Silver Lake Neighborhood Council: Election

A Challenge has been filed on the recent, September 29, 2007, election. No word on which Region or candidate is being Challenged. Is it possible: Region #3 Won't get represented by a 14-year old? Or is the Challenge something mundane, like a vote Total wasn't added correctly --a candidate should have gotten less/more votes?

"There has been a challenge/challenges filed regarding this year's SLNC Governing Board election. This may or may not have a bearing on the final election results.The challenge is reviewed by a "Final Decision Maker" (FDM). The FDM will have 30 days to investigate the challenge and may request up to two (2) 15-day extensions.As soon as the as FDM releases their results, the SLNC will announce the official final results for this year's election.Thank you again for all Silver Lake stakeholders who cast a vote this year. We appreciate your patience during this process."

Stay tuned....

While we wait:
Is Silver Lake Neighborhood Council --asking questions --doing homework? --Are they following what's happening? Will they do any Challenging? Los Angeles City Council: is fiddling with our phone bills --that includes CD 13 and CD 4. CC is debating: adding 9% tax to our phone charges.... If the tax gets approved: Where will the money go? Well, Somebody Has to Pay for all those "free" cars --"free" gasoline for those who represent us on City Council, AND their staffs, they need "free" cars too.

If LA City Council passes 9% tax: will SLNC unite with other NCs to protest? Or: will they say nothing, just go along? Will You care --if you have to pay 9% on top of all the other phone charges & taxes?

Guess $150,000 a year salary doesn't go far enough to pay for their own expenses, like you & me. Hmmm, if a person on the City Council --wasn't on the Council: wouldn't they need transportation anyway, like everyone? Wonder where it says in the City Charter --that citizens have to pay for representatives' & staffers' transportation --and fuel --plus maintenance, tires, parts, oil change, battery, too?

Maybe Laura Chick knows.

If SLNC doesn't protest tax hike on phone bill --and you don't call, write, fax --protest to Garcetti, Labonge, NC board, Mayor V or anyone, does that mean you Also: won't mind the 22% tax they are about to hit us with for "city services"? That fight: up next. CC needs traveln' money, doncha know...somebody gotta pay....

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