1994...were you? When it was over: every single thing --in a Huge pile --in Each room.... As I burrowed under the covers, days -nights, the question was: was I hungry enough --to climb Over the piles to get to the kitchen.... Usually: the answer was 'nope.'

But I way wasn't alone. The 6.2 Northridge quake, so bad, did so much wide-spread damage: waiters played cards in dining rooms, of fine restaurants, while long lines formed --at drive-through windows of junk food houses. Nobody wanted to get out of their car, sit inside, long enough even for a cheap poor quality meal.

People who had job, home, car --a nice life: suddenly didn't have any of those --or plates, electricity, gas, pans, working fridge --way to make a meal --or get gasoline out of non-working pumps... they also stood --in line, at the park, heard Red Cross worker say: 'sorry, we ran out of soup, an hour ago, can't help....'

When the shaking stops, your hands, not the house: reality creeps back. Mid-west: has tornadoes. South: tornadoes with rain --hurricanes. Northwest: torrential rain, flooding. The North, New England, Up-state New York: human-swallowing snow drifts. No Such Thing: Perfect Place.

Took two weeks to find my slippers. Now: Never get into bed --without slippers directly under the bed --flashlight Bedside. I had climbed through the rubble in the dark, to get outside to the car radio: my feet were cut, bleeding, from embedded glass --I didn't notice for hours, till the sun came up.... Now: a solar radio.

If it isn't one thing --fire --quake --a really bad driver plowing into your home: it's Another, as Gilda Radner used to say. So the thing is: How to Deal with it. "Nevermind" won't cut it....

Silver Lake: fault line runs through it...downtown...to the Valley.... Ready --or blocked? Better to Learn what to Do, Before it happens. Silver Lake daVine way --better than cowering under the covers, hungry:

Prep - October 24, 2007

Learn to care for your family and neighbors in a time of crisis.
Training by the Los Angeles Fire Department
Become CERT Certified!
Earn your helmet and vest and become qualified to take immediate action when an emergency occurs!

The Dream Center (former site of Queen of Angels Hospital)
703 Waterloo Street
Los Angeles 90026
Bellevue Avenue and Kent Street
Park: lot off Waterloo and Kent

October 24 through December 5, 2007
7:00-9:30 PM
Seven consecutive Wednesdays
Final class: December 5.

To register for classes and more information contact:
Barb Dakin (213) 413-4221

See website for further information and your copy of the CERT Manual:



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