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Spring ...it's cold at night, day, wind, drizzle and hail, cloudy and windy, but really it's here, the sun will be out... take a break --buy a flower, find something in nature to see, smell, sketch...go for a walk...you won't miss a thing, the pirates, the pigs, the piranhas will still be hanging when you return..forget them, the Universe will deliver justice... nothing better than the petals, the perfume of a spring flower.. buy one -cut one -plant one...or bunches....

Sundown ~Passover - 1st night, Jewish holy day

~ Farmer's Market - see Sidebar

~ Good Friday, Christian observance, stock markets closed, many businesses closed afternoon

Sundown ~ Passover - 2nd night, Jewish holy day

~ Farmer's Market - see Sidebar

~ "Holly Shorts Film Festival" Echo Park Film Center, 1200 N. Alvarado St.

~ Easter - Christian holy day

5:30 am ~ Easter Service:
Hollywood Bowl - Free, seating opens 3:30 am - Service, music, reading --if the hucksters, the bankers, the feds, the whacko media have worn you out, where's the bad in forgetting all of them/ watching the sun rise in beautiful setting, even if you aren't religious, Parking - free, donations welcomed, not expected

12 noon ~ Dodgeball Tournament & Mustache Expo "No Bunny Does It Better" at Bellevue Rec Center, 826 Lucille Ave., Silver Lake -mind where you park, be respectful of surrounding residents

~ National
Library Week events: 12 through 18th
Labor Day
12 M ~ If you still have a job: this is government--City Hall, Governator, feds--Day to take their cut --of what you earned; you have until midnight to get it mailed/marked --several post offices will be open - if you miss the 5-6 PM of Silver Lake post offices, hit:
-Union Station, off Alameda or
-out to LAX, but note: they moved that office 2 yrs ago, so watch for signs if you don't look it up
If you can't get it together to tell them what you earned/they owe you by today: file for extension to pay later

Don't like welfare for dumb bankers, greedy insurance thugs? The good: Join up with like-minded to demand feds stop giving boatloads of our future to greedy-dumb class who tanked our country, at
Tax Tea Parties:
-Glendale City Hall
-Dockweiler State Beach, Playa del Rey
-CA Republican Party headquarters, Burbank
-Santa Monica Pier
-Van Nuys Civic Center
Or just make signs, grab some friends-neighbors, pick a busy street and hold your own protest

The bad: Tax Day Tea Party --thought up by closet right-winger Glen Beck of sly Fox “news” corp --with their not-hidden agenda of bashing Pres. Obama; Sean H., the Newt, he, etc., etc. will Absolutely show & tell ad infinitum (probably for years) to exploit their positions, use to re-string the confused Republican Party -looking for ways to disguise right-wing nuttiness/"base" & get power in Congress --'see, lots agree with us' blah blah blah

Protest Alternate: Bargain
If getting your face on camera to help Republicans isn't your 'thing': pick up the neighbors and go for some food 'hugs'/ bargains on your travels to sending your money to the gov.
~ Cinnabon: free bite 5 - 8 pm
today , not in Silver Lake of course, but nearby
~ McCormick & Schmick: a $10.40 special going for usual $15 - 20 entrees, plus bar bargains
~ PF Chang: 15% discount

If bitching & bites won't cut it, you're livid about bail-outs and bankers and budgets, consider: things could be sooo much worse --thousands paid thousands for the most elegant, expensive, "invincible" ship ever built 97 years ago --the beautiful furnishings, elegant clothes, jewels, children -women -fathers, but only 750 survived after iceberg ripped hull of the Titanic and it sank, April 15, 1912 it's 'exclusive' maiden voyage

00000000000Now to 19
12-5 pm ~ Municipal Gallery exhibition: “From There to Here: Contemporary Southern California Artists from Israel” – free, Barnsdall Art Park, Los Feliz

~ Farmer's Market - see FOOD - Friday, Sidebar

11:00 am ~ Eric Garcetti & co ”workers” are at it again: on another ‘mixed’ use proposal, this one at 4000 Sunset Blvd, see show & tell, have your say, question developer and architect - Meeting: parking lot, Santa Monica Blvd, between Sanborn - Manzanita, across from Jiffy Lube, Silver Lake NC Urban Design & Preservation Advisory
Committee – or: urbandesign@silverlakenc.org –be there or be silent, forever hold your tongue...

~ Farmer's Market - See Saturday - Sidebar

Art & Dance
Benefit for Silver Lake History Collection:
2 – 6 pm ~ Art: exhibition of local artists' work
6 – 8 pm ~ Dance: Tango for two hours, Black Gate Space, 1052 Manzanita - Santa Monica, Sunset Junction, Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake

9 pm ~ Hallmark Hall of Fame, KCBS
9 pm ~ Frontline: "Poisoned Waters" --water status of some waterways; examines household products --in waterways --in humans, on
Earth 0 Day 0 April 0 22
Many projects going for Earth Day ~ First dibs: Micheltorena Street School wants your bod –school beauty make-over, 8:30am-12:30pm – bring gloves, knee pads, tools, enthusiasm, 1511 Micheltorena Street x Sunset, Silver Lake - school parking lot

10am - 4pm ~ No Plastic: join local business neighbors for Earth Day – wind plastic bags into a giant ball, learn which local stores pledge to eliminate them, speakers, sponsored by Silver Lake Chamber

1:00 – 4:00 pm ~ Glendale Whole Foods Market celebration: speakers, local participation list, Earth month help calendar, Green products - samples; 1st 100 spending $25+: free tree sapling; 1st 100 spending $50+: reusable bag, while supplies last -Market 331 N. Glendale Ave, Glendale, betw California – Lexington
PM ~ Farmer's Market --see Sidebar
AM ~ Farmer's Market --see Sidebar

Book + Book + Book
10 am ~ If it's April, it's: Festival of Books, at UCLA - all day Saturday and Sunday --free, but parking on campus absurd $9 (--was $3 the first year), so park off campus and take the shuttle --Free --believe it, Westwood Meter Monsters are beyond vicious if you're thinking 'street' - besides stalls of the best books on offer: panels/authors - speakers --on media -mystery -economy -ecology -guns, gams -facts -fiction, poetry --throughout the day --free, but require ticket in advance: panels Saturday -panels Sunday
-Tip: pack a hat, very comfy shoes-thick sox, snacks & water and pay no attention to appearance: bring a cart or, better, a wagon for your own seating --carrying even a few books is a drag, Saturday: maybe an umbrella -- map, details

8 pm ~ You couldn't get --across town/the country --$250/1,000. together to see La Streisand during her last tour? You're in luck, Binky: kill the phone, grab some bubbly, get a good seat --Barbra Streisand will appear --free --in your home, Saturday night...such a deal...on CBS

Spring. . .in Silver Lake. . .daVine. . .

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