'08 Silver Lake Calendar: April - II

A good week to enjoy Silver Lake daVine...


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6 Sunday
~ Movie Biz
5:00 PM ~ Working Seminar, Meeting: for writer, director, actor, Independent Filmmakers Alliance, FA Office, 1030 W Hillcrest Blvd. Inglewood, California 90301 (310)568-0633 - 9PM: Mixer http://www.filmmakersalliance.org/Monthly%20Meeti.html

~ Double Feature
7:00 PM ~ Leave phone home, Bring hanky: “Academy Salute to Ingmar Bergman" - "Cries and Whispers"
(1972) plus "Autumn Sonata" (1978), about a pianist’s attempt to reconnect with the children she neglected, $5, $3 students, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Linwood Dunn Theater 1313 Vine St.L.A. CA 90028 (310) 247-3600

~ Mystery Movies
9:00 PM ~ Steve Allen Theater at the Center for Inquiry-West, 4773 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz 90027 (323) 666-4268

2 AM ~ Today: pre-Oval Office occupant original
Daylight Savings Time date
--yes, the "clock" is correct now. (Yes, stubborn; he hasn't done a single smart -right -good -decent -honorable -honest thing in eight years; pretty sure: clock-change isn't listed in "Patriot" theft of rights Act --yet.)

7 Monday
~ Most males and teens think it's everyday, but today is the actual day: "No Housework Day" so be patriotic and join them, don't do any

~ Puppet Theater
4:30 PM ~ Children: Edendale Puppet Theater show for all ages and their families, Edendale Library, 2011 W. Sunset Boulevard x Alvarado, Los Angeles 90026 (213) 207-3000

~ Discussion
7:00 PM ~ "Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet" author Jeffrey Sachs in conversation with Ira Jackson, dean, Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, ALOUD Series, Central Library, 5Th & Flower Streets, Mark Taper Auditorium, LA -Parking with library card & validation: $1. detailed by Reservation

8 Tuesday
~ Story time
10:00 AM ~ Toddler time: Future readers and their special grown-ups join the librarian for nursery rhymes, songs, finger play and more, Edendale Library, 2011 W. Sunset Boulevard x Alvarado 90026 (213) 207-3000

~ Art
All Day - 8:00 PM ~ Museum: Scope exhibits FREE, Second Tuesday, also free after 5 PM on open days, LA County Museum of Art, Mid-Wilshire betw La Brea & Fairfax Blvds - Park: Spaulding - Wilshire museum garage $5 - after 7 PM: free, street --read signs CAREFULLY, bike or bus it.

~ Discussion
7:30 PM ~ Daniel Weintraub, SACRAMENTO BEE columnist: reviews
"Governor" Ahrmpit's* first four years --fiscal conservative --social liberal helper --trashed opportunity --Pied Piper for the "little people" --or know-nothing opportunist --exposed? Mark Taper Auditorium at Central Library, Fifth & Flower downtown LA (213) 403-0416 - Park: 524 S. Flower Street garage $1 with library card & validation, Seating by RSVP reservation only

9 Wednesday
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM ~ Wednesdays, $4. Seniors Club, Recreation Center, 1850 W. Silver Lake Drive, Silver Lake (323)667-3043

~ Preservation of Silver Lake
7:00 PM ~ Umbrella Committee: coordinates, advises, develops alternative suggestions and provides a voice for the community with regards to Urban Planning, Design, Development and Preservation, as well as advocating for fair distribution of designated funds, in order to improve the community's environment, quality of life and social well-being, 2ND Wednesday, SLNC Office – 2898 Rowena (323)-662-4741 urbandesign@silverlakenc.org

~ Discussion
7:00 PM ~ Red Hen Press Poetry Celebration (--but not stuffy, funny): with Charles Hood, Terry Wolverton, Sarah Bein, Elizabeth Bradfield, Ron Koertge, ALOUD Series, Central Library, 5Th & Flower Streets, Mark Taper Auditorium, LA, parking with library card & validation: underground, $1. details by Reservation

~ Movie
7:30 PM ~ Egyptian Theatre 85Th Anniversary Screening: Debbie Reynolds in "Unsinkable Molly Brown"
(1964, Charles Walters), film (--based on a real character; was on the Titanic) originally premiered at the Egyptian, $10 - $9 students & 65+ Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. LA CA 90028 (323) 466-FILM

10 Thursday
~ Moving Around Silver Lake
7:00 PM ~ Transportation Committee: meets --while we still can; 2ND Thursday of each month, SLNC Office – 2898 Rowena Ave. Silver Lake 323-662-3324 transportation@silverlakenc.org

~ Future -Clue
7:30 pm ~ Senator Chuck Hagel, Republican, Nebraska: “America: Our Next Chapter” - examination of current state of nation, proposals he says can guide America back onto the right path, foreign and domestic issues —including a candid examination of the Iraq War and the political deadlock that he says is threatening America's position in the world; possible emergence of a "new party or independent movement." ArcLight Sherman Oaks, Sherman Oaks Galleria, 15301 Ventura Blvd at Sepulveda, 91403 - by RSVP: Reservation
--Yes, it's a haul/out of the 'hood, but sounds worth it, and Nebraska is even farther.

~ Documentary
8:00 PM ~ Indie Documentary Night: A.J. Shepard screens his film "Chasing The Dream" about a group of ambitious artists struggling to make it in the entertainment industry, $5 (--but it's a donation, so if you want to go don't let the amount deter) - Echo Park Film Center, 1200 N. Alvarado, Echo Park 90026 (213) 484-8846

11 Friday
~ Market
PM - Farmer's Market - SEE: Sidebar - Echo Park

~ Music
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM ~ Le Jazz Hot: the art of jazz with leading Southern California artists - Free concert, LACMA - Art Museum Central Court, 5905 Wilshire Los Angeles 90036 (323) 857-6115

~ Screening & Conversation
7:30 PM Remember the photos? ~ Director Errol Morris: context, the who -what -how of Abu Gharib torture photos prior to release of his film "Standard Operating Procedure" opening April 25, moderated by Meghan Daum, LOS ANGELES TIMES columnist - Free - Harmony Gold Theatre, 7655 Sunset, Los Angeles 90046 - Free parking, lot behind the theatre, enter on N. Stanley Avenue. Seating by: Reservation only

12 Saturday
AM - Farmer's Market - SEE: Sidebar - Silver Lake

~ Reading
1:00 PM ~ Mark Fergus: Screenwriter of "Iron Man" discusses his career, $15 - WGA, Women in Film, FIND, FIN, & Screenplay Lab members, $10, Raleigh Studios Chaplin Theater, 5300 Melrose Ave. betw Western - Vine, LA CA 90038

~ Lecture
1:00 - 3:00 PM ~ Greening Up biz: "Annual Earth Day Green2Gold Workshop for Environmental Innovators/ Entrepreneurs – Save the Planet and Get Rich, Too" - Free, Mark Taper Auditorium, Central Library, Parking: 524 S. Flower Street garage: $1 with library card & front desk validation Saturday and weekday after 3:00 PM

13 Sunday
All Day ~ Whiner's Day: "Blame Somebody Else Day"....when they start up the other 364: tell them 'not their turn.'

*Nazi-loving confessed sexual predator right-winger pretending to be "moderate" so he can "lead the little people, the sheep need a leader":
you will never see that guy's name in this blog. --If 60% of Californians had Bothered to do their homework --figured out --asked why he got into the race: After his party's Primary, that guy would not BE squatting in CA's Governor office. --Why is the state broke? When you know the answer: NO excuse for supporting that thug about any thing for any thing ever again. Meanwhile: his next move? The guy wants to "represent" you --by knocking out Diane Feinstein --from the Senate. Think about that: as he "balances" the budget --by firing school teachers.

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