May 1…Mess…

Today marks Remembrance Day –of the Holocaust. Israelis, survivors, cab–drivers, chefs and customers, doctors & patients, parents, children, all: stand still at the wailing sound of a siren --stopped, frozen in two minutes of silence to remember those murdered by nazies. –nazie pros and civilians, who lavished hatred and blame on neighbors –families –students –professors –mothers –teachers –grandparents –any, all who were Jewish. --Claimed “not to know” what happened to them, after they disappeared, leaving clothes, furniture, paintings, shoes, bicycles, dinner on the table. –But didn’t mind helping themselves to the “abandoned” property --not to know, why none returned, ever.

Oval Office occupant, wanting to divert attention? –Used Our House to hold a ‘celebration’ honoring: prayer, religion, ‘right’ ‘to pray in public.’ Hmmm.... –Ever seen a religion go outside, stand around praying? Maybe –MAYBE it’s literally written out in the Constitution: the “right” to pray in public, but I don’t recall seeing it. Would be NICE: if the guy Actually Cared –enough to Honor the WHOLE Constitution, like the parts on “privacy” –unlawful search, seizure –habeas corpus –obeying laws –right to see evidence, have a lawyer, the basic stuff. Oh well.

He did drag A religion INTO government, tosses Our money to one religion, he likes making it up as he goes along. The President of Vice likes to help –creating the new improved imperial presidency. –Mission was Accomplished –why are people upset over that ceremony, that sign on the ship, five years ago today?

The neo-cons wanted: to invade Iraq, kill Saddam, take the oil. –Done, Done and done. Where’s the beef? They laid it all out, Years before they propped up their lead guy as the guy most working class people “wanted to have a beer with.” --How do ya think that’s worked out?

They wanted to get it done, they accomplished ALL. He accomplished their Mission, hook line and sinker. Believe it. If you’d rather Verify: go stand at Dover Airfield, wait for planes to arrive. There may not be any reporters or TV cameras around, Not Allowed, but you’ll see: coffins, covered with American flag, roll off the back. Why no reporters or cameras? The media: rolled over –at the request –that they get in line, hide reality –‘sanitize’ the invasion. Plus: they don’t want Americans ‘distracted’ with Reality –from their “job” –shopping, to “help” the economy –They put into the commode. Mission way accomplished.

Los Angeles...
Those who snuck into the country -found mattress to flop on, with the other five guys in the apartment -a near-wreck with wheels, crossed-registered enough times neither DMV or LAPD has a clue who owns it -a job —all over LA: all on the move today.

They Want. –Access to scholarship money, college for free -more schools, even for falling enrollment, even if it busts long-time residents out of their home for taxes they can't pay -free medical care, even if it busts ERs –a job, even under the‘table’ –under Minimum Wage –under your identity, even if they have to swipe to get it. They Want –the rights granted those born in the USA and those who waited in line to become citizens.

Each time they, their activist-lawyers go into court -on camera to Demand –911 –ballots –police –court –teachers –health care workers speak their language, ignoring the 136 Other languages spoken in LA, ignoring the bias –demand citizens change the culture to accommodate them, instead of the other way round… I always wonder: does Mexico? –Colombia? –Guatemala? Mexican government gives away tuition –to non-Mexicans –foreigners can buy land, a house in Mexico without being a citizen? –Public services: provide English translators, sanctuary, access to rights –anywhere –to anyone? Oh well.

From East LA west, Hollywood –east, they are marching –for their “rights” –to stay in the country –cut in line ahead of everyone else waiting, patiently, for their turn to become a citizen. Mind how you go --They are Marching today, early morning to 10 PM.

But it shouldn’t be much of a problem. The 'chief' of last year’s May 1 madness: cops cracked reporters’ heads –shoved women with strollers –chased every male, all on camera, then roughed up the camera-holders. --He got a “report” the other day that said: of the over 300 cases of complaint filed on LAPD cops who had profiled minorities for bias, unfair treatment –“none were justified.” Guess the chief hasn't eye-balled any cases --when cops have pulled over drivers who committed DWB --that's: Driving While Black. If the "criminal" is driving an expensive car cuz he also has a PhD: makes no-nevermind to LAPD, DWB is DWB. Which is also, maybe, how a bridegroom got dead on his wedding day, via NYPD. --Left-overs/legacy of the 'chiefs' last stint as their chief. Most: can get dead on one -two bullets; NYPD didn't take any 'chances' and used 50.

Maybe the ‘chief’ didn't catch any film of last year’s march. Somebody should get him a copy. Short version: LAPD spent past forty years, since Watts Riots, learning Absolutely Squat –about how to handle crowds -marches -wimps, or get rid of their bigotry/weed for bias. Oh well. May madness is here. Bon Appetite.

Silver Lake...
Proof that Silver Lake is daVine: tip of the hat to Mark, who moved back a second time, from New York, and is in residence...if you're lucky enough to meet the burly blond way cool neighbor, say 'Hi.' Thanks, Mark.

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