Garcetti Wants to Stay in Politics, Claims He "built ten schools" --Addresses???

March '09 ELECTION
Eric Garcetti as a member of Los Angeles City Council, earns $150,000+ per year, has City-paid car, gas, office, staff, expense account and pension. He wants to keep on rep'ing CD13 job, covering Hollywood and Silver Lake, that's why he got Term Limits --lifted on City Council. To do that he has been running campaign ads on local TV stations to get votes --claiming: "he built ten schools and senior housing." These claims leave Stark questions un- answered.

Mr. Garcetti's claims of "building ten schools" is quite strange. There aren't ten new schools in Silver Lake or in Hollywood; LAUSD put seizing property to build new schools on hold due to massive state and city debt. What are the addresses of these "ten new built schools"?

Senior Housing???
What are the addresses of: "new housing for senior adults" he claims he got built? How many senior adults are now accommodated? What is the rent? Who chose the seniors who got "new housing"?

Is Eric Garcetti claiming credit for: schools built Outside of the district he represents? If so: How is he getting credit for those? --LA City Council doesn't have any jurisdiction --or even a relationship with LAUSD, so how is he 'responsible' for getting LAUSD to build "ten schools"? --WHEN did these "ten new schools" get built?

When LAUSD held hearings on destruction of the last important landmark in Los Angeles, the Ambassador Hotel --so they could build a school instead of conversion/preservation of the historic property, so many hundreds of people signed up to speak (including this author) before the school bored, the Board had to extend the hearing three weeks. While Los Angeles residents, preservationists and groups pleaded with them to preserve the hotel and convert it into a school: many, including this author, called Eric Garcetti (and other Council members) and asked/begged him to speak up.

On the sixth attempt I was told: Eric "couldn't get involved because the Ambassador Hotel was not in his district."
Translation: it was 'understood' politics --Council members Don't 'interfere' in business outside their districts. So either Eric Garcetti 'got involved in Other people's business' --in other districts, to get "ten new schools built" --or: he is claiming credit for phantom/unbuilt schools --or: in schools LAUSD built in their normal course of business.

Which is the truth?
So Eric Garcetti: which is it? What are the specific addresses of the "ten schools" and "senior housing" you claim to have built? Where did the money come from? When were they put up for bid? Which contractors got the jobs?

The other claims in the ads --the he "created thousands of jobs" etc., we'll leave for another time.

What Else?
The Biggest Worst Most Expensive Boondoggle in the history of Los Angeles?
PROP B --or another name for: Mayor V desperately wants to run for governor --Doesn't want to piss off ANY unions --got nailed, big time, to put this Prop mess on the ballot. Eric Garcetti: "promised" there would be public debate of "solar panels" proposition --before it went on the ballot. But oh oops: Garcetti withheld year-long detailed examination of the proposal --from the entire Council --called for the vote to put it on the ballot WithOUT public debate, at the last minute --to help out Tony Villar, mayor.

IF YOU vote "for" PROP B: not only WON'T DWP work on repairing our crumbling infrastructure --rusted main water pipes -frayed wiring, etc., etc., but
  • private and new start-up companies will NOT be allowed to build solar panels for the City
  • no one But DWP union workers will get any of the "new" jobs --union or Nobody works
  • if you don't like the "23% rate increase" now --you're gonna be Really unhappy with the Bottomless increases coming to pay for "solar panels"
  • there is NO Plan of where the some-day built solar panels will go
  • the Report showed: at union-rate --the City won't "reduce" cost of electricity --or make a profit
  • DWP isn't capable of managing the utility Now, things will get far worse with $400+ million contract
  • City will not be allowed to have any labor bid on jobs at Less than the cost of the union cost
  • oh, and Eric is making this Mess into: a Charter Amendment --so not you, nobody can change it later
  • and Much more
If you "approve" this disaster: be prepared --to have your wallet picked --for decades, and to start looking for another place to live. Los Angeles will be officially and actually broke and run by ever-smaller group of insiders --who will expect/force YOU to pay for it.

Eric Garcetti: can work out 'things' with developers --where Did he get all that money for TV commercials? --but somehow can't manage to get: DASH in Silver Lake, despite YEARS of working on it.... Oh well? --You got to ask him about all these things --at monthly meetings? Oh, that's right: he doesn't talk to constituents, any more. --When he does show up at the "annual" talk: he works it so we Don't Get Answers.

Then there is the 'little' matter of Term Limits: he got City Council limits on the ballot, but he "forgot" to include "Controller" and "Mayor" --so now we loose the Best Controller, ever --and superb investigator of City Council waste, Laura Chick. Oh well?

We had an election in November --another this June, so: WHY is the City holding another --costly one in March??? --If the City is broke: WHY aren't the issues bundled into ONE election every two years, when we vote on House of Rep election? --Why election Every few months???

All good things must come to an End --to keep Los Angeles --and Silver Lake daVine: it's time to say 'byebye' to Eric Garcetti,We cannot afford him.

Tuesday, March '09 Election:
for residents in 90026 - Polling Place is the usual, Russian Orthodox Church
-PROP B: Vote "No"

-CD13 Rep: NOT Eric Garcetti

-Controller: --Wendy Gruel wants the job, where did she get all that money for all those TV ads? From the same union that is behind PROP B --Please: anyone but not Wendy

-City Attorney: not Jack Weiss

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