BARGAIN: Affordable ISP?

UPDATE Bargain ISP: extended to September 30, 2008

Free as Birds
Once upon a time: the Internet was free --open --freedom --a community. Then giant corporate 'sharks' climbed into the 'pond' and went 'whaling.'

Access 'Excess'
Every ISP was "fair" game to the corporate sharks until: nearly all small creative Internet providers offering free access *poofed* --disappeared into others' bottom line. The 'minnows' not swallowed up were merged and morphed until ISP choices reduced to:
-"free" only few minutes a day/hours a month
-"free" --plastered with billboard ads --blocked view until user clicks on pop-up ads
-'free' trials: non-stop spam trying to convert user to over-priced Internet service
-pay-through-the-'snout' access --bundled with expensive additional services
Served up with smelly service

The One That Got Away
What's left: where is the inexpensive Internet Service Provider with ad-free access? Some like-minded individuals formed a group to offer service that 'fills' two 'holes' in vast ocean of corporate greed:

  • Affordable unrestricted Internet access

  • Access for school children

Bargain Headquarters
Internet Service Provider: housed in San Fernando Valley, California, by 'employees' --volunteers, un-paid, some helping for more than twenty years. Why do they do it?

Internet Service: Provider
You get the Internet --access 24/7, at bargain price. After the bills are paid: volunteers use the balance to enable schools --in non-glamorous neighborhoods struggling with budget for basics -no left-overs, to have computers and Internet access. You help them --contribute to the education of the next generation. You get reliable, inexpensive access and Volunteers make the Internet accessable in disadvantaged schools. --Two 'fish'/one pole.

You save money -school children join the 21st century, No mega-corporation gets fatter.

With this ISP service you get:

  • Your own Web page

  • Your own E-mail account --secure, private, non-spamable

  • Tech Help

--all free, Plus: No ads --"Home" page to e-mail All: 'naked' --No advertising --No spam!

Dial-up: $.17 a day/$5 per month = $60.oo year --Amount many pay for one month

  • Speed freak --absolutely gotta have DSL? They got it
  • You're in rural/out of local California? They still might be able to provide
  • Want service outside California? No problemo: service available in many US states

Your Choice Doesn't matter which service you choose: provider will donate to schools in poor neighborhoods that cannot afford Internet access.

Note: I'm able to recommend this ISP because I have used for a long time
-able to get on-line always
-if system will be down for maintenance: they send e-mail notice
-I've actually called and talked to them: in the beginning, when I was getting connected (and too paranoid to use credit card on-line; they were 100% helpful, good attitude) when an access number actually went dead, they gave me an alternative number, promptly.

    *To get this Bargain: sign up by August 5, 2008

    *Write: "New Service - davine" in subject window, send e-mail to ops@lafn.org

    *See: website http://www.lafn.org/

    If you sign up with check or money-order: it could take over a week to get connected, this is volunteers remember, not giant corporation; they open the mail only once a week and then someone else does the deposit, so plan accordingly and don't forget your patience.

    (In case you're curious: they have their own way of doing things/what works for them; each volunteer is knowledgeable, helpful, cheerful; has their own quirks, just like you.)

    Access doesn't begin until payment clears their system.

    Inexpensive Internet Service Provider * Connecting Schools
    "New Service - daVine" ops@lafn.org

    Note: I offered to help, so please write "davine" in all your corrrespondence with the ISP.

    Internet Service Provider: 5 bucks --$5.00 a month! Such a deal!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Personal Note A "mover" separated the cords from my computer by breaking the screws, leaving the other half in the holes--oh the data --dead? locked inside the 'screwed' one.... Well, all moved, a borrowed new puter (no time to shop) and third --third, keyboard--nobody does quality check anymore? sheesh --and I'm finally back on-line, at least for this moment. But Google having a 'blonde' moment/month glitch --I'm hanging clueless: if you are reading/when it will be fixed...oh well, stuff happens, will get de-glitched, eventually.

    Happily Silver Lake still daVine...the only 'glitch': the greedy/lazy who are/have poured in, snapping up rental property/jacking rents --and the local elected "reps" looking out for them, not for those searching for affordable housing --or for finding ways to provide.... The Mayor lied to convince the ignorant to vote to tax their own phones, supposedly to afford 500 additional cops, after a judge told him and the City "NO" phone tax was legal --soaring DWP and water rates --will accomplish what if majority can't afford to live here --and neither can the cops, and we all move out of state? A pox on them and if not, may the coyotes wander over to snack....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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