ALERT: UPDATE --Traffic --Sunset

UPDATE: Today - April 23, 2009
Hollywood Blvd --at Vine: will be closed

The Pea brains 'running' Los Angeles Decided
The best way for a rock group to push sales of their newest release: shut down Hollywood --during the week --during rush hour --keep it shut until morning. No, I won't say the group's name. Ya, it's an outdoor concert, ya, it's free, So what.

How the hell did we get THIS "lucky" to have these people in 'management'?

How Much did the rockers kick in --to individual "Council" members' campaign funds --to pull off shutting down Hollywood? I'd really like to know, would you?

WHO will be paying --the salary and the over-time of cops --security --Parking Enforcement, Sanitation, Garbage Collection, etc.??? Wonder if the 'geniuses' will tell us --before next month's election.... Well, whether they admit accepting money for themselves for this mess or not: Avoid Hollywood, again
-by car: until Friday afternoon, April 24
-by underground train: no changes -same schedule running
-by bus/LA Metro: forget it --all the routes will be changed for the duration

Thanks heaps, "management" --hey, the next time you want to do us a 'favor': get OUT of your protective little hot house, SEE/THINK how the rest of LA lives --TRY using Common Sense or go for Ordinary brains: DON'T schedule stuff when WE are trying use major streets --NOT week-days --NOT rush hours, sheesh.

WE don't 'need' any more 'favors.'

ALERT: Sunset Blvd closure

Cal-Trans has put Sunset Blvd. on their list, finally --for the first time in 30 years --it will be repaved tonight, so Sunset Blvd. will be closed: from Highland to La Brea, Hollywood - from Friday April 17 -
10 pm until 8 am Saturday
--tell your friends -pick a different restaurant/club -go around.

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