Silver Lake/LA March '09 Election --Results

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~ Results --Eric Garcetti, Tony Villaraigosa and their "solar energy" scam, etc. At least the arrogant money-laundering Jack Weiss isn't a done deal, round II in May. --But Why THREE elections in six months... isn't the City supposed to be broke --why they scammed us with the "urgent" 0-flipped-to-9% bait & switch Telephone tax, that won't be going to "more cops & fire fighters" but straight into General Fund, and without oversight... hmmm...could it be: City rulers, and their union pals, were hoping for Few --and Dumb voters this time...

Teachers Are Waiting: March 13 is Pink Friday -- the last day for school district to notify teachers if they'll lose their job at the end of the school year. Gee, too bad City rulers didn't put Third election money into: staffing classrooms instead. Oh well, maybe they didn't THINK of that.

Hey, maybe Garcetti and the other 14 sitting on City Council: could kick in some of that $150,000+ we pay each of them every year --to Keep teachers. --We need the money --for those "ten new schools" Garcetti claimed in campaign ads that he "got built." --Addresses of those "ten new schools" --unknown, but: Let's start a petition. Surely Garcetti wants to keep schools and Silver Lake daVine...

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