FREE: Absolutely Truly Free Breakfast --Today!

February... 1st Week
If you watched the Superbowl Sunday (was that an amazing game or what), most (nearly all) of the ads were So Lousy, except maybe you saw the ad for:
Breakfast --Tuesday, February 3, 2009 --6:00 am until 2:00 pm
--at great price: really truly free , today only, at Denny's. --But do remember the server, their service isn't free, remember to tip. Tell the neighbors, everyone you know, especially eldsters.

Locator map: Denny's (--had some trouble with this map, if it doesn't work: Google >Los Angeles >Denny's
and enter zip code. Bon Appetite. Free food, lol, Silver Lake daVine....

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February 5
Not so daVine: Mugged in Silver Lake - Community Meeting
December 30 to January 31 ten men, each walking alone, four along Rowena and five along Sunset, were swarmed by armed Hispanics who demanded their wallet; some were assaulted.

The police and councilmembers urged residents to be cautious and walk in groups when they go out. Northeast Police Capt. Lance Smith said the crimes may be gang-related. Detectives are actively pursuing leads in an on-going investigation. Anyone with information about these robberies should contact the Northeast Gang Detectives at: (213)847-4263

Economy must be impacting gangbangers...now they're moving west, where the pick'ns are plentiful, easy???

The shock of the attacks and their brazenness, one occurred on busy Silver Lake Boulevard in the middle of the afternoon, has shaken the community, Councilmembers LaBonge and Garcetti said.

Bernie Parks --Mayor V --Eric Garcetti : have time to run for office, to Washington, write money-sucking ballot measures, get face time with cameras, smooze developers for donations --How Much time to deal with those here illegally --spreading like cancer, costing us millions, billions state-wide? Maybe no one has told them, about gangs. Maybe when gangs get banging in Beverly Hills Somebody will DO something Real about them. Oh well.

Meanwhile Our $150,000+ a year LA City reps have scheduled a public meeting with local LAPD about major crime up-tick:
Community meeting to air concerns about the attacks
Thursday, February 5 6 p.m.
Ivanhoe School
2828 Herkimer Street, near West Silver Lake Drive and Rowena Avenue

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