'08 Silver Lake Calendar: March

Winter...arching away...but author's second favorite season: springing early this year... with thrilling flowers, heavenly perfume bright bold stems --is it even possible to have Enough? Spring flowers... so beautiful even biased "reporter" shills' 'coverage' of Primaries...corporate greed...gas tank gouging... sinking shrinking dollar...City Council "reps" riding on public's wheels and gas tab... Mayor gouging the gullible with Prop "S" --for smarmy...DWP milking all of us, for breast 'education' "but only $50 grand" --grand?...recedes...just a back-drop...un-important when focused on the Good Things that Matter... in Silver Lake daVine: no tornado --war --Janjawid --flood...drought...no blocks of homes shredded into toothpicks... writers writing again --bringing back the funny...we still have 99.9% of Griffith Park... Laura Chick, maybe best Controller ever, good neighbors...Farmer's Market...our own Neighborhood Council... and eventually, the City Council "reps" and the Mayor: have to come around, to ask for vote.
Do we have looong memory... and even if you are disheartened by national election candidates: Silver Lake NC needs You...lots of committees, lots to do, lots need your ideas, energy, passion... and lots of good things, interesting things happening this month, some Free !

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Confirm Everything First

2 Sunday
~ Annual Clogging of Streets
3:00 AM to way past 5:00 PM Los Angeles Marathon - All over the place --from downtown west to Hollywood south to/through Hancock Park; don't even Think of parking anywhere close to the route or imagine you can move through that giant circle --unless you're using feet or a bicycle or mental transporting....

4 Tuesday
~ Youth and Families
7:00 PM SLNC Committee Meeting --Kite Festival --Bike Day --MySpace Page --And? The Agenda has space for "New Business" --what do you think would be Good Thing for singles, families, parents & school-age children and teens? --Stress Reduction community pillow fight --Pot Luck Picnic --group hug --once a month pot luck dinner at the Rec Center --a monthly meet to make a craft or a group tag sale to benefit a charity --raise money for community use --or to buy our own DASH? Show up --1st Tuesday, SLNC Office, 2898 Rowena Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90039 and bring your ideas.

5 Wednesday
~ All the Important Stuff
7:00 PM - SLNC General Meeting: Want to hear about DWP plans? --Mayor's Budget, now that he slimmed/ hoodwinked voters into getting them to use their phone --and: ALL Future phone line inventions, slapped with a new 9% tax --not by charter two-thirds, but by simple majority, the money to be spent --how? Oh, you Thought it was FOR Police -library -emergency -park services? Oops, you didn't do your Homework: the money gets tossed into the General pot, for the general takers to take.... Oh the "annual" "audit"? Laura Chick, Controller, still waiting on: "audit" Proof from the last time City Council "reps" jacked up DWP rates --for those mythical 1,000 cops. Mythical? Do YOU know where they are? Oh well. Make the connection: If you Go to the meeting --Talk to the Board --Get involved, they in turn Will pressure City Council...you can also hear about:
-plastic bags in Silver Lake
-what each committee is doing
and even meet the people who represent your slice of Silver Lake
If you want Them to Listen to you: grab a card near the door, sign up. For courtesy: give your Region's rep a heads up via e-mail: Details Micheltorena Street Elementary School, auditorium, 1511 Micheltorena Street x Sunset, Silver Lake, parking: lot Agenda

~ Reading
7:00 PM "The Dancer and the Thief" (El Baile de la Victoria), by prize-winning novelist Antonio Skármeta: exuberant love story against new Chile backdrop free from Pinochet dictatorship but prey to globalization; in conversation with Verónica Cortínez, UCLA Professor, Department of Spanish & Portuguese; Free: Los Angeles Public Library, 5th & Flower Streets downtown; Parking: 524 S. Flower Street garage, $1. weekdays after 3:00 p.m. with library card and library validation, buses make the trip and so do bicycles Reservation

7 Friday
~ Arbor Day
- California through March 14 - Activities in California: http://www.arborday.org/states/index.cfm?state=CA
To join Arbor Foundation: $10. will get you reward of: ten trees, wow...they will be appropriate variety for the zip code Join California plans to inspire, manage, plan, plant: trees Los Angeles is an Audubon Tree City. CA tree Forestry & Fire Protection website: winter protection -climate change -clearance ideas

~ Market
3:00 PM ~ Certified Farmer's Market, Echo Park SEE: Sidebar

8 Saturday
~ Market
Certified Farmer's Market, Silver Lake SEE: Sidebar

~ Story Time
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Child Program: "March Monkey Madness" Central Library, 630 W. 5th Street x Flower, Los Angeles, CA 90071 (213) 228-7000; Parking: 524 S. Flower Street garage, $1. Saturdays with library card and library validation, buses make the trip and so do bicycles

9 Sunday
~ Save the Light
To eternal annoyance of Canada--when the Oval Office occupant upped and decided to change the dates --but not even a 'heads up' phone call to government leaders, nevermind asking their opinion--and to this author, who believes: Nature Does Not Make Mistakes --Nature changes the hours of daylight, throughout the year --Man should way not screw with time --yet, it is Time: spring clocks forward --one hour, before climbing between the sheets Saturday night, to prevent eight months of earliness and trouble...oh well. Hey! Since Americans are using up more gas/staying out later --the date-change thing is a bust, could we change it Back to original dates --or Dump 'daylight savings' altogether when we clean out the White House? Thatidb Another thing to look forward to....

11 Tuesday
~ Art
12:00 PM to 8:00 PM ~ I've been going since the first week it opened so I've always known, but maybe you don't: Los Angeles County Museum of Art --2nd Tuesday of every month --FREE, the permanent galleries can be viewed at No Charge, special exhibits and events not included --take children -grandparents -aunts, uncles -students -best friend: Everybody needs to see great art; there is a cafe for meals, coffee, snacks (bit pricey); Parking: 6th Street lot, $7. and street meters, but triple-check street signs for restrictions, lest the City decide/find excuse to possess your vehicle, totally kill the high of seeing great art; for the distrusting/Know D.O.T. well and the Greens: buses go right to it, on Wilshire Blvd and on 6th Street, LACMA 5905 Wilshire LA 90036 - between La Brea & Fairfax - La Brea Tar Pits adjoining.

12 Wednesday
~ Urban Design

7:00 PM SLNC Committee Meeting: they do alot and they could use your help --no one else stands between Affordable housing and developer-loving City Council, who seem hell-bent to turn everything that doesn't move/make money into high-priced condos for the desperately rich; or did you think it was Luck that has kept Starbucks from re-locating on every corner of Silver Lake? e-mail: urbandesign@silverlakenc.org or just show up: SLNC office 2898 Rowena Ave., 2nd Wed's. Have a look at some policies established that make Silver Lake daVine: outlines

15 Saturday
~ Inventing
1:00 - 3:00 PM "Toy and Game Industry: Inventing Fun Opportunities" CASHING IN ON YOUR GREAT IDEAS™ SERIES presented by Inventors Workshop International Educational Foundation and Los Angeles Public Library, Business and Economics and Science, Technology and Patents Departments - FREE; Library: 5th & Flower Streets downtown, Los Angeles; Parking: 524 S. Flower Street garage - $1. Saturdays with library card and library validation (to get a card same day: bring two ID & residence address mail, e.g. DWP, Gas Co bill), buses also work, so do bicycles Reservation

~ Story Time
2:00 PM - 03:00 PM - Child Program: "All Things Green" in honor of St. Patrick's Day; stories, poems, songs and a puppet show about things that are green; 630 W. 5th Street x Flower, Los Angeles CA 90071 (213) 228-7000; Parking: 524 S. Flower Street garage, $1. Saturdays with library card and library validation, buses make the trip and so can bicycles.

~Music - Classical
4:00 PM - Quartet playing: Old & new music on 20 recorders --few inches to six feet tall, in 1900s designed now-reinvented Southern California Institute of Architecture, downtown - Chamber Music in Historic Sites by The da Camera Society - details

Errands? Save a fish --Take: bags TO stores --keep the plastic out of the ocean.

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