BARGAIN: Local July 30, 2008

Fed up --with your "addiction" to gasoline and food? --Tired of the wallet squeezing? Could you use a treat, Binky?

Have a bite: cheesecake! Get thee & the crew over to the restaurant next Wednesday, for something/anything and the dessert: only $1.50 a slice --any slice they got at the Factory known for churning out cheesecake. It won't cool off the planet --fill the tank --make you rich, but baby steps. --The difference, usual price minus the anniversary day price, hold onto it till you get to the bank and toss it into your savings account. --Small amounts every week: will take care of you when you're not able to get around for a slice.

Wednesday: July 30, 2008

All Day: slice of cheesecake, any variety, $1.50


Local: http://www.thecheesecakefactory.com/locations_state.asp?st=CA

Silver Lake residents can get the daVine --without having the chain in our backyard --or having to go far to get it! What a treat. Bon Appetite

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