'Lights Out' EVENT --Saturday October 20, 2007

So did you tell friends --neighbors --Dog Park pals --your local connections: remind it's 'Lights Out' --all over Los Angeles, tomorrow night from 8 PM to 9 PM? Did you remember to tell people at work, those for your household, your children, groomers, pool man and such?

Everyone in Los Angeles can participate --then go outside and Look --at the stars! If you have restaurant plans: eat early --or put off, till after 9 PM. It's not likely any restaurant will participate, at least, not in this country! There is a restaurant, in Europe, I think, that offers 'dining' in the dark --in the Total dark --zero light. Way goofy.

Turning off the lights, computer, appliances, for an hour, will make an impression --on children --on you, perhaps more empathy with those living in Iraq, Afghanistan --outside the Green Zone bubble, that is. Iraqis: without electricity all over Iraq, still not fixed....

While you're out doing errands: pick up a power strip, for all electrical appliances. You do know: Off of an appliance isn't really off. To actually shut off the current going into the plug --to really save, money and electricity, plug everything into power strips, then shut off the strip, with just one simple button push. Power strip: a portable electrical socket, except much easier to use than the fixed socket in the wall. Just don't load up the power strip with additional extension cords!

Power strip: will also prevent cord to electrical coffee-maker from ever over-heating, burning down your home --one of the most common causes of residential structure fire.

It was so pretty today, if the weather stays, should be beautiful night, at least for an hour. It's not too late: to tell the neighbors, who tell theirs --then the whole block --whole Silver Lake community can enjoy...an Hour under the stars...daVine!

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