Silver Lake daVine Calendar '09: February II

February 11
President, learning on the fly "Looking for Lincoln"
PBS - KCET - 9:00 PM Great? Racist? During the war between the states: he abolished right of habeous corpus, shut down newspapers, all protesters arrested --told racist jokes, usurped the Constitution --and fought to keep the states united, enabled black men to join the army and freed people chained to slave labor by color. When the war ended he wanted them to leave the country. My opinion: not 'split'/"two-faced." --In some newly-discovered letters he wrote to a confident, while running for office, he thought it best to appear he was for slavery, yet, secretly opposed.
Will be repeated: Sunday February 15
1:00 PM "Young Lincoln"
1:30 PM "Looking for Lincoln"
February 12
How did we get down here? "House of Cards"
CNBC - 9 pm /EST 8 pm & 12 am --I know what Greed Boys -mortgage vultures -rating agencies -insurance hogs -"respectable" banks did, how they did it, with 'help' from Congress, thug #43 and institutions, and if you want to know Whole Story, that took down American families -entire communities -pensions -jobs then world, it's worth getting to a TV with cable to see this expose.
February 13
Farmer's Market, PM - see Sidebar
Pay no attention to the day, just focus on organic veggies, fruit till it passes

You say that you care...flippn' the Birds
How many birds were counted in
Silver Lake last year? Second chances:
The annual Great Backyard Bird Count: 10 am today - ends Monday (holiday) If you REALLY care about the Meadow...water...nature: grab "
equipment," children-neighbors-nature lovers/classroom, 15 minutes at least, good spot/corner of your own garden/edge of the Meadow and count what you see; then tell Audubon Society what you saw --Don't know --how to count --finches from doves? No problem: faq
February 14
Farmer's Market, AM -see Sidebar

St. Valentine's Day
If you're into it --and the weeds, financially: pick up flowers for your S.O. --and yourself, at really good price from family farms at Markets - above --be there Early, or Flower Mart, downtown, Wall Street, until 11 am. If not: eldsters stuck indoors and animals at the Zoo would enjoy seeing you, or you could show the birds you care: feed them or Count them - above.

Author! Author!
10 am - 12 n ~ Meet, celebrate with six authors, illustrators of children's books, Skylight Books, 1818 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Feliz

For the brain fun-starved: Salon
4 pm ~ Good books, repartee, wine and hors d'oeuvres, intellectual stimulation, monthly Skylight Salon of staff's small-press and independent publisher favs, Skylight Books, 1818 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Feliz
February 15
7 am - 1 pm ~ Farmer's Market Hollywood, Sunset-Hollywood x Vine --if you don't want to make a "donation" to "Council" members: watch out for their vicious parking meters

Silver Lake daVine...

Next Month
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