Silver Lake: Art Time!

It's time for the annual Art Studio Walking Tour. A year's worth of creativity --showing up all over Silver Lake --artists' studio doors: Open. From Friday evening: Reception, through the week-end.

Find the studios for viewing Here

A copy of the map to the Studios --in PDF Here

See a thumbnail sample of each artist's work Here

Then put on your high-heeled sneakers, your boater, maybe a neck scarf and start walkn.' --Or you could fill up the car with friends and gas and go have a gander. --Until Sunday November 4, 2007 --at 5 PM, whereupon the doors on all that creativity will swing shut --till next year.

Just in time --to go home and prepare/finish the other event: if your puter hasn't blown all its fuses-modems-portals, gaskets, Let the winding Begin. --The powers that be can't un-fund un-wanted war or fund un-insured US children, sagging infrastructure, missing fire trucks, holey hospitals, national campaigns or Agree on A Thing, but they Can, Did decree: Daylight --the "savings" of it, Ends --this week-end. Spring forward, fall back --is the only way I can remember it, so Backwards --an Hour, it is.

Sorry, Canada. If we get regime change next year: we will Definitely Ask what you all think --Before passing laws/rules/decrees --without checking with the neighbors first. --Or At Least: give Proper notice on stuff like this. Hey, maybe we could roll it back --the way it was, before the cowboy rode in to the Oval.

It's no Silver Lake daVine thing, if they 'make' more daylight, but more people get into more cars, use up more fuel, spend more money cuz it's still
'light outside'.... I wish: they would just leave the clocks alone --permanently, so we could live by natural time.

Maybe looking at original art --will make us forget the
'administration's' perfect record of past seven year's time...haven't done/got/hired one of them right yet.

* * * * * * *
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