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14 Friday
~ Market
3:00 PM - Fresh veggies, fruit, bread - Echo Park Farmer's Market - SEE: Sidebar

15 Saturday

AM - SEE Sidebar - Silver Lake Farmer's Market

~ Dump
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM ~ Useless, still-useful: computers --TVs --electronic toys, this is the day --dump all, safely. Recycling Day in Los Angeles, fundraiser coordinated by eWaste Disposal. Drop off: Hubbard College parking lot, 320 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles (323) 805-4000

17 Monday
~ Green Up!
St. Patrick's Day
6:00 AM --through Friday!(lol) Bring something green, besides cash, best hang-over recipe and sense of humor --You're Irish today --in honor of Saint Patrick. All over downtown: streets will be crammed with revelers, fire fighters, double-decker bus and marchers, for lunch-time Parade. Some pubs will have $1 Stout - corned beef & cabbage, $2 Guinness --Irish Stew --bag pipes (--aren't those Scottish???) and general merry-making. If you don't like silliness --can't get looong lunch --seat on the double-decker --or sense of humor, then at least wear something green so you don't get pinched (-people still pinch, right?) --and bring bike
-skateboard -or horse to navigate around the newly-Irish, who most certainly will be blocking streets day/night! (In San Francisco: it's a national holiday --Christmas-New Year's combo--Everyone clogs sidewalks, streets!) Check in with your favorite watering hole, for start time when the line begins or See DOWNTOWN NEWS: lists some of the revelry

BEFORE drinking all day: Assemble cab -train -bus fare, a designated driver, and/or a Plan B, e.g., a hotel room --DO NOT get into your car. --No, you are NOT special/cannot drive well after drinking. --The SEVEN major smash-ups --and dead people, on my street, all involving drunk drivers, are proof, if you need it.

18 Tuesday
~ Hike

7:00 PM - The Sierra Club Angeles Chapter: evening hike in Griffith Park, meet Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round; every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Hikes vary from slow to strenuous. (818) 637-2542 Website: angeles.sierraclub.org/griffith/index.asp

19 Wednesday
~ Nothing
AM to PM ~ Political Action: NO Business as Usual. To end the wars: No work, No School, buy NOTHING! LA-ANSWER (213) 251-1025

~ Yoga
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM ~ Programs designed for 50+ crowd, taught by Susan Quon, $4. Silver Lake Seniors Yoga Class, Silver Lake Recreation Center, 1850 West Silver Lake Drive, Silver Lake, Wednesdays, Stephanie Vendig, President (323) 667-3043

~ Meeting
12:00 AM - 3:30 PM ~ Silver Lake Senior Club General Meeting and lunch: learn about the new Griffith Park Adult Community Center on Riverside Drive, at Friendship Auditorium. Lunch $2.00 at the door, RSVP: E-mail vendig@sbcglobal.net

20 Thursday
~ Spring
--First Day!

~ Community Up-date
7:00 PM ~ Silver Lake Improvement Assoc: past year, current events, legislation, issues - Tom LaBonge - Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles City Council reps - Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral, cafeteria, 650 Micheltorena Street, between Bellevue - Marathon, Silver Lake. Fair warning: they have confirmed appearance, but each has cancelled in the past; it's a good event either way, and if they cancel, again, you can still hear what's been happening and meet neighbors. Questions: Genelle Levin, president:
genelle521@yahoo.com website

~Sundown: Purim

21 Friday
~ Purim
Jewish, holy day holiday

~ Good Friday
Catholic. Tradition: Friday preceding Easter businesses close for the afternoon, or Christian employees given the afternoon off to attend church. --Now? Who knows.... Well: Wall Street will take Day off.

~ Farmer's Market
3:00 PM ~ Echo Park Farmer's Market - SEE SIDEBAR

22 Saturday
~ Farmer's Market
AM - SEE : Silver Lake Farmer's Market --Sidebar

~ Hunt
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ~ Spring Egg Hunt: crafts, prizes, bunny visit for the 1 - 13 crowd, but parents may attend --if they're well-behaved, Bellevue Recreation Center 826 Lucile Avenue x Marathon, SL 90026 Contact: Nicole Bernal (323) 664-2468

~ Impeachment
2:00 PM - Meeting: Peace Center, 8124 West Third Street, #216, LA (310) 497-7255

~ Film
7 PM ~ BENEFIT SCREENING: "Black Gold" - international coffee trade, multinational corporations' rising profits and increasingly impoverished communities that produce it; Disscussion of neoliberal policies and active alternatives hosted by www.cafeparalavidadigna.com to follow, $5. at Echo Park Fim Center, 1200 N. Alvarado Street x Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90026 213-484-8846 details

23 Sunday
~ Easter
Christian, holy day. Though a religious day, many businesses, shops, markets, stores close for the day. Christian parents of young children: like to hide colored decorated eggs for them to hunt.

26 Wednesday
~ Budget
7:00 PM ~ Meeting: Neighborhood Council receives money, from the City, every year. --Thoughts on how it could/should be spent? Save up: to Finally buy a DASH bus? --Pay off everyone's DWP bill for a month? --Begin replacing the modern ugly light standards with the old beautiful originals? Fix up the Dog Park? --Plant tulips, curbside, each region its own color? --Throw huge July 4Th pizza party, with fireworks, in the Meadow? --Create a Kitten Park? --New Year's Day brunch --in one street of every NC region? --Plant Jacaranda trees --the rest of the way around SL borders? --Declare SL a bird sanctuary/safe heaven --buy bunch of birdbaths? Show up and add your $.02 --4th Wednesdays, Budget & Finance Committee, SLNC office, 2898 Rowena, SL

27 - 30 Thursday
~ Ballet
Tchaikovsky's masterpiece Swan Lake, American Ballet Theatre, five performances with a different Odette-Odile and Prince Siegfried each time, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, 135 N. Grand Ave. (213) 972-0711 musiccenter.org
28 Friday
~ Farmer's Market

3:00 PM - Fresh veggies, fruit, bread - Echo Park Farmer's Market - SEE: Sidebar

~ Book - Bite
7:30 PM ~ Author New York Times reporter JENNIFER 8. LEE: discusses behind-the-scenes cultural history of "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food" through culinary, social and cultural history —the origins of the customary after-Chinese-dinner treat; relationship between Jews and Chinese food, a biography of the real General Tso, factoids and tidbits on identity, immigration and nutrition; indentured servitude of illegal immigrant chefs in a blend of sociology and history; includes: a bite of Chinese something; Publishers Weekly rates it: a winner, $24.99 hardcover; Location: Skylight Books, 1818 N. Vermont Avenue, across from the Post Office, Los Feliz 90027

29 Saturday
~ Market
AM - SEE Sidebar - Silver Lake Farmer's Market

~ Entrepreneur
12:00 - 3:00 PM "Start a Home Based Business," presented by Mike Rounds, CASHING IN ON YOUR GREAT IDEAS™ SERIES presented by Inventors Workshop International Educational Foundation and Los Angeles Public Library, Business, Economics and Science, Technology & Patents Departments - FREE; Parking: 524 S. Flower Street garage, $1. Saturdays with library card and library validation (get card same day: bring two ID & mail with your residence address, e.g. DWP, Gas Co bill)

~ Impeachment
2:00 PM ~ Meeting: Peace Center, 8124 West Third Street, #216, Los Angeles (310) 497-7255

~ Music
2:00 PM ~ "Music Unwrapped" Grammy Award-winning musicians present enjoyable interactive learning experience, appealing for all ages, Free, Southwest Chamber Music at National Center for the Preservation of Democracy (opposite Japanese-American National Museum) 111 N. Central Ave. Los Angeles 90012 website

30 Sunday
~ Horses
9:00 AM ~ Equestrian Ride: Griffith Park trails and bbq, all ages, $20. per person, Martinez Arena 5200 Zoo Drive Los Angeles, CA 90027, Contact: Steve Lane (818) 288-0221

~ Literature
5:00 PM ~ To escape Party politics, gas tank gauging, giant conglomerates and other wars: enjoy experimental literature from hearty independent small press publishers; brief readings with authors followed by Q&A with press editors, 12Th year of Small Press Month celebration; Skylight Books, 1818 N. Vermont Avenue, across from Post Office, Los Feliz 90027 (323) 660-1175
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

April 2
~ Classical Music
7:15 PM - All four Bach Suites, Biltmore Hotel, Crystal Ballroom, downtown, Chamber Music in Historic Sites, The da Camera Society
details http://dacamera.org/concert_info.php?&products_id=68

Up-coming event? News? Announcement? Send details: davinely[at]wildmail.com

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