'08 Silver Lake Calendar: August


First day...beginning of the end... summer... California... Silver Lake daVine... one last lazy month... to bring out those books bought at April Book Fest -that novel from the library -the special one from local bookstore...and cosy up to a stout Griffith Park tree/backrest...

...to find a...
remember what it feels like...to touch the sky with your toes... when you could fly...

to see how the garden goes... what's new... what's not... what's gotten too hot... what's to pick, what's turned to stick... shelve the BlackBerry... go pick the real ones... pink peaches, plump plums

...to steal an afternoon, just for thee...go feel free... whole long lazy month is: obligation -holiday-free... sunshine... seeing birds do their thing... toe-wiggling: large charge...no cost... Silver Lake daVine...

Mo Tu0We Th Fr Sa0Su
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04 05 06 07 0809010
11 12 13 14015 016 017
18 19 20 21 22 23024
25 26 270280290300 31

Verify: event, date, time before planning

11 Monday
~Youth Workshop
4:30 to 6:30 PM ~SUMMER Super 8 Filmmaking two-week class begins, presented by Artist-In-Residence Dagie Brundert, Monday/Wednesday/Friday: free -equipment, materials provided by EPFC, limited to 10 students; call or email to reserve echoparkfilmcenter@hotmail.com 1200 N. Alvarado Street x Sunset Blvd, LA 90026 http://www.echoparkfilmcenter.org/
Accepting submissions now for: Human Rights Film Festival of October 25 and 26, 2008; due Echo Park Film Center by: September 22, 2008

14 Thursday
7:00 PM ~"Los Angeles Without Los Angeles Times?" Panel: influential California attorney George Kieffer, Mayor V's Chief of Staff Robin M. Kramer, Pulizer Prize winning Foreign & DC reporter California editor David Lauter, USC School of Journalism director Geneva Overholser, Village Voice Executive Editor LA Times Senior Projects Editor Kit Rachlis, journalist, editor, blogger, author Kevin Roderick, 26-year Times veteran Special Projects Deputy to Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, Downtown LA Neighborhood Council chairman LA Cowboy blogger Brady Westwater - Aloud Series, Central Library, 5th & Flower Streets, LA - FULL - STANDBY ONLY --Don't want to be left out next time: Library support

7:30 PM ~"All About Lulu" by author Jonathan Evison and partake in free post-discussion hot dogs, Skylight Books, 1818 N. Vermont Ave. Los Feliz CA 90027 (323) 660-1175

7:30 PM ~Twelfth Night in rep with Henry IV and Doctor Faustus Every week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday until August 24, Barnsdall Art Park, 4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz CA 90027 (323) 660-4254

15 Friday
PM ~Farmer's Market, Echo Park SEE: Sidebar

Last day to make Reservation --Closes
17 Sunday ~ Regatta
4:00 PM ~Paddle Boat Race & Concert: Fundraiser for organization dedicated to improving writing skills of students ages 6-18; after-regatta Concert: racers free admission, spectators, cheerleaders & loafers: $20 - 826LA, Echo Park Lake, 840 Echo Park Ave. LA 90026 website

8:00 AM ~Farmer's Market, Hollywood - Vine, between Hollywood & Sunset, LA

18 Monday
Actor screens The Robert Mcmurrer Story, a "True Hollywood Story" at The Bungalow Club, 7174 Melrose Ave. LA 90046 (323) 964-9494 website

21 Thursday
7:30 PM ~"Send Your Audience to the Movies--and Help Save America!" Fed up with being fed up? Patrick Creadon's "unflinching look at our nation's current economic crisis" --new documentary I.O.U.S.A. premieres + post-screening discussion what to do about it, with some of America's foremost financial minds: Warren Buffett + William Niskanen, CATO Institute; Bill Novelli, of AARP; Pete Peterson of Blackstone Group, Dave Walker of Peterson Foundation & former U.S. Comptroller General, dialogue, insight into the crisis, moderated by Becky Quick of CNBC; simulcast to theater, various locations, SEE: FathomEvents.com

23 Saturday
~Street Fair
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM ~Silver Lake SUNSET JUNCTION STREET FESTIVAL: annual diversity entertainment, games, rides, art, food, out-reach fair, 3700 to 4300 Sunset Blvd + 4000 to 4200 Santa Monica Blvd, Silver Lake 90039 --streets will be closed, parking space non-existent; Bike Racks at 3700 Sunset Blvd x Edgecliff Dr. Entrance, thanks to LA County Bicycle Coalition; must bring a car: Parking
Also: 24 Sunday website

27 Wednesday
SLNC: Budget & Finance
7:00 PM ~Committe meets fourth Wednesday every month, open to stakeholders of Silver Lake, SLNC Office – 2898 Rowena Ave., Suite 101, Silver Lake

28 Thursday
7:00 - 9:00 PM ~Professional women networking over Blind Wine Tasting: five wines, Vino 100 Hollywood, 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood & Highland, LA 90028 -Only Pre-paid registration, $15

1 Friday
PM ~ Produce, Farmer's Market SEE: SIDEBAR

2 Saturday

AM ~ Produce, Farmer's Market, Silver Lake SEE: SIDEBAR

3 Sunday

~ National Watermelon Day

AM ~ Produce, Hollywood Farmer's Market
One of the largest farmer's markets going --food transported/arrives light on the planet, not out-of-country imports --full range seasonal fruit from family farms, unusual varieties, organic veggies --ask how they control pests & disease, they will tell; free-range chickens' eggs, sometimes goat cheese; fair warning: giant commercial ag farms disguise as family farms and allowed in by market manager, so if you care ask; Ivar Street, both blocks, between Sunset & Hollywood, park on Vine

6:00 PM ~"Sundays Live—Mladi Chamber Orchestra" Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Cost: free, courtyard, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., between La Brea & Fairfax, parking: lot, street --read signs very carefully --a $300 tow/ticket = no bargain concert

6:00 - 8:30PM ~Concerts in the Park, Eagle Rock Recreation Center, 1100 Eagle Vista Dr. Los Angeles 90041

5 Tuesday
~$2 Movie
1:00 PM "Clash by Night" by dark director Fritz Lang, with Barbara Stanwyck, Paul Douglas, Robert Ryan, Marilyn Monroe; perk if you beat the Boomers: 62+ only $1, buy tickets ASAP, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., between La Brea & Fairfax, park: lot, street --read signs carefully

6 Wednesday

~ SLNC: Board meeting
7:00 PM ~General meeting open to all Silver Lake stakeholders First Wednesday
agenda Micheltorena Street Elementary School, 1511 Micheltorena Street at Sunset, Silver Lake CA

8 Friday

PM ~ Farmer's Market See: SIDEBAR

~ Music
6:00 PM ~Already know you're sick of 'Olympic fever' gush? Get some red hots instead at: "Friday Night
Jazz" Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Cost: free, courtyard, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., between La Brea & Fairfax, parking: lot, street --read signs very carefully --a $300 tow/ticket = no bargain concert

~Summer Olympics:: Opening...of excess, that all that money bought...preserving "amateur" veneer of the Games. Behold --the commercials...so far the "8" thing hasn't worked out too well for Chinese, luck wise, but it revs up anyway: 08-08-08 at 8:08 PM

~Double Feature
If comic book cartoon cutouts don't do it for you, catch the cool for grown-ups:
7:30 PM sharp "Pushover" film noir with Kim Novak, Fred MacMurray + second feature:
9:10 PM "Drive a Crooked Road" Mickey Rooney, Dianne Foster, Kevin McCarthy in twisted driving story --part of "Richard Quine at Columbia" series
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., parking: lot, street; screenings sell out quickly/lots of grown-ups for
General: $10 for the pair --includes admission to museum galleries/$5. --second film only --if available; don't like the unknown: buy tickets in advance at box office: 323 857-6010 or online; for discount: get Museum membership

9 Saturday
AM ~ Silver Lake Farmer's Market, SEE: SIDEBAR

~Double Feature
7:30 PM "Strangers When We Meet" pairs director Richard Quine favorites Kim Novak and Kirk Douglas with Ernie Kovacs, Walter Matthau; to me the one to see:
9:40 PM "
The Solid Gold Cadillac"
with the terrific under-appreciated Judy Holliday paired with Paul Douglas (one of my favorites); buy tickets ASAP: box office 323 857-6010 or online or if you don't want to be left 'behind the rope line' get Museum membership

10 Sunday

AM ~ Farmer's Market, Hollywood
Ivar, between Sunset & Hollywood Blvd's

September 4
City Broke?
Local government employees 'furloughed' --more cops unfundable --unstoppable DWP raid on every household for their "needs" --So how come: there's $10 grand, x 65 projects, float'n around --for anybody with a good idea How to Make the Neighborhood Beautiful? Show up at: Workshop, Los Feliz, Echo Park --to
find out deadlines, how to outline/succeed. Your ideas?
-Dump the light standards --ugly "new" ones; replace Silver Lake's street light bulb holders with: re-cast original beautiful standards, e.g., match the standards on West Silver Lake Blvd, south of Rowena; all the standards to be same design.

-Finish the Trees: Jacaranda trees were planted entire length of Silver Lake blvd October 1999, Silver Lake-Beverly Blvd to the reservoir; eventually the profile will tell a driver: 'on the blvd.' --Which should be continued: around entire Silver Lake boundary. --Then like Hansel & his gal, one will always know: 'where one is at/how to get home.'

-Bike racks, attractive: purchased, placed in front of every commercial/bunching of shops in the 'hood, including Sunset west of Alvarado Blvd area. Hey, if City is tossing out $10,000 grants: why shouldn't Silver Lake nab one? Click link for details, submit your ideas.

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