Silver Lake Reservoir, Meadow...Pt II

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Following: is
Silver Lake Reservoir and meadow Analysis and comment of (above) design written by Ken McCown, nearby resident, February 27, 2007....

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"This plan shows an analysis of the new design for the East Side of the Silver Lake Reservoir site. This analysis show 1) The context of the view from the historic cultural monument. In addition, points two and three discuss safety and 'aesthetics/use' respectively.

For points two and three, the entry points into the site are placed in inopportune locations where there are poor sight lines for cars and pedestrians, and create a tough relationship with cars taking left or right turns from Earl St. This maximizes opportunities for conflict, as cars going south on Silver Lake Blvd will go out of their lane to the right into the pedestrian area in order to not have to wait for a car going left from Silver Lake Blvd. on to Earl St.

At point 3, automobiles and pedestrian tourists
often take pictures of the house from this point. The pedestrians cross the road from the Neutra VDL House, darting across traffic to get a photograph of the house that fits into their camera view. This is a point of severe danger, as cars are accelerating along this stretch of road after the tight turn to the north.

4) The design interrupts historic views
from the Richard and Dion Neutra VDL Research House II through planting of trees in front of the house, and the addition of an exposed seating area directly in view from the house. (point 5) All of the seating areas noted on the plan will not be used. They are exposed to the noise coming from the reservoir, they are exposed to open space(no sense of security) and they do not have shade.

Additionally, this landscape is by a designer named Fred Tschopp,
who is now getting recognition for his modernist landscape design ideas. Tschopp evidently taught landscape workshops to the AIA with Richard Neutra and Roberto Burle Marx.

This landscape, if altered, should be documented in its existing state.

This area is also an historic-cultural monument in Los Angeles."

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