Silver Lake daVine Calendar '09: August

ugust...August??? What happened to Spring? Hmmm...well it's still Summer, for one more month... what to do with what to do...a month with No holidays, no obligations, no Musts...but August 2 is: Ice cream Sandwich Day... a month when watermelon -nectarines -plums -peaches loaded with sun and sugar, say Summertime, is there a better thing than fresh Peach ice cream, you can't have it any other time, which makes it sweeter...

like books... for the long stolen afternoon... some awfully good reads this year, no matter who does what --in DC, Hollywood, Alaska, nobody is going to kill books, cherished -revered -reviled, we still want them...while sitting under that sunny sky, against that perfect Griffith Park 'back-rest' tree, sandwiched with peach ice cream and the good Summer read...

...make it sweet for someone else: send Project Angel Food a check for the bed-bound; Meals-on-Wheels for home-bound senior adults, or for all the newly-hungry, Salvation Army... just $15: more than they have now, combined with a few pals -nieghbors, each who reads, could be all the difference to the newly home-less ...to make it all sweeter...

what to do with --visitors: a tour of course, un-like any Universal, most natives ever heard of... with the tots? before/after day -camp programs...for grown-ups: wow, not every movie for the comix-fan 14-year old male lemming crowd this summer: Julia Child and a pair of art collectors...

108 in Oregon (yikes)... year Two of Texas drought --shriveled cattle & crops, left-overs will impact shelves, wallets... 8,000 spy cameras and floods in New York... when water gets Scarce, you're Thirsty: will you be glad you flushed the plenty into the ocean, dumped into the Lawn???
oh, what luck, with or without health care, to have the energy --gift of living in un-flooded un-parched Silver Lake, daVine... Bon Appetite with your August...calendar.

Verify: absolutely everything in August Calendar before making plans... check Page/bottom for: best widget I know of, and Notes; check back for additions

1 Saturday

FOOD - Produce
am ~Farmer's Market, Silver Lake - See: SIDEBAR

BOOK - Sale
10 am Silver Lake Library fund-raiser, yes, donation now tax-deductible sale

2 Sunday
SPORTS - Bicycle
10:30 am start ~Sum Dim Sum Ride: meet to ride with about 15 and wind up at a dim sum cafe. Bring hat, water, comfy shoes(!) Bicycle: need wire grocery basket, good grip, seductive seat, wafer-thin water bottle, much more: Bicycle supplies No bike? Lucky you: Bicycle - Ride details

MOVIE - Indie
12 n ~A pizza this summer came with a card taped atop the box, announcement --of a couple I once heard of and now the movie: "Herb & Dorothy" --A civil servant (postman) and his librarian wife lived on her salary so they could: collect art, build one of the most important contemporary art collections in history, become patrons of future art stars and wealthy; hard to believe, but this the only local showing --so far (I hope), Downtown Independent theater

MUSIC - Outdoor
4 - 6 pm ~Swingn' Dance Band: UNDERCOVER, dynamic high-impact band, specializes in Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk and Latin, favorite music from the 50's to present-day, Free, at Pershing Square - 5th x Olive, 532 South Olive Street LA, 90013 - Downtown DASH and MTA Red line both stop there, or Park: underground garage, disabled - first level, elevator

MUSIC - Classical
6:00 pm Sharp ~Sunday's Live: The Amstel Saxophone Quartet - Remco Jak (soprano saxophone), Olivier Sliepen (alto saxophone), Bas Apswoude (tenor saxophone) and Ties Mellema (baritone saxophone) perform works by Bach, Beethoven, and Francaix, supported by Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts, late arrivals: not seated, one hour free concerts at LACMA, directions

MOVIE - Doc's
Tired of only snipets at Academy Awards, annoyed you missed all of the documentaries? Through August 20 ~See the documentaries for this year: DocuWeeks™ Theatrical Documentary Showcase presents 18 feature films, 10 short films and 10 documentary short films; feature films run twice daily, schedule and information about each at www.documentary.org/docuweeks09 - tickets $12 (less for usual some) ArcLight Hollywood Theater

CHILD - Camp August 3 to 7th
7:30 am - 6 pm M-F ~Summer Day Camp age 5 - 12, space available, Registration: walk-in only, Bellevue Rec Center, Silver Lake

3 Monday
SPORTS - Basketball
age: 13 -16 ~GPLA Basketball Registration today: $15 includes uniform, officials, pictures, Bellevue Park, Silver Lake
4 Tuesday
LIBRARY - Lecture
7 pm ~ "Why Design Matters" - social responsibility, growing urban density, Steven Ehrlich, Leo Marmol - ALOUD series, LA Main Library, Free - reservation then: Must Confirm

MOVIE - Indie
8 pm ~CINEMA SPEAKEASY: Visioneers - "Bring a bottle of liquids and a shifty look in your eyes/We provide the cups, people, ideas/A ten minute talk about the business of film/and an (independent) film to applaud, $5 at the door but you have to know the password"... http://cinemaspeakeasy.wordpress.com/passwords/ - Echo Park Film Center program & Directions
5 Wednesday
6:45 - 9:00 pm ~Griffith Park up close and personal with Griffith Park-Angeles Chapter Sierra Club hike; event is free, but $25 membership gets you: a backpack, Sierra magazine, and more which helps the Chapter to preserve & sustain the Park --or did you want the wild things to come live next door? Meet: at the Merry-Go-Round details

MEET - Silver Lake Neighborhood Council - 1st Wed
7 pm ~ Remember the peeps you voted for? Governing Board meets tonight: mostly they talk to each other, stick to Agenda, but if you want to be house-bound prisoner during Sunset Junction Festival/an attendee for free, have some other rant/rave: sign a Speaker card, they'll listen to you, at least for three minutes, give 'em a shout --all Silence on the home front: gets you Nada, SLNC

BOOK - Lecture
7 pm ~ "Unscientific American: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future" - ALOUD Series, LA Main Library, Free - reservation - return Confirmation or seat given away, can't go: remember to cancel

6 Thursday
FOOD - Produce
10:00 - 1:30 pm ~Farmer's Market, Downtown - organic local seasonal fruit, veggie, good stalls for hot, cold lunch, flowers, nuts, EBT: soon, City Hall Lawn, 1st & Spring streets, do bring bags, Park: if you don't work nearby, underground garages; or: street, far away (like Olvera Street or Chinatown) & DASH over

MUSIC - Rock, Outdoor 8 - 10 pm ~ Pershing Square Summer Music concert: Meiko, rock singer (her website so loaded/bloated with stuff it crashed my system, twice, not listing it) and Tyrone Wells, folk pop singer

8:45 pm ~A Happening: Prose, 5 second films, poet Brendan Constantine, performance art by Paul Prado, Free, dollar beer raffle for a haircut, open to 21+ - link is broken so: RSVP The Hive Los Angeles localculture@thehive.la, 1402 Micheltorena St. 90026 (or contact your SLNC district rep for event link), event thanks to SLNC Arts & Culture Committee.

MOVIE - Stunts Special
Confirm if still available: ~"When Worlds Collide" physics, science & stunts: scenes -well-known films, Beverly Hills, $5 --yes, far away/not in the 'hood, but unique for boys, bargain, sounded cool, so sue me. Purchase tickets Now (don't say you weren't warned): details

7 Friday
FOOD - Produce
3 - 6:30 pm ~Farmer's Market, Echo Park --pick up local-grown produce after work for week-end, remember to tuck your own bags, to Park: adjoining lot or drug store north side of Sunset, See SIDEBAR

SPORTS - Classes
5 - 7 pm ~Exercise Class - Fridays of August - includes Strength, yoga and aerobics, Bellevue Rec Center Program details $20, Silver Lake

SPORTS - Baseball
7 pm ~Los Angeles Dodgers play with Atlanta Braves, Dodger Stadium, http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/ - plan your trip on Sunset/ home from work accordingly, traffic starts backing up around 6 pm.

SPORTS - Stars
7:30-9:15 pm ~Griffith Observatory: All Space Considered, Free admission, Griffith Park Observatory, Directions

MOVIE - Culinary
~Opens today: Julia Child, who became French chef extradinaire, taught 1950s boring/dull Americans to cook, eat well, and a woman who decided to make the 564 recipes of Child's first major cookbook in a year and wrote about it, Julie & Julia. Can't wait.

MOVIE - Documentary
7:30 pm ~Premiere: "Being Jewish in France" (Comme un Juif en France), 185 minutes, b/w & color, sweeping new documentary explores the complex history of first country to grant citizenship, the Dreyfus Affair, the Vichy government's collaboration with nazis, and the absorption of Sephardic Jews after WWII; also screens: Aug. 8 at 3 & 7:30 pm, Aug. 9 at 1 pm (--odd screenings: religious Jewish wouldn't be able to see first three). Member or join now (--also includes two tickets to Renoir in February): $7, otherwise $10, discount for usuals, Details order Ticket

8 Saturday
FOOD - Produce
am ~Farmer's Market, Silver Lake --don't you need some potatoes & onions for potato salad and some flowers for some cheer, Park: on Sunset if you want neighbors to be cheery, Bring: your own bag if you want fish to be --Alive - See SIDEBAR

FOOD - Wine
5 - 8 pm ~Wine Tasting: ticket includes wine, hors d'oevures and donation; also: silent auction of items such as a signed Lakers Basketball and Dodgers Tickets, $35, to benefit Downtown Women's Center - at Corkbar, RSVP & ticket

SPORTS - Baseball
7 pm ~Dodgers do it again: with Atlanta Braves, Dodger Stadium, http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/

9 Sunday
SPORTS - Bicycle
10:30 am start ~Sum Dim Sum Ride: meet to ride with about 15 and wind up at a dim sum cafe. Bring hat, water, comfy shoes(!) Bicycle: need a wire basket, good grip, seductive seat, wafer-thin water bottle, much more: Bicycle supplies No bike? Lucky you: Bicycle - Ride

SPORTS - Baseball
1 pm ~Maybe you have to love baseball, maybe three's a charm: LA Dodgers and Atlanta Braves do it again, at Dodger Stadium http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/

FOOD - Social - Vegetarian
2 - 7 pm ~Ok, this is: Vegetarian bbq & beer on the patio of a bar; the hosts will only say: bring thirst for good beer, a board game, friends and appetit, cash only; on the grill think: "drippy, vinegar-spiked barbecue ('pulled pork') plus handmade curry seitan bahn mi, with fresh-cut chips, seeded coleslaw and beer popsicles (--frozen beer? lol), "But you're gonna have to hang out to learn more." So: scrumptious casual, checkers, cash, Glassel Park, Details

5 to 5:30 pm - What do you want? Which skills can you trade? ~Echo Park Time Bank: August Workshop - learn how time banking works and how to get involved, stay for member potluck picnic, details - directions

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