Could You Use $100? LA Could REALLY Use You

Auto insurance company sting? –Utility pulling an ENRON? –Screw up California elections forever? –Our next Attorney General to enforce laws -the smartest one -or the one with most TV ad money?

What if they held an election –and no one could attend. Without poll workers –there’s no pole –no voting –no democracy. All over –San Pedro to SF Valley, Los Angeles County hole to fill, 800 people needed. Sign up- Primary Election June 8th, 2010 in Los Angeles –one-day + 1 ½ hours = $105.

If you don't open the door: nobody gets to say anything. Can't make it: send this page –to family member -job-less friend -student -co-worker -neighbor

For details, application, student info Contact: lavote

* * * * *

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