Silver Lake daVine Calendar '09: August - II

ugust...August??? Hmmm...well it's still Summer, for awhile... people come from Every part of the world to vacation here --and you already have a staycation, for Freee! ...enjoy the gift of living in un-flooded un-parched un-hurricaned Silver Lake daVine... our own Woodstock... eat a peach ...see a great movie --classic or new (See: August - Week I)... drive slooowly... inhale a rose... Bon Appetite with your August... calendar...

Silver Lake daVine Calendar August 2009 - Week II
Stuff Happens --Oh so believe it: verify absolutely every part before plans (lol, I'm nearly crossed-eyed over here, clueless what any of it says, confirm confirm confirm, lol), do check back for additions (lol, I'm sure there must be some other things going on/on my list I missed, lol)

11 Tuesday
ARTS - Museum
All day ~LA County Museum of Art: second Tuesday of the month FREE for general admission to the permanent galleries and non-ticketed exhibitions -LACMA details - Directions

ARTS - Museum
All day to 9 pm ~Western - Autry Museum: free admission 2nd Tuesday each month, Griffith Park - details

ARTS - Teen
4 pm ~LACMA Art Workshop: Join a professional artist from LACMA for a weekly hands-on art project, Edendale Library location

12 Wednesday
FOOD - Wine
5 to 8 pm ~What to do with your Wednesday? Wednesday Wine: Taste the tasty, with tidbits & tunes, $20, lobby, Standard Hotel, downtown - details
(scroll down, 3rd box), Park: anywhere but the hotel, crazy pricey

6:45 - 9 pm ~Take a hike with: Griffith Park Angeles chapter of Sierra Club, remember you need to ask for hiking waiver card before the start, meet: Merry-Go-Round Upper parking lot, Griffith Park, contact & details

13 Thursday
August 14 - To purchase discount ticket for Barnsdall Art Park Wine Tasting: purchase before 11 pm this evening, $15 - after: $20 - event supports arts for children events.

FOOD - Produce
10:00 - 1:30 pm ~Farmer's Market, Downtown - organic & local fruit, veggie, good stalls for hot, cold lunch, flowers, nuts, EBT: soon, City Hall Lawn, 1st & Spring streets, bring your own bags, DASH it if you work nearby - only $.25, don't: pricey underground garages

ART - Walk
12 n to 9-ish pm ~Start early, All the galleries: open into the evening, for pedestrians to do what humans have always done, look at the art --all over downtown, leisurely, quietly/with friends, S.O.s (they like art too, right?), you can begin with bites, dinner, coffee, a cocktail and/or DASH, anywhere - galleries, maps, details, more info --then move on to a meeting or a movie, all free...

BOOK - Child
3:00 PM ~Treasure Chest Reading Club: Help fill treasure chest with the titles of books read this summer, read to yourself, read to someone else, or just listen to a good book - fun, great books, and refreshments - Edendale Library - location

MUSIC - Dancing
6 - 9 pm ~It's Summer! Sizzle in the Park: dance under the stars in Griffith Park, taco and drinks bar, dance to Latin jazz with Susie Hansen Latin Band, dance floor each for adults, children, free lessons; have dinner, even see the museum --bring the work crowd/tell the neighbors, $7 per person includes museum admission, Autry Museum members: free - Details (--easy to forget, this: one of the reasons why we live here...)

LIBRARY - Silver Lake
7 pm ~What's up with construction --budget --decoration --fundraising --opening? Show up at the meeting for answers; know a techie with spare time --give a shout out/bring to meeting: fosll could use help with
website, Friends of Silver Lake Library, Citibank Community Center, 2450 Glendale Blvd. You know all those old photos so fun informative now? Got a camera? Take a picture:
Library construction site (--same hour each day/week?), eventually pass your photos along to SL librarian, to compile diary for historical collection. (I tried to talk them into doing this two years ago, and to post here so we could follow the progress, but fosll members said: 'too busy' --now: it's important. Help? Some future day: everyone will appreciate, you'll get the credit.) If you take any photos: send me a link in e-mail and I will publish here for community.

MOVIE - Outdoor (yay)
opens 6 pm, starts 8-ish ~Up for another Outdoor experience? This time: the de-lish "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" 1969, 110 min, Paul Newman, honoring anniversary of his death, and Robert Redford rob wild west banks in search of fame and, duh, money; paired (yup, double feature) with:
"Hud" (*slurp*), 1963, 112 min, with Patricia Neal; many critics consider this his finest performance. (First time I saw it: so steamy couldn't believe big stars made a movie like that, and way afraid I'd get caught/ grounded, lol.) plus
6 pm - Indoor screening: "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean" 1972, 120 min, Newman starring in another celebrated revisionist Western, director John Huston, co-stars Victoria Principal, Roddy McDowall, Tab Hunter, Stacey Keach, Michael Sarrazin, Ava Gardner, Art Space, 2nd level, Downtown Film Festival, at 7 x FIG - Cost all three: Freeeee
Still awake?
Get some coffee, high-heeled sneakers and ready: there's a Party goin' on --actually two --every night of the Film Festival - 5:30 pm - 11:30 pm, August 14 - 22, Good price: Free! Details
- Check DASH schedule and car-pool it for certain safe trip home. NOTE So many other (jumbled) parts, venues, screenings, pages to this Festival: rest eyeballs then have a go yourself at sorting out.

MOVIE - Indie
8 pm ~ "Calculations: Pioneers of Computer Animation" - Decades before Hollywood CGI spectaculars, filmmakers merged art and technology in an effort to enlighten both, at IBM and their own studios; introduction to these early pioneers and screening some of their finest work, $5 - Echo Park Film Center - details

MUSIC - Rock, Outdoor
8 - 10 pm ~ Pershing Square Summer Music concert, Free, Pershing Square, 5th & Olive Streets, downtown Los Angeles

14 Friday
FOOD - Produce
3 - 6:30 pm ~Farmer's Market, Echo Park --pick up local-grown produce after work --for week-end, and remember to tuck your own bags, Park: adjoining lot (1/2 block south of Sunset) or drug store lot north side of Sunset, See SIDEBAR

FOOD - Wine
5:30 - 7:30 pm ~Wine Tasting: unique wines & bites, sunset included, tickets available until two hours prior: $20, Tour - Hollyhock House may be combined into one ticket (if space), event: supports children art projects, city-wide (tax deductible), Barnsdall Art Park, Los Feliz - purchase

MUSIC - For Animals
7:15 pm ~An Evening Under the Stars featuring: Lakeside, Miki Howard and Michael Colyar, a CATS (LAW) Fundraiser Benefit Concert, order Ticket - food at the Ford: variety hot & cold, wine - beer, or your own picnic - up to two hours prior, Ford Amphitheatre, Los Feliz

MOVIE - Classic
7:30, 9:40 pm ~"Léon Morin, Priest" Theatrical Release 1961, b&w, 115 min. During the Occupation in a provincial French village, platonic encounters and intellectual jousts of unlikely couple, both erotic and cerebral; "this reissue of a film rarely seen on the big screen may help to secure its place in canon of transcendental cinema." Director Jean-Pierre Melville, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Emmanuelle Riva
Also: Saturday August 15 - 7:30 & 9:40 pm - at LACMA, Wilshire Blvd, Ticket -Directions

SPORTS - Classes
5 - 7 pm ~Exercise Class - Fridays of August --not your tots' toe-dipping, this is grown-up Women: includes Strength, yoga and aerobics, $20, Bellevue Rec Center Program details, Silver Lake

MOVIE - Documentary
Member or join LACMA now (--also includes two tickets to Renoir next February): $7, otherwise $10, discount for the usuals, Details - order Ticket

MUSIC - Fireworks
8:30 pm ~It's Not too late: Classical music & Fireworks --at the Bowl! Los Angeles Philharmonic and Tchaikovsky: Battle of Poltava from Mazeppa, Piano Concerto No. 1, The Lilac Fairy from Sleeping Beauty, Romeo & Juliet Duet, 1812 Overture, the last coordinated to the fireworks; if you haven't heard/seen together: you'll have a treat, Bowl fireworks unusually well done; come early; bring your own comfort: picnic & wine/beer, or order (ahead) from a Bowl cafe for pick-up, cushion & throw blanket; Ticket (I checked): $10, 12 to 152. Order here - Hollywood Bowl Program details - If you want to drink but not drive: bit of Googling may turn up shuttle, express bus, DASH, red line or share-ride. Can't go? You're in luck, Binky, Program repeats: Saturday

15 Saturday
FOOD - Produce
am ~Farmer's Market, Silver Lake, Park: on Sunset if you want neighbors to be cheery, Bring: your own bag if you want fish to be --Alive - See SIDEBAR

~Slice of Blood & Dumplings anyone? Crimes, oddities & a selection best dumplings Tour, like no other, to guarantee seat: order ticket now, vegetarian: send note so you'll have selection

FOOD - GREEN - Lunch
1 - 3 pm ~Hungry? If you're into all things edible but don't eat meat: Meet up with vegetarians for lunch, 3rd Saturday monthly, various restaurants, log in here for restaurant, details to lunch with veggies.

MOVIE - Outdoor
7 pm gates, 8:30 movie ~It's a Paper Moon --in a cemetery, of course, so bring your own comfort stuff, but not: tall chairs, pets, BBQ, $10 "donation" (not legal to state specific amount of "donation" -demand their proof of charity registration & permit, and if valid: request proper receipt for tax deduction, and/or: 'donation' amount your decision), park: street, inside cemetery $5 - details

THEATER - Classic
7:30 pm sharp ~More Willy: Shakespeare's The Tempest --at heavenly Barnsdall Art Park; you are working: so are the actors, so Leave generous appreciation in the kitty for them; cost: good price --Free, reserve: here

FOOD - Drinks
8 to 11 pm ~They're going to make an evening out of water & rice: LA Sake Festival, sample over 100 sakes with education speaker and mixologists; karaoke (? bring your best earplugs), $50 advance ticket, website maybe: http://www.drinkeatplay.com/lasakefest/ (won't open, my sys. set not to allow specs)- at the hotel on Hollywood & Highland (I could put up hotel's website link, but: it's stupid, in flash, done badly, links in pdf., manager's blog, badly written, lists stale-dated events, nada on this event (swell website), if you're wild/wanna be, for sake, best do your own search for this - Make very Good advance: Get Home plans, for you/we who want to live, nobody can 'taste' that much booze AND drive.

MUSIC - Fireworks
8:30 pm ~Classical music & Fireworks --at the Bowl! Tchaikovsky, Los Angeles Philharmonic: Battle of Poltava from Mazeppa, Piano Concerto No. 1 [beautiful], The Lilac Fairy from Sleeping Beauty, Romeo & Juliet Duet, 1812 Overture, the last coordinated to the fireworks, a treat, Bowl fireworks unusually well done; arrive early and bring your own comfort: picnic & wine/beer, or order (ahead) from a Bowl cafe for pick-up, cushion & throw blanket; Ticket: $10 -12 to 152. Order here - Hollywood Bowl Program - To drink but not drive: Googling may turn up shuttle, express bus, red line, DASH or share-ride.

16 Sunday
SPORTS - Bicycle
10:30 am start ~Sum Dim Sum Ride: meet to ride with about 15 and wind up at a dim sum cafe. Bring hat, water, comfy shoes(!) Bicycle needs some spiffing: Bicycle supplies No bike? Lucky you: Bicycle - Ride details

GREEN - Water
11 am - 2 pm ~Fix It Workshop The shower you took yesterday, where did the water go? After your washing machine does its thing: what happens to the leftover water? It's gone, somewhere, so what? After this: instead of going down the drain, in the middle of a drought, washing machine water can go --into your wallet --straight into your garden after Workshop: plumbing parts, plans, plants that will thrive on new supply; sign up for "Hack Your Washing Machine" here - Silver Lake area, $50, address will follow.
Calif. commercial farmers already know what the rest of the country will soon discover: We Have a WATER prob, but State management, reclamation is a mess; LA City government/politics reaction? Read here.

ARTS - Child
2 - 4 pm ~Park Art Family fun for children, today "European: posters in the park" with Howard Marshall; Bring: nothing but the tots! Cost: free, JAC patio, Barnsdall Art Park, Los Feliz

FOOD - Social
2 - 7 pm ~Vegetarian BBQ & Beer On the patio of a public bar, the hosts, two former chefs, will only say: bring thirst for good beer, a board game, friends and appetite; Eats: a grilled entree, think: "drippy, vinegar-spiked barbecue," plus handmade curry seitan bahn mi, with fresh-cut chips, seeded coleslaw and beer popsicles (--frozen beer? lol), so: casual, checkers+, cash (only), Cost: items $4. to 7. each, Glassel Park, Details

WATER - (uh, lol...)
(no signal --for days, just found this in my in-box, sounds like a hoot)
2 - 4 pm ~What does your goldfish have to say? Find out: Build Your Own Hydrophone workshop. Whatever is in water --SL Reservoir, your pond, fish tank: how does it sound? Discover what's going on in Two-part
: Part I - construct a hydrophone, device used to listen in the ocean from WW I until sonar was invented, with a kit & help, info; then make recordings for a week;

Part II - August 23 from 2- 6 pm:
Meet and then go to Silver Lake Reservoir to record, then listen to everyone's recordings, conducted by those unique peeps of Machine Project, the group exploring art + science + poetry + technology, $75, members $65 - Register here - Machine Project info here --does your goldfish curse? Do come back & tell/Comment.

MUSIC - Classical
6 to 7 pm ~Sundays Live Concert: Mendelssohn - Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor, Opus 49: Daniel Austrich (violin), Yves Dharamraj ( cello), Jennie Jung (piano) - Piano Trio No. 2 in C minor, Opus 66: Catharina Chen (violin), Kian Soltani (cello), Mariangela Vacatello (piano); to be seated arrive well before doors close: at 6 pm, do shut off your electonic stuff, cost: free! Metro or Park: lot, garage, street - Bing Theater, LA County Museum of Art, Wilshire Blvd. map

= = = = = = = =
17 Monday
BOOK - Child 6:30 pm ~Summer Evening Storytime: Treasured stories, favorite rhymes, and crafts for children and their families, Edendale Library location


Silver Lake daVine Calendar UPCOMING:
29 -TOUR
"The Lowdown on Downtown-The Secret History of LA" --if you want to see the secrets even natives don't know, best reserve now.

September 6 (--September??? sheesh) La Cabbage --Hot
the making of the kimchi, the kraut, the choucroute garni, $15 --for space and grocery list: reserve now.

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