Meadow Meadow Who's Got the Meadow... Meeting...

Like surprises? Want to see the reservoir --empty --without knowing what's go'n on? If you'd Rather be IN the loop than out of it (lol, sorry), clear some time Saturday afternoon and show up. On tap: Reservoir plans --DWP deigns to spaketh unto us, Silver Lake stakeholders, and anybody else who shows up; others on: "plans" for the surrounding area, AKA The Meadow.

Community Meeting
Saturday January 26, 2008
2 PM to 4 PM (ish?)
at the Michaeltorena Elementary School
1511 Michaeltorena Street --at Sunset Blvd.
Silver Lake CA
If you haven't been there: has a parking lot

Meeting: sponsored by CD 4 Rep Tom LaBonge, CD 13 Rep Eric Garcetti

Bring your high-heeled sneakers, knowledge -open mind -indoor voice -dare I say it, optimism and umbrella --it will be raining...and remember those words by the man who, after acquital of the cops who beat him set off Major LA riot #2, said: "can't we all just...get along".... Hey! Maybe they'll tell us DWP managers will kick in part of their new raise to buy us a DASH! Why yes, yes I Do believe in the Tooth Fairy, why do you ask? Ah...Silver Lake daVine....

Want fish? It will be OK to order, eventually, after all the fish swallowing the plastic bags Southern Californians currently toss out, are dead.

After Tuesday's LA County Board of Supervisors meeting: PLASTIC bag volume must be reduced by grocery stores in Los Angeles County within twelve months OR will be banned 100%. Yippee. Thanks Green coalition, Heal the Bay.

Headed to the store? Take: bags WITH you --reusable, recycled, paper --woven --braided remnants --backpack --satchel --basket --cart, any kind; put next to the front door so you won't forget.

Trees --birds --sea creatures --ocean won, oily boys network: lost. That's Silver Lake daVine --even without a beachfront border, lol....

Now, if we could just get dioxin-leeching stretch-wrap banned --off the planet...till then pick up roll of wax paper....

NOTE: GOOGLE is screwed up --I can't fix --find solution --find techs --get a reply --this must be the day they Ignore, while they count the money they haul in on blogs they can't be bothered to maintain bug-free.

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