Listen Up: Sly Fox Has Cried Wolf for Last Time

CNN -ABC -CBS -NBC -CNBC -MSNBC: EACH of you fell for trash thrown up by cancerous Ruppert Murdock's trash 'news' show & tell AGAIN.

WHAT does it take for you to Wise up?
You all went panting after their trash --replaying snippets of EDITED video on an Ag employee: but Nobody Did the Homework. --Fools just raced for the 'get' to get on the air --WITHOUT facts --interview --checking a thing --except brains at the door --AGAIN.

Remember Journalism --standards, ethics?

HOW Many trash stories do they throw up Before you catch on?
EVERYONE except the Dumbest among us: KNOWS sly Fox has an agenda --SAME agenda as Glenn sky-always-falling Becky, Rush send-money Lardbutt, Shamity and right-wing fringe nuts and it Ain't to Report NEWS.

You haven't noticed --the bare arms on boobs, faces tweaked into plastic, but Nada between the ears??? sheesh, THEY slant --THEY omit --THEY make up stuff --all day, all night.

WHY are Any of you paying Any attention to what they do???
We, viewers, have HAD ENOUGH. All of you: STOP IMITATING sly fox --STOP repeating what those boobs say --"report" --run.

Quality Media: needs to create Black-out around sly Fox.
No More repeating A Thing they say, do. You --anchors, reporters, staff --networks WANT to be taken seriously --WANT credibility, LAST WARNING: Stop watching -'reporting' -repeating what the Boobs 'report.'

Do it Again: we --the ever-dwindling of us who watch you, will put YOU in same category as sly cancer Fox --on "Ignore."

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