POP QUIZ The Worst?

How well do you know the neighborhood --how good is your memory?

Here's a Pop Quiz for you: what is the Worst day of the year to grocery shop?

The holidays --just passed --you're thinking...day before Thanksgiving?

--Any day of the week --before Christmas --Chanukha?

You're Certain: it's the Thursday --before everything closes for Good Friday afternoon --prep for Easter?

Hmmm...Valentine's Day...or...must be...day before --to make dinner --brunch --buffet for New Year's day drop-in guests, to watch the Parade?

Which? Your guess --one of the above? bwonk! El Rongo!

Worst day to go grocery shopping? --Lines to the walls --out the door --parking lot --resembles LAX, Nothing moving? --Arrive 'a bit' late --shelves stripped bare?

The Day? Superbowl Sunday. ...Very little --'super' about searching for groceries that day.

Once, head-down-immersed in work all week, I booted up, off to the market on discovering breakfast possibilities were slim & none pickens. At some point: I realized I had been mulling-over work, day-dreaming --for a long time --without moving the tires. As I squinched up in the driver's seat, looked around, nothing was moving, not even a mouse....

As I got to the door, on auto-pilot, again, manuevered around people in my way...hmmm, no cereal, no bananas, no avacado, whoa --that whole top shelf --empty --where the chips are? usually.... I don't remember, at the dairy cold case, I guess --huh? --empty??? I asked one of the 'aprons' --'what's up with the bare shelves' --weaving, bobbing around fast-moving traffic --he rolled his eyes, chuckled, but couldn't get near enough to hear the reply...hmmm....

When another item --MIA, I leaned back to ask a man with six-pack over six-pack stuffed into cart weaving through traffic --'what's up' --"Geeze, don't you know, the game, the game." Oooh, that would be --which game? "S-u-p-e-r-b-o-w-l" --as though he was talking to an out-of-country visitor or a small child.

Back out, to the lot of cars to retrieve, retreat. But store #2: no better, worse, line began at the driveway. Trader Joe's #3: hunger and frustration drew a 'line' in willingness to keep on searching. When I finally got in: grabbed whatever still on offer, waited at the back of the store, amazed.

Skip the wasted gas, the amazement. If you need groceries: shop ASAP --as far ahead of The Game as possible. Believe it. Lest you be part of the problem, not part of the solution: Take your own bags with you.

Skip the fish: Oval Office Occupant and president of vice have done All they could --to improve "plight" of coal-fired power plant owners, who are doing to the ocean what should get them all arrested. But instead, as they all stuff gobs of money into their pants, small fish, close to the shore, eat gobs of waste --bigger fish eat those --they all wind up stuffed with mercury --and plastic --from grocery bags. "Global warming? Where's the proof that's caused by humans"....

Uhm...president of vice sure got lucky, with his wife-pick --not many women still willing to wear blinders AND rose-colored glasses and keep ON telling fairy tales, Long after 1952....

Take your own canvas -woven -straw -recycled bags To the market, for guilt-free healthy day.

Prediction? What I know, about 'nuances' of teams --would fit on the head of a pin, with room to spare for two gnats to have sex. But I learned one thing about one team that tells me: the Giants will win. Bon Apetite

* * * * *

Nevermind Which candidate, You know you're Registered to vote --Location of your polling place? Doubt can be allieviated here: For Sure

"Super" Tuesday... Even though the stinking media have "covered" the campaigns as though this is a horse-race --most "reporters" come from un-sophisticated working class --don't actually give a damn Who we, voters, choose --not so secretly support one candidate--some actually admitting it--trying to manuever All of us into brokered fractured conventions.... --Their amusement, THEY just want to be entertained --and to be the first --with least-accurate 'prediction' --no thanks to electronic Dieboldt "vote"-eating machines.

Though it ain't easy: IGNORE them, especially stinking "local" media. Except for KNBC, they are the worst. Do your own Homework --look up: Who are lobbyists supporting.

Think US, local media isn't stinking?
Media presidential coverage not lousy? Look at the reports of the Green cadidate in the first debate --fair, balanced? Oops. NON-EXISTENT. Libertarian --doing good/disappointing campaign? HOW to know, MIA on-camera. The media congloms: PLENTY of time to pitch drugs, none for Equal Fair time --for any but the already-bought candidates.

Not lousy? WHAT do you learn from: "reports" on candidates giving speeches, rather 'bites' of speeches, in various locations? US dragged into invading a country --NO threat to this one --on NO evidence --via people part of crowd, not leaders, who ALSO voted "FOR" "Patriot" Act theft of rights. LOOK at their records.

IGNORE the national campaign "coverage" --even if your choice, and mine, droped out/got booted by failure of "press" to cover, there Are other important issues to vote on....

Yes, I am This Close to skipping the 'top' of the ticket, so far.... 'Window dressing' --pretty words, clever quick words --doesn't un-do invasion of Iraq, "Patriot" Act, giantic hole in the Treasury. --Nor STOP nuke and drug lobbyists from piling on the dough, to the "front" runners.

WHICH candidate: WILL vow --Promise to call for/demand that national gigantic Congloms, who use OUR airwaves to make money, Give Up some air time --to run FREE candidate messages? --GET FCC rules --Back --Force them to Actually DO Public Service?

If the Good/Best candidates: are forced to drop out because they cannot raise $100 MILLION bucks to BUY air time that the Congloms get for Free, then we get 2nd tier of candidates --stolen democracy --the shaft.

We get: whomever bomb-maker and contractor to Penta-goons GE wants to shove on to its money-maker NBC, via "entertainment" show & tell of Jay-I'm-a pimp-for-Republicans-Leno. Oppostion candidates? "We don't have to put those on, it's an "entertainment" show."

Oh. Then SMALL surprise: Democratic California got inexperienced know-nothing right-wing nazi-loving admitted sexual predator --as a governor, after Two apearances on the dog & pony network. His Democratic opponent: MIA. When he filed complaint with FCC? Still pending.

In four years: How Much will it take to get elected? --Even in Silver Lake? --City Council? --Billionaire boys club? I Don't like our chances with That gene pool.

Eat well, Enjoy Super bowl...'super' Tuesday...if those don't do it for you: then enjoy Fat Tuesday, and pray the good times roll back....

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