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April 2008

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21 Monday
7:00 AM - 10:00 PM ~Whole Foods Market: Community Support Day, donating 5% of the day’s profits to the Los Angeles Community Garden Council; funds facilitate 70 community gardens growing LA County, serving 3,900 families; Whole Foods Market, 331 N. Glendale Ave, betw California & Lexington, Glendale, All day

~ Passover
Sundown - Second Night - Seder

24 Thursday
~ Politics
6:30 PM - EVERY human adult in Los Angeles needs to get it together --make to-go snack/eat on the way --make Sure of transportation --GET TO Live Debate: Mark Ridley-Thomas and Bernard Parks. --If you imagine it's got nothing to do with YOU: you're in Fantasy Land. --G-d help us ALL -Only knows Why ONE of them IS going to sit --on the County Board of Sups --counting out OUR money.... Real reason? Hmmm...They're both wanting more Pensions? --Here's a giggle: "County supervisors' debate hosted by the Los Angeles League of Conservative Voters" - well at least it's: free - Westside Jewish Community Center, 5870 Olympic Blvd. LA 90036 (323) 938-2531 e-mail debate@lalcv.org

25 Friday
April 25-27 - Girls Camp: Father-Daughter event, HOLLYWOODLAND GIRLS' CAMP, 3200 Canyon Drive, Hollywood 90068 - Phone: (323) 467-7193 Email: CAMP.HOLLYWOODLAND@LACITY.ORG
Map - camp: http://www.laparks.org/dos/camps/pdf/map_girl.PDF - Fax: (323) 957-4526

3 PM ~ Market
SEE: SIDEBAR Farmer's Market - Echo Park

26 Saturday:
~ Market
AM - SEE: SIDEBAR Farmer's Market - Silver Lake

~Festival of Art & Water
Benefit to raise funds for: musical instruments and art supplies for -Atwater -Silver Lake -LosFeliz -Glassell Park area schoolsFree: http://www.artwaterla.org/live

~Festival of Books
Sat April 26 • 10 am to 6 pm
Sun April 27 • 10 am to 5 pm
If you like books --love books and those who do, trust me: GO! Don't make any plans for afterwards --But go: light --take cart (so you don't get grumpy lugging) -cozy shoes -wide-brim hat -comfy clothes -cash (faster, cheaper, smarter than plastic) -munchies -water. On-site lunch: pretty good, but pricey. 13th Annual Festival of Books: free, Parking: $8. --don't pay it, carpool, street park, then bus -shuttle bus or bike over -UCLA Main Campus, center courtyard;1st thing: get the tickets to hear authors - details

1 PM – 5 PM ~ Ninth annual Festival of Childhood: Free day of fun and creativity that celebrates the child; Face Painting, Gardening, Clay Play, Street Painting and musical presentations, one block north Sunset - Alvarado, Reservoir St Closure at 1226 Alvarado Blvd, Echo Park: www.cnvep.org (213)484.6676 Email: diana@cnvep.org

Altogether: a really daVine week....

~ Going shopping, Doing errands: Take bags WITH you/Don't bring more bags home

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