Silver Lake: Local Events

Three Events ~ Nearby, courtesy of LA Downtown News

~Japanese Puppets
Rare Downtown Appearance October 18-20
Bunraku puppetry traces its roots to the 16th century, developing about the same time as kabuki; combines ballad narration, instrumental music and handheld puppet manipulation. The tour is the Bunraku National Puppet Theatre of Japan's first stateside appearance in nearly two decades. Performance Two classic pieces: Oschichi's Burning Love, written in 1773 and Miracle at the Tsubosaka Kannon Temple, written by female playwright Kako Chika in 1887.
Japanese American Cultural & Community Center
244 S. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles
(213) 680-3700 or jaccc.org

~Dark Side of the Moon
Opens: Friday October 19 through December 9
Silver Lake-based Michael Maltzan Architecture created site-specific installation. A white "surface" descends, arching across 1,400-square-foot space and bending toward the floor. You are encouraged to pop your head and shoulders up through the threshold, into a sphere where there is a new environment (and giggles). The idea: You're in two spaces at once.
SCI-Arc Gallery
960 E. Third Street, Los Angeles
(213) 613-2200 or sciarc.edu.

~Examining Traditional Chinese Medicine
Through February 2, 2008
Though not performance related, this a curious little Downtown gem: California Endowment's Center for Healthy Communities houses the Big Sur Education Gallery. New exhibit called
From the Abundant Pharmacy: Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles' Chinatown
The show looks at how traditional Chinese medicine figured into the creation (and recreation) of local Chinese communities. Historic photos, artifacts and video documentation of Chinatown herb stores Jin Herb Company and Cha, and the herbalists that dispense at both.
1000 N. Alameda Street, Los Angeles

These look like good 'catches' don't they...it's lucky to be in Silver Lake daVine... enjoy. If you attend: come back and post a 'review' in Comments --tell us how it was.

NOTE: DWP 'management' earns greater salary than others doing the same job --at other Los Angeles agencies and in other states, yet Los Angeles has, apparently, enough money: to pay DWP employees overtime and people sitting on City Council $150,000 per year --Plus car, gas, perks and staff --but NOT enough to get DASH --in Silver Lake. To go to these exhibits: you will have to walk, bicycle downhill-bus it back, or get into a car --after it's filled with particulate-spewing toxins. Where is DASH? Where is representation: to Get DASH buses in Silver Lake? Where is: Silver Lake Neighborhood Council board members --demand for DASH?

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Note: Having a bit of trouble with the puter and starting work on 2008 Election, so I'm a tad behind in posts, but will cetchup (lol)
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