Have You Eaten?

To ask: "Have you eaten" is a very old Chinese tradition... and the question comes to mind because: Once a upon a time, long ago, a man ran from a battle all the way to his boss, to tell him the outcome.

His boss? A Roman Emperor. How far did he run? All the way totaled: 26 miles. What happened after he gave news of the battle? Dropped dead. Moral: it's not smart for humans to run...at least not 26 miles....

The Moral of that tale appears to be lost...on thousands, who imitate a dead messenger 2000+ years later, pounding their shins on 26 miles of LA asphalt risking life and blown out knees --and on you, if you expect to be hungry/plan on eating anything this week-end. The annual running for No Good Reason: happens Sunday March 2.

But if you want groceries --Chinese food --pizza --movie rental --library book or wanna check if Griffith Park is still there: get a red pen and a large piece of paper --make a note, tape it near the front door, marked

Go Now

Streets --alleys --freeway exits --Serious Chunk of Los Angeles: Off Limits. --Closing --as you read this, noose getting tighter --ACK!!! You are Blocked! --You are Not going to escape East --FORGET downtown --For Sure: You're not getting through Hollywood --some exits of the #5: boarded up, so you way ain't going north to the Valley --and Nope, NOT South --all over Hancock Park, 3rd and Rossmore: SHUT. Oh, you Think you can Get to Beverly Blvd??? Really? So does the Rest of LA, bring something to read, while you wait.

Oh, but you have a small car? Then Park it in a driveway --in a garden --in a tree, if you have to, but get it Off the street, by 3 AM Saturday: if you are going to be ANYwhere even breathing near the Route of the Monotonous, lest it be Swiftly Towed. --City looking for its cut, of the $180 bucks Plus, doncha know, and No: it won't help to get on a bus, they aren't going anywhere either.

So, Silver Lakers, unless you can eat enough today to last until: Long After 5 PM Sunday, or you're fasting this week-end, or you have a helicopter and a rooftop heli-pad: get thee to the market -movie rental store -Chinese/pizza take-out place Pronto.

This week-end the only Silver Lake daVine part: your own block.

Silly Waste of Time, but if you Must: Map of the Mess

--and Very best of luck, to you figuring out...

how HOW --to evade/escape (can you tell, I loathe it).

--Will Somebody Tell me, Please: Why oh WHY can't they run in a circle --around a Far-away track? --Instead of making money off the non-messengers only: they could also charge the emperor-imitators
who watch the goofy, make money off them too.... Why Not? --Leave the rest of us Alone. Even the website for it is a stupid annoying mess, in PDF. City wastes money all over the place, but they can't afford to hire an Intelligent web tech? Sheesh....

Details, larger maps: March 2 2008 Los Angeles Maddening Marathon heaven only knows why....

Sadly, I need groceries...could I get a lift in that helicopter?

* * * * *

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