While the holidays were still going on: every local "news" program decided what would Best inform us: displaying products --pushing products --"How To" buy products --sale price of products --parking space to get products --places to get products wrapped, shipped --gadgets, tech junk, which would make others "happy" --all desperately "needed" --as you drown in debt --during "news" programs --instead of the stuff, like, ya know, NEW --Mattered --Relevant stuff.

HOW is a shot, or dozens, of people in a MALL --useful, relevant --"news"? Better informed --for that stuff? Didn't think so....

Didn't see any pictures: of daVine Silver Lake --quiet Sunset Triangle...missing traffic -shoppers --no mention of Silver Lake residents, business owners --affected by the writers' strike.

The news director of the usually better-focused KNBC said in November: his 18-year old kid has a mother who is a reporter, a father who has spent his career in TV journalism, but he doesn't watch, couldn't care less about TV news. Duh, wonder why.

EVERY week: each local TV station receives a press release --from Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, from Los Angeles City Council --listing the subjects, issues on the agenda for each meeting. What do the "news" directors do with the releases? --Spiral file, shred --doesn't matter which, they Don't use them to send reporters to attend, report those sessions. --The purpose of media --to be our 'eyes' --ears, watching government? Duh....

Giant congloms: own, control local TV stations --and promised they could --would give Locals coverage of local issues, If they were allowed --by FCC --by Congress, to purchase them.

Mendacity...Instead: We get coverage of local government, politics, issues --only when there is controversy -screw-up -improper activity --sound-bite version, but NOT regular coverage. So much for promises, as they use viewers --as cash-cows. --Have the nerve to beg for us to take pictures --of "breaking" junk, too cheap to send cameras --to cover relevant news.

WHAT were "news" directors Thinking? Did you REALLY want to know --traffic conditions --weather...who got shot, what burned down --in Colorado, Ohio, Florida...any state, with any thing moving? If you said "yes" --Think about all that junk --they "reported" --last year. Smarter --better "informed" --even remember?

They fail to inform --investigate --Actually watch the Fraud Squad -City Hall -how those people "represent" us, spend our money.

WHY are they allowed to use OUR airwaves?

Will a Democrat in the White House --next year --appoint a new head of the FCC, who gives a damn about fulfilling rules, regulations on local coverage?

Or will Foxy Rupert --continue to spread his money, like manure, as he already has to Hillary, so we get more --of the same old, same old?

A pox on all of them.

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