Grand Theft --Stop Los Angeles 'Developers'?

Currently: demolition can be delayed on a designated monument, but not prevented.

June 11 - Thursday - 10 AM
City Planning Commission: will hear proposal to strengthen the law--Preservationists and building industry have been working on new Preservation law: no more designated monuments demolished and other preservation details --adopted by the Cultural Heritage Commission.

Small group --rich insiders: want to stop these changes and roll back existing protections --weaken the ordinance even further. The few have already done a lot of damage to Los Angeles --aided -abetted -eminent domain by elected to destroy beautiful buildings, history --given important property to 'donors' -pals -developers until much of original Los Angeles gone.

e.g., 1950s Politicians & Planners: laughed at conservative wealthy residents who demanded -begged -protested in the street, then ripped out beautiful estates of silent screen actors, anyway --Hollywood freeway put through Hollywood hills, instead of routed around.

e.g., Last important landmark: Ambassador Hotel --destroyed by self-serving LAUSD bored members --Marlene Cantor -fired supervisor Roy Romer -Jose Huizer on the promise to 'help' neighborhood parents who need a school. --Plea to save/convert it to learning in an historic place -condos for low-income & teachers -and money-making hotel for School District --from Eric Garcetti --any one elected to represent us on City Council? Nope, just a whole lot of silence.

Promises made. Huizer: got a new job, huge salary bump --from those grateful Hispanic parents who believed what came out of his mouth, and voted him on to City Council. But Ambassador Hotel: rubble --sitting atop newly exposed toxic waste that wasn't exposed in "extensive EIR." School? Nope. Toxic waste site --another multi-million black hole, thanks to 'representatives' and weak Preservation laws.

e.g., Seven original charming courtyard buildings allowed/enabled to go out of 'Affordable' apartments market in rental-scarce district of City Council member Eric Garcetti, CD-13 --'remodeled' into high-priced condos --in a single square city block.

e.g., Roger Mahony tried to knock down old beautiful church --on a Sunday sneak attack, so he could put in its place a marble monument to his 'standing' in his religious order --till passionate people forced enforcement of orders --got him stopped. Beautiful old church: saved --restored --available, even rentable, to all. But: hard fight.

When someone sitting on City Council can take a century-old commercial property built by Old Hollywood and give it to his new donor-pals --haven't we had enough? --More neighborhoods destroyed --more historic houses seized for more malls? --Would You still want to visit San Francisco --Europe? --if they destroyed the "old" buildings for new?

If Proposal was law: Ambassador Hotel would still be on Wilshire Blv --not have been destroyed.

If you're fed up --don't want closed-door deals done on our cultural heritage --midnight wrecking balls --want elected to represent residents, voters --not the monied 'insiders': show up at the Hearing, tell the Commissioners --No more destruction of designated monuments/Vote FOR Proposal - June 11 - City Hall 200 N. Spring, 90012 - Room 1010

Can't go: write e-mail --and send donation to LA Conservancy --any amount is more than they have from you now, so they can keep up the fight to preserve our heritage. If our grandparents had left us only slick cheap ugly new buildings and chain fast-food joints: would You want to live in Los Angeles? Donate --before ALL is gone.

Don't show --write --call --donate: don't whine when elected --famous --wealthy --'connected' get their way --knock down beautiful historic buildings --Los Angles looks like Anywhere, USA. USE Your power. Background - e-mail details - Cultural Heritage Proposal - arrive by 10 AM - June 11

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