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June ...month of ...ex-bookworms...bridal parties...formal dancers ... fathers... searching for money, less expense, new budget... not good month to be a politician -a disabled -a child -a cop -a teacher -a real reporter -a voter who gives a damn... good month for summer fruit...starting cherry tomatoes -radishes -onions -strawberries -green anything, in your own few inches of earth... pull a few weeds, bring your own grocery bag...
donate cans --hands --cash to Meals-on-Wheels, Project Angel-food, un-sung Salvation Army...no one shooting at us... ABC Special June 2: environment --future, we're awfully lucky, still...drought but no food riots here --full belly -trees -sunsets -birds -lemons -oxygen -Meadow ...local organic veggies ...good neighbors ...wild things prosper in Silver Lake, daVine...
go with June Gloom --go walk under blue moon before heat arrives... nothing: goes down forever... when it's over --that much closer to new job --new CA economy --less waste --best holiday: fireworks day...daVine

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0000000000 June Events 4th week 26

am ~Last Friday of the Month: "CAR-FREE FRIDAY!" Ride your bike to work last Friday of every month for a healthier and cleaner Los Angeles - more bikes on LA streets!

afternoon ~Farmer's Market, Echo Park - SEE Sidebar "Food"
AM ~Farmer's Market, Silver Lake - SEE "Food" Sidebar

8:30 am ~Tree time: community day of service and grand opening LA MTLA Tree Center & Environmental Facility, with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa - green and plant trees along N. Mission Road - citrus fruit trees available (within City of Los Angeles), Fruit trees limited --first come first serve basis - bring: gardening gloves, sun block, hat - no open toe shoes - street parking - To RSVP: (213) 473-9950 or email:

9:30 am ~Bike Ride – around downtown, prizes – Pershing Square

10 am ~Walking Tour: in historic Echo Park - details:

7pm – 10pm ~LA- Farm Sanctuary and Vegan Drinks Meetup: merge for dinner --large menu of vegan pizzas, organic vodka and a beautiful outdoor area with seating and mingling or the indoor bar - 1700 N. Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA. 90027 [--that's Los Feliz] (--I can't find link so no idea if you must RSVP, sorry - SEE MeetUp site >log in, see group's event calendar)

Star-lit Movie
7:30 pm gates/9:00 pm ~Cinespa: "East of Eden" --one of only three films of the late great James Dean - shown outdoors at cemetary - bring picnic --blankets and pillows –alchohol permitted, but NO tall chairs -No dogs -no bbq for screening under the stars; "no reservation necessary, $10 donation tickets available at gate" [--wrong if legit charity: they cannot request specific amount of "donation" --and must have tax ID, Permit/license --ask to see --write the numbers, for tax deduction; can't show proof: challenge "donation"/offer what you can afford] $5 parking available inside - Hollywood Cemetary, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd at Gower

9:30 pm. - 1:00 am ~Party: to celebrate TheGreenGirls.com one year anniversary of "finding the fun in living green - bringing together people of all shades of green who are making a difference" - invitees includes "the Green Girl Editors (Gurus), Green business professionals, network of greenies, celebrities, PR firms, TGG audience, readers & individuals interested in helping our environment" - DJ: Rob Patterson from KORN, dress "to impress" - portion of event's proceeds will benefit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, in Hollywood - RSVP & drink tickets on-line only
10:30 am ~SUM DIM SUM RIDE: leaves from bike shop and ends at a different dim sum restaurant each Sunday morning, about 15-20 people ride - loaner bikes in case you don't have one -
~Summer classes: Child - Registration begins today - art, ballet, martial arts, crafts, more - Summer session begins July 6, 2009 - Adult - classes in pilates, yoga, painting, more - credit card or cash, Silver Lake Recreation Center - details

~ Summer: Girl Camp - Register for one-week camp - first session June 29
http://www.laparks.org/dos/camps/hollywoodland/pdf/09sumCampBro.pdf - sessions, forms, details application

~ Summer: Boy Camp - Register for one-week camp - Summer session Camp brochure:
http://www.laparks.org/dos/camps/hollywoodland/pdf/09sumCampBro.pdf - sessions, forms, details application
7:00 pm ~Silver Lake Neighborhood Council: Parks & Beautification Committee meeting - want better looking Silver Lake? Show up --and bring a neighbor --or two, 3rd Tuesday, SLNC Office, 2898 Rowena Ave., #101, Silver Lake - contact: Janet Cunningham

7:10 pm ~Baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Oakland Athletics, Dodger Stadium --mind how you go, traffic on Sunset is fierce on game night, tickets $9 - 95
details Los Angeles, CA
7:10 pm ~Baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Oakland Athletics, Dodger Stadium --plan how to get home, traffic on Sunset is fierce on game night, tickets $9 - 95

7:00 pm ~Silver Lake Neighborhood Council: Outreach Committee meets -doing interesting things, for all community involvement - supposed to meet 1st Saturday but Calendar says this date, so verify:
outreach@silverlakenc.org - SLNC Office, 2898 Rowena Ave., Silver Lake ~UPDATE I have seen Agenda for this meeting, don't know how to put link here, it's in pdf -to my mailbox; this will be important meeting, SL stakeholders need to participate --City Council reps don't care--but your own neighbors DO, they listen --go.

7:00 - 10 pm ~Chat -inspiring informal conversations about environmental issues with like-minded, get together over drinks and, this evening, tapas on the outdoor patio - bring literature to self-promote green issue and brain-storm about green life - at
7:45 SPECIAL screening: short 25 min film "It's Not Just Empty Space" by renowned scientist David Suzuki - bring friends, neighbors - Green Drinks - El Cid (different meeting place each month) in Silverlake details

6:30 - 8:00 pm ~Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce: Mixer - Jill's Paint, 3534 Larga Avenue, LA, CA 90039 off Glendale Blvd, Atwater Village - why "Silver Lake" Chamber meeting in Atwater mystery to me

7:10 PM ~Baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Oakland Athletics, Dodger Stadium --mind how you go, traffic on Sunset is fierce on game night, tickets $9 - 95

Birthday: Roger Ebert, 1942 - Happy birthday Mr. Ebert

PM ~Farmer's Market, Echo Park - SEE Sidebar "Food"

8:00 pm /earlier to picnic ~Hollywood Bowl: Season Opening Night Gala - Thomas Wilkins, conductor -Dame Kiri Te Kanawa -Josh Groban -presenters Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, John Williams, more – $17 - 103 - Hollywood Bowl, Cahuenga Blvd - tickets, details
AM ~Farmer's Market, Silver Lake - SEE "Food" Sidebar

10:00 am - 2:00 pm ~Faery Hunt: children's interactive show for the whole family, Fern Dell - Griffith Park, 5375 Red Oak Drive, 90027

12 n - 5:00 pm ~Kites will fly: 3rd Kites Over Silver Lake Festival for SL children - kites to paint, $3, limited supply -learn to make a kite demonstation and, I guess, bring your own kite; plus story-telling, face painting, art gallery, music, food; to donate time or materials--paint -brushes -markers -pencils -paper--contact: Dorsay at 2-1-3---908----5-6-11 - at our Bellevue Park, Silver Lake - an event of: http://www.livingartla.org/
TIP Once stuck, searching for a family gift, I bought kites --in Chinatown, a gift my sister, brother-in-law and young niece could use together, equally - outstanding place to find (much variety) and not expensive.

Noon, Sunset ~Griffith
Observatory: "Summer Solstice Celebration" at Griffith Park, enter through Vermont Blvd or the Fern Dell

6:00 pm ~ Apes to Zebras --gotta eat, time to feed the creatures at the Zoo - attend Beastly Ball: in casual safari attire, stroll under the stars, enjoy canopy of exotic botanicals amid myriad exotic animals -dine on fabulous cuisine from 17 restaurants (such as Bistro 45 -Pink's Hot Dogs -Yamashiro) -dance to six live bands -bid on animal experience -day-spa -luxury getaways in Silent & Live Auctions in one of LA's best most famous events - tickets support Zoo all year, 39th LA Zoo Beastly Ball, Honoring Laura Z. Wasserman, LA Zoo

Move Out
7:30 pm gates/9:00 pm ~Cinespa: "The Graduate" starring Dustin Hoffman seduced by superb sultress Ann Bancroft - shown outdoors at cemetary - bring picnic --blankets and pillows –alchohol permitted, but NO TALL CHAIRS, No dogs, no bbq for this special screening under the stars; no reservation necessary, $10 donation tickets available at gate [mistake many make: they can charge specific amount Or ask for unspecified donation, but not Both --if it's "donation": they cannot request a specific amount, must have tax ID and Permit --ask to see both and name of the charity, write down the numbers - for tax deduction; if $10 is too much for you/family and they can't show required docs: challenge "donation"/offer what you can pay], $5 parking available inside - Hollywood Cemetary, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd
~First Day of Summer
~As artificial and inorganic as "Mother's," but if you want to go along with just a solo honoring, celebrate with significant others: Father's Day

Sum Ride
10:30 am ~Pedal pushers: Flying Pigeon Bikes has Get Sum Dim Sum Ride on Sunday mornings from their shop, ends at a different dim sum restaurant each week, about 15-20 people per ride, if don't have your own, loaner bikes available - flyingpigeon-la.com/calendar
11:30 am - 12:30 pm ~Summer Program begins: Lunch for Silver Lake children, age 2 - 18 - June 22 to August 21, 2009 - also Snack: 2:30 pm, provided by Dept of Parks & Recreation with Dept. of Agriculture - free, share the info/spread the word - locations, menu
7:30 pm --with Reservation ~Bill Shakespeare's The Tempest -first of Independent Shakespeare Company's 2009 season, Barnsdall Park, 4800 Hollywood Blvd, top of Olive Hill, Vermont - Edgemont - if you don't work for free: put a good donation in the kitty for the actors - Reserve Now: 323) 836-0288
0000000000this week -12
TV --Lights Out
--On your TV - if
roof or rabbit-ear antennae --cut your budget -cut cable: corporations wanting to make even more money off us, convinced Congress of "benefits" --to 'us' --if they could just screw with free TV, turn it into "digital" money-maker; Pres. Obama: tuned in/remembered Real people in real bad times, got deadline extended, but not enough, should have been moved two years; now this week: no reason to fix what wasn't broken --but curtains on regular TV
--you need to get Hi-Def converter box - $60 - $140 --if you're broke go to: hdtv.gov --read up --ask for coupon/cut cost $40, about four days to receive coupon; to buy the box: any store selling electronics --I got one for my portable at RadioShack, on Lucille x Sunset; easy to connect, but apparently important: keep hitting "menu" button to re-scan for channels --local TV stations: aren't finished setting signal, sheesh.

--Antennae/analog to digital switch: Friday June 12 - midnight or earlier
--No HD converter box
by June 12? --NO TV, sheesh, well Congress gave themselves $7,000 raise this year, what do they care about....

0000000000now till June 15
~Dodgers -
Got a clue --complaints --from captives, when they raised price to park --to $15, so until June 15: Park Free! But Rest of season? Should be free All year; would be if they didn't pay outrageous prices
to the players, especially hairy ones? NObody worth 48 mil. After 15th: carpool or bus it to Dodger Stadium.

11 am ~Senior Adults Lunch: $1.75 - First Dining Site Pilot Program by City of Los Angeles, Assistance League of So Cal and Hollywood Senior Multi-purpose Center - application, required - Bellevue Park, 826 Lucile Avenue, Silver Lake - Tuesdays 11 - 12 noon, contact Director Nicole Bernal: 323.664.2468


12 n - 8 pm ~ Museum: general admission to permanent galleries and non-ticketed exhibitions free - LA County Museum of
Art - second Tuesdays

6:30 - 8:30 pm ~How/Where should #2 Freeway End: proposed designs to reconfigure -CalTrans Community
Workshop and public information meeting - have your say or banned from bitching later - Mayberry Elementary School, 2414 Mayberry Street - or:
June 11
6:30 to 8:30 pm - Barlow Hospital, 2000 Stadium Way

7 pm ~ Smog! How did it shape culture of Los Angelees - panel discussion, ALOUD series Library
Meet/Greet Fast
6:30 pm ~Silver Lake Improvement Assoc. annual meeting- I'm not making this up, announcement actually said: "Get to the meeting on time to hear Tom [LaBonge -CD 4 rep]- he's squeezed us onto his hectic schedule and has to leave by 7:15pm. And Eric's [Garcetti -CD 13 rep] time is tight, too --he needs to be on his way by 7:30"

--What are these reps Thinking --do the math: Garcetti 'available' for 15 whole minutes --out of the year. Blink and he'll be gone --didn't he have Lot more time when he was asking for votes --before his salary bump to $190,000 a year? But report, answers --to those who pay his salary --ALL year??? One year: Garcetti didn't even show, cancelled last minute --so 'impressed'? Talk fast --or give staff (we pay their salary also) your thoughts on Garcetti decending for 15 Minutes: 213) 473-7013 Eric Garcetti

Meet neighbors -local police, get local news, ask questions about City government - light refreshments, Orthodox Church Meeting Hall, 650 Micheltorena, betw Bellevue & Ellsworth, off-street parking, Silver Lake - contact:
genelle521[at]yahoo[dot]com 323.00664.004653 - Plus: Bring donation for--

Food Drive

~First SLIA benefit for: Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic (HSFC): now over 250 community working poor -homeless -newly jobless every day --bring to meeting: Dry Goods-- rice, beans, pasta; Canned Goods-- fruit, tomato, tuna, beans, soup, vegetables; Sundries-- soap toothpaste, dry baby formula, shampoo -or
~Drop Off: June 13 Gelson's Market
~All Month - to June 30: Clinic, 3324 Sunset, Silver Lake

--or drop off at:
Andiamo Restaurant, 2815 Sunset
Sun Lake Drug, 2860 Sunset
Gogosha Optique, 3208-1/2 Sunset
Four Paws & A Tail, 3726 Sunset
Pull My Daisy, 3908 Sunset
Bar Keeper, 3910 Sunset
Gilly Flowers, 3936 Sunset
Tsunami, 4019 Sunset
Malo Restaurant, 4326 Sunset
Monkeyhouse Toys, 1618 SLB
YOLK, 1626 SLB
Modem Salon & Spa, 1712 SLB
Body Builders Gym, 2516 Hyperion
The Coffee Table, 2930 Rowena
Silverlake Coffee, 2388 Glendale
Mi Alma, 4016 Santa Monica

Or: Direct Donations to HSFC via website, http://www.hsfreeclinic.org/
Grand Theft
by 10 AM ~Prevent destruction of designated monuments: Planning Commission will hear proposal --so No more Roger Mahony-type sneaky Sunday wrecking balls -on beautiful old buildings, e.g., Ambassador Hotel --no more closed-door insider deals destroying our heritage; since City Council reps give attention -votes -permission -designated monuments to insiders, developers, 'donors' --and ignore us, we who elected them: Time Comissioners heard from us --demand strong Preservation law, no more destruction --show up, speak up to save what's still here. 10 am - Thursday - City Hall, 200 N. Spring - rm 1010, 90012 --'developers' Hope: you won't be there. Can't show: send
e-mail --and send a donation to LA Conservancy so they can fight to preserve what's still here --since City Council isn't, e-mail your rep

11:30 am - 1:30 pm ~ Farmer's Market, downtown - City Hall lawn, 1st x Spring - organic (no pesticide-grown) only! and good lunch spot: variety food kiosks (delish grape leaves, sauce) -no Food Stamps or Wic accepted yet, application pending - DASH and Metro
PM ~Farmer's Market, Echo Park - SEE Sidebar "Food"

AM ~Farmer's Market, Silver Lake - SEE "Food" Sidebar

Tony --Tony --Tony
Legendaire Awards honors: The Magic of Tony Curtis, Fourth Jules Verne Festival and Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation will present
2:30 pm ~Screening of Houdini (1953)
7:30 pm ~Screening of Some Like It Hot (1959)
5:00 - 6:30 pm -Lavish Dinner Buffet & Cocktails Party with actor - author available to sign his book American Prince: A Memoir
10:00 ~After Party
details - all downtown - Reserve tickets (links are screwy, do your own thorough search)
1 - 3 pm ~LA Conservancy: over-view of Preservation in Los Angeles last year, special program by architectural photographer Tom Zimmerman - author "Downtown in Detail" --what’s hidden in plain view at tops and inside buildings, and annual meeting, at 1905 Farmers and Merchants Bank building, open -Free, popular -reserve recommended: info@laconservancy.org -

2:00 pm ~Jazz: Playboy Jazz Festival, annual event hosted by Bill Cosby, Hollywood Bowl, Cahuenga Blv - tickets $20 - 65 - map, directions, tickets

6 pm ~Classical: Concert - Pianist Rhett Lei performs Haydn Sonata no. 23 in F major, Haydn Sonata no. 47 in E minor, and Chopin Sonata No. 2 in B - flat minor - Free! One hour concert, Bing theater,

8 pm ~ WILL WRIGHT READS: semi-regular gathering of writers and folks who love ‘em, reading variety of writing --possibly critical theory, fiction, drama, poetry, erotica, excerpts from plays, poorly written ad copy, letters and more - Refreshments - FREE! Echo Park Film
All day ~ The hole --and the donut --any kind: free today, at Krispy Kreme

PM ~Farmer's Market, Echo Park - SEE Sidebar "Food"

~Robert F. Kennedy --hopes, dreams of a generation: died 41 years ago today... rest in peace....

NOTE Wi-fi provider: morons --impossible to post, more to follow IF they can figure out How to run their system, more than two hours a day

00000000006 0 in memory of...
All day ~Dumb --stupid --evil voted "FOR" sickest most evil, who stole power --property --sanity --breath --made war on unarmed children, uncles, grandmothers... non-blond, homosexual, mentally ill, Rumanian, Danish, French...twins, Brits, poets, painters, intellectuals, Jewish... across Europe, Russia... with help from European Red Cross and 'neutral' Swiss. The Allies said 'No More' 65 years ago today on the beaches of Normandy, France. Best, determined of the world charged up beaches against slimy cowardly nazis who hid behind bunkers.

Those who lived through that day, and those who rejected the eight-year Oval Office squatter with deep ties to that evil, remember --we don't speak german, aren't under fascist dictatorship --because of those beautiful boys, their families, the women who fought, cared for all, prevailed. We owe them. President of US and others will mark: D-Day --June 6, 1944 --today in Normandy, France


AM ~Farmer's Market, Silver Lake - SEE "Food" Sidebar

2 -ish pm ~Horse Race - Part III - Belmont Stakes: No Triple Crown winner this year --except maybe the jockey, of two! --maybe Mine That Bird, Race I winner, will run, but Rachel - Part II winner, won't, girl's tired.

9 - 11 am ~CSSLR event: Weeds have done their thing, Volunteers --you, can do yours: make beautiful path around Silver Lake and Ivanhoe reservoirs --do it or loose it - Weeding Party includes Tools, trash bags, water, snacks --free exercise - Meet neighbors at: Silver Lake Blv & Armstrong - questions: 323-667-1082

* * *

~NOTE: Calendar - Criteria If you are curious, I choose:
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2nd - happening nearby --walk/bus/bikable, within few miles, appeals to me
then - wide-variety, ages; indoor & outdoor; Always: quality
Note: way not heavy metal/hip-hop stuff; Lakers, until
That guy off the team/in prison. This year: I'm searching for
To Do -Go -Eat FREE or bargain/low cost. Do you know of any?

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Silver Lake daVine Events: June '09

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